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Is Everhome Taking A Walk?

Everhome Mortgage, a National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Member, is pulling their Work Orders from ServiceLink Black Knight (SLFS), formerly Lender Processing Services. So, to understand the new lay of the land, ServiceLink is Black Knight which resolves as Black Knight Field Services (BKFS). Lender Processing Services (LPS) was bought out by Fidelity for their Title Plants and then bifurcated into Black Knight and ServiceLink.

Date: 05/05/2014
To: ServiceLink FS Suppliers
From: Network Management Office
Subject: Everhome Assets Released

Work Order Cancellations

Everhome has service-released a portion of the properties SLFS services and will be processing cancellations for these assets on Tuesday, May 6, 2014. Check the FieldScape™ and/or RepScape™ dashboards to monitor work order status. SLFS encourages you to perform preservation and inspection work on eligible orders and upload results immediately for payment consideration.

Contractors speaking on condition of anonymity stated that, “I’m not sure of the specifics. But a lot of my work that are everhome mortgage jobs have showed up and occupancy checks for FAS….coincidence??” It is additionally interesting to note the 24 hour deadlines,

Preservation – Updating Cancelled/Re-assigned Work Orders

Cancelled or re-assigned work orders are located in the Cancelled/Re-assigned section of the dashboard:

If… Then…
Work requested on a cancelled work order is completed in the field The order can be updated in the system for 24 hours following the cancellation.
Work has not been completed in the field The order should not be completed after cancellation.

Inspection – Status of Inspections

Review the RepScape Message Center dashboard for the following statuses:

  • Cancelled – Inspection cancelled and cannot enter results (i.e. outside of a 24-hour window to submit results).
  • Cancel Pending – Within a 24-hour window from cancellation. Inspectors can still submit results

Based on inspection type, the results must be returned in the following manner:

Inspection Orders and Cancellations SLFS Transmits Inspectors Return Results
All new inspection orders Through RepScape, daily Through RepScape
For Insurance Loss inspections, Re-checks, SAM REO and QC Exceptions By email By email or fax with instructions

What I am driving at on the Time Line is that this was a hard line decision made. Everhome Mortgage is a less than desirable Mortgage Firm from the Consumer’s Point of View. Their are hundreds of Consumer Complaints against them and a slew of lawsuits. Lynn Szymoniak, an attorney writing in the Fraud Digest, actually put Everhome Mortgage in bed with LPS a couple years back. The problem, with is A HUGE PROBLEM seen daily in the INCESTUOUS MORTGAGE FIELD SERVICES INDUSTRY and amongst NAMFS Regime Order Mills, is that Bethany Hood was apparently both the Vice President of Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS) and a clerical employee of LPS simultaneously.

Bethany Hood is a clerical employee of Lender Processing Services who works in the Mendota Heights, MN office and who signs thousands of mortgage documents monthly using at least 20 different job titles.)

Here is what the Court said about this: “MERS, in its Answer to the plaintiff’s Complaint, admit(ted) that Bethany Hood is not an employee of MERS. (cite omitted). The debtor claimed that the document [assignment signed by Bethany Hood as a MERS officer] was fabricated and MERS has offered no other explanation, nor has it submitted properly authenticated documentation of an assignment. It appears to this Court that a fraudulent recorded Assignment of Mortgage might still be found today in the St. Joseph’s County Recorder’s Office, despite MERS’ knowledge of the false signature.

Indeed, MERS has completely sidestepped the fact that this Assignment was signed by someone representing herself to be a Vice President of MERS, and it has declined to explain why this false document was attached to the amended Proof of Claim… In the view of this court, the conduct of the EverHome defendants and the MERS defendant – reflecting a lack of transparency and determination not to provide information or documents until required – has burdened both the debtor and this Court…

To best relate how bad the problem has become in the Mortgage Field Services Industry; the problem of allowing Real Estate Brokers, Mortgage Firms and Field Servicing to all originate under the same roof, take a read through this Comment,

Loan was with BofA transferred to this poor excuse of a business. They make it impossible to pay your mortgage. They charge you $12.00 to pay your bill. My mortgage is current and has been current, yet they force you pay late by not crediting your account. Mortgage due and payable on the 1st of each month. Now they want it before the 1st of the month. On top of charging you $12.00 to pay, they now charge you another $12.00 if it is received after the first. Mailed in plenty of time, removed from my bank on the 3rd of the month, they credit the account on the 16th of the month.

They refuse to talk to you in a professional manner. They speak to you as a deadbeat and very rude and condescending. They claim they can change terms of original mortgage at will. I am now filing with the state banking commission and Attorney’s General in Florida and New York and Washington. They have no legal right to change any of the original terms and conditions. They only service the loan.

The Mortgage Field Services Industry is categorically beyond salvage. With NAMFS Regime Members track record with Contractors; with Portfolio Holders playing shell games with swapping Titles like a yard sale; and with Real Estate Brokers rigging the resale of foreclosures Regulations are needed … yesterday!

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