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McCall Field Services: Why NAMFS Regime Members Should Get Real About IT

McCall Field Services, a Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime, really needs to learn a thing or two about Information Technology (IT). While not surprising, Terry Platt over at CubicYard is getting his due for pimping out NAMFS Regime Firms, the reality is that Joel and Yanira McCall are a Security Breach waiting to happen. Here, let me show you why NOT MAINTAINING your WordPress Website is a bad idea. This screenshot is simply to set the mood,

The McCalls Peddling The Phentermine HCl?
The McCalls Peddling The Phentermine HCl?

Hey, a little bit of the pharmacological is hip in Florida, if that was their intentions. What probably is NOT HIP is the releasing of the McCall Field Services Proprietary Information with respect to their Clients. How about we kick this off with some Identifying Characteristics? Here is a list of the ID Codes used by folks like Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS) to codify other banks. Really have to love how the banks Order Mill to MCS, whom Order Mills to McCall whom then Order Mills out to some Crackhead smoking a glass dick in a Pinto.

Hell, that’s trivial. Let’s prime the pump a bit. Now, remember how Joel McCall is a NAMFS Regime Board Member and Regional Representative of the NAMFS Regime? I thought it was mighty nice of him to make PUBLICLY AVAILABLE the 77 Page Industry Skills Training Program which is part of the NAMFS Education Program. Would appear to me that as a NAMFS Regime Board Member has made this available in the Public Arena that it should be globally distributed. Thank you Eric Miller for finally realizing that the Principals of the Open Source Community should apply to the NAMFS Regime Educational Materials!

Just A Taste Until NAMFS Decides If This Is For Public Consumption
Just A Taste Until NAMFS Decides If This Is For Public Consumption

Joel McCall was also kind enough to make publicly available the MCS 30 Page Winterization Manual. He apparently didn’t want to stop there as he tossed the LPS 90 Page Property Preservation Contractor Manual and the 83 Page REO Contractors Manual out as well. Adding insult to injury, Joel McCall published the 219 Page MCS Allowables Reference Guide which is a real eye opener with respect for those doing Discovery in the Litigation Sector. I am astonished that the MCFS Confidentiality cum Master Agreement is even requested of Contractors in light of the wide open security flaws they currently have with respect to IT.

The 63 Page MCS Lawn Grass Cut Manual puts people to sleep, really. JPMorgan Chase vis-a-vis ARC wasn’t left out. Imagine Service Group was hocking LPS to McCall along with VPR for JPMorgan Chase and MCS — that’s Cleint 140.144 by the way.  😉

Look, Joel McCall and his hack crew must really, REALLY be hurting to run a show on WordPress. For regular Boots on the Ground Contractors or hell Blogs it is well and good as a Content Management System (CMS). McCall Field Services, though, is a large scale Regional Order Mill. The concept of information security is jack shit if you do not understand it! Simply adding the hyper text transfer protocol secure (https) is a waste of time unless you know what the fuck you are doing.

Here is an example: The query “” returns the first loophole. This is the Firefox result set. Do the same for Foreclosurepedia and you get ONE FILE which is specifically put there dealing with Lat/Lon for a ton of Buczek Enterprises Properties — click it if you want to find out the level I play at. The problem with McCall is that now a SHIT LOAD of International Hacking and Spam Websites have bled off Joel McCall’s Client’s Manuals and are farming them out to anyone including potential terrorists! Buczek Enterprises faced this precise problem until I addressed it for them. Maybe the NAMFS Regime should simply hire me to do some research on their Members before something catastrophic happens?! Oh, my bad. They cannot even address fraud so what is breaching financial information by way of comparison?!

So, until I find my next Research Project on Terry Platt’s CubicYard Website, I bid everyone a Good Evening. It is 0312EDT and time for me to get ready for my full day at work today. For those of you wanting complete copies of the manuals listed here, should Joel McCall swallow his pride and correct this travesty he has visited upon his Clients, feel free to reach out to me. For an Archival Fee, I will produce them from the ISTAR Clear Base. You may always keep up with the Potential Contractor Liens at Property Baggage as well.

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