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JPMorgan: 76 Million People And 7 Million Business Hacked

76 Million People and 7 Million Businesses Info Hacked From JPMorgan — and I need Workman’s Comp to clean shitters in the Industry?! I mean this is the insanity that prevails in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Yesterday, I got an email from ACAS stating that I needed Workman’s Compensation and I had to name them on the Policy! So, let me get this straight: The DISGRACED, former National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Secretary, Heather Berghorst, whom is currently being sued for embezzlement, fraud and larceny in Federal Court, gets a pass on anything and everything from the Financial Institutions and Portfolio Holders whom enriched her beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, but I am a liability?! More on point, while Heather Berghorst, Adam and Amanda Buczek and other Offender Members of the NAMFS Regime defrauded Contractors out of MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, what little pay Contractors get and place back into the very Financial Institutions whom are facilitating this fraud allow our information to be breached and sold to terrorists! I mean you have to fucking be shitting me!

Until just a few weeks ago, executives at JPMorgan said they believed that only one million accounts were affected, according to several people with knowledge of the attacks.

Um, yeah. As if the fucking bank didn’t know what the hell was going on. This is a page out of the Industry Playbook. Look, people knew for months if not YEARS that Berghorst Enterprises and Buczek Enterprises were not paying Contractors — months based upon my disclosure and years based upon their refusal to perform audits. You see, the theme of Due Diligence keeps popping up here. Each and every time it comes up, the burden is shifted upon the shoulders of the Contractor. And each time there is an #EpicFail, the Mortgage Field Services Industry rushes in to attribute the blame to the Contractors. You know what? Fuck Eric Miller and fuck the NAMFS Regime!

The elements of fraud in the inducement: (1) a defendant’s false statement of material fact, (2) known or believed to be false by the defendant; (3) intended to induce the plaintiff to act; (4) plaintiff acted in reliance on the truth of the representation; and (5) resulting damage.

The related tort of fraudulent concealment’s elements: (1) defendant concealed a material fact under circumstances creating a duty to speak; (2) defendant intended to induce a false belief; (3) plaintiff couldn’t have discovered truth through reasonable inquiry or inspection (or was prevented from doing so); (4) justifiable reliance by the plaintiff; (5) plaintiff would have acted differently if he was aware of the concealed information; and (6) damages to the plaintiff.

A fraudulent concealment plaintiff must also show a fiduciary relationship between him and the defendant.  Fiduciary relationships can exist (a) as a matter of law; or (b) where there is a special or confidential relationship.  The former (as a matter of law) category includes attorneys and clients, principals and agents and partners in a partnership and joint venturers in a joint venture. The “special relationship” fiduciary duty rule applies where one party puts trust and confidence in another, who stands in a dominant position – either due to disparity in age, health, education, mental status or business acumen.

Operating overseas, the hackers gained access to the names, addresses, phone numbers and emails of JPMorgan account holders. Let me tell you a little bit about the implications in our Industry. Recently, Joe Hummel, the illegally appointed NAMFS Regime Board Member and co owner of Keystone Property Services, sent me an email chock full of personally identifying information on Top Tier NAMFS Regime Members. I will publish their names and not emails to telegraph the fact my statement is true and they have been added to the ISTAR Clear Base. When you couple this with the plethora of Industry Hacks like Joel McCall (read the article to see how just McCall alone cut multiple throats) whom splatter the Internet with Proprietary and Confidential Information pertaining to and with explicit and precise detail how these foreclosed homes are processed, you end up with a road map for hackers and terrorists.

Adriana Farelo Fernandez,  Andrew Nikeli, Bret Douglas, Dan Hanson,  David Dolan,  Eleisa Walker, Elspeth Spransy,  Jack Bryant,  John M – A Town Properties, J Ryals – PrimeStar, Joyce – JGMPG,  Kathleen Campbell, Kevin – Quest HP, Kyle N – NY Field Services,  Mary Stewart,  Matt Zoldowski, PC CCIS, Shannon Rowe, Suzanne Phillips and Tyler Danalds.

The reality is that a tremendous amount of Contractor data is stored on bullshit, insecure websites which NAMFS Regime Offender Members use. In fact, in the case of Carol Boyd, the reality is that even upon VA Contracts ran by VRM — take a read as it documents VRM Senior Vice President Brandon Kirkham attempting to threaten and intimidate me for exposing Carol Boyd —   Boyd was forcing unvetted employees to use their OWN PERSONAL LAPTOPS! I am not shitting you! To beat it all, Boyd turns around and refuses to pay many of them! Now, you have tons of personal and financial information of US Military Veterans out there on personal laptops with people whom have the potential for an ax to grind. Even if they take a pass, the reality is that if their systems get a virus, that data streams to hackers whom, in turn, may stream it to terrorists!

For years now, Eric Miller whom is the Executive Director of the NAMFS Regime and receives OVER ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR CONSUMING OVER SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL TRADE ASSOCIATION MEMBER DUES, has refused to address the growing threat which the NAMFS Regime Offender Members pose — the threat to not only Contractors by willful fraud, but also to homeowners whose information is fair game now. Miller’s continued persecution of Contractors by turning a blind eye to atrocities committed against Contractors and the implementation of the Aspen Grove Solutions — let’s talk about statistics vis-a-vis Aspen Grove — goes beyond the pale of what a civilized society should have to endure.

The reality is that no one is vetting Management within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. If there was, Berghorst, et al., would have never slipped in. More on point, the Order Mills wouldn’t be named on Insurance Certificates other than getting a copy. The Industry is in for a serious world of hurt, I predict. When the Grand Juries convene and the information, including ISTAR Clear Base, is revealed there will most undoubtedly be prison time.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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