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Altisource: Stepping To The Plate When Buczek Enterprises Would Not

I received a call from a Contractor today whom stated he had been paid out on about $9,000+ in outstanding invoices Buczek Enterprises had refused to pay him for. Apparently, Altisource was directly responsible for the payments. To date, this is the only confirmation of payments with respect to the Buczek Enterprises Fraud.

Buczek Enterprises, a Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime is one of many NAMFS Regime Members whom we have documented committing fraud against Contractors in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. This case is identical to all of the others in that Eric Miller has refused to bring Adam Buczek in for Ethics Complaints. While Joe Hummel of Keystone Property Management LLC and his geriatric hack pal Terry Platt over at the CubicYard rag are out getting all sweaty palmed and worshiping at the feet of Miller, et al., the reality is that some NAMFS Regime Members are breaking ranks in the condoning of wholesale fraud.

The Contractor, whom requested to remain anonymous do to fears of reprisals by the very same Industry which defrauded him, stated that he was contacted by Buczek Enterprises previously for a Itemized List. His name was one of eight which Forecosurepedia had selected to profile and present findings upon. When the communications had ceased last week, he purchased an airline ticket to New York to begin the process of filing liens. He notified the Buczek Clan and included the photo of the ticket. Their response was for him to resubmit yet another W-9 and immediately sign a Waiver of Lien before payment. He refused on both requests and boarded his flight. During transfer to his final leg, Buczek Enterprises sent him both a list of all properties they were paying for — his impression was that the funds allocated were for those properties Altisource had not paid for to Buczek Enterprises and he was entitled to — and issued a Bank Transfer Number. With respect to his other accounts with Lender Processing Services (or Black Knight or ServiceLink or whatever new name these shells use these days) there has been no movement to date.

Senior Management at Altisource are to be commended for stepping in and beginning the process for resolution. With respect to the other seven Contractors, I have no idea what the status is. While the blame for this mess lies squarely at the feet of Adam Buczek and his sister Amanda Buczek Lewis (recently employed by Reverse Mortgage Solutions — wonder how long until their books go South?!), the reality is that Eric Miller is now directly involved in the perpetuation of an environment conducive to fraud. His refusal to bring the Buczek’s in for a discussion sends a very clear telegraph that the NAMFS Regime is Open For Business if you are a fraudster. No other way of looking at it.

The postmortem on the Buczek Enterprises Fraud Fest will be the final nail in the coffin for those supporters of the NAMFS Regime. Sadly, Altisource had to step in to prevent a cacophony of liens caving in. More on point, though, is that Altisource has displayed a spine. Now, many are going to say that Altisource should have been performing due diligence all along and realized that Adam and Amanda Buczek were running a RICO Enterprise. Hindsight is always 20/20. Make no mistake that I am following up as I am able to with prudent questions. Rome was not built in a day. I am hearing from back channel Sources that Altisource is, in fact, performing some household cleaning Nationwide. The question that presents is whether or not the are going to provide any transparency with respect to how they monitor those NAMFS Regime Order Mills they appear to be so dependent upon.

I am confident that over the next several weeks we are going to hear of prominent litigation commencing. The reality is that while the NAMFS Regime presumed they could keep a lid on the bottle, far too many people were damaged. While the Independent Contractor vs. Employee Status Class Actions will ramp up this Quarter against most of the Top Tier NAMFS Regime Firms with Settlements easily in the hundreds of millions of dollars, I predict that there will be a slough of asymmetrical litigation commencing against several Top Tier NAMFS Regime Members and US Banks with the potential to surpass One Billion Dollars. This litigation will finally expose the dirty, little (well little if you were the Contractors whom fulfilled the Work Orders) fraud schemes which the US Banks and Top Tier NAMFS Regime Members colluded together upon to execute. Fair Notice for the Freshman Lawyers Guild: If you are ignorant enough to file on me, I get a HUGE OPPORTUNITY at Discovery to prove the pending Plaintiff’s Case before they even file.

With Eric Holder out rattling sabers about bringing criminal charges against Financial Institutions, it looks like law and order may be back en vogue within the Beltway. My hat goes off to Altisource on this First Round. While the Contractors involved in this latest batch of Fraud Fest 2014 seem to have forgotten how email works, I feel rewarded by the simple fact that at least one person had the time to reply. One day, I will write about the whole adventure and give proper credit where it is due. Altisource went WAY OUT OF THEIR COMFORT ZONE on this one and should get a medal — I will leave it at that.

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