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Musings On The Industry From Nashville

Well, we just finished a couple of Live Podcasts which we will get archived pretty soon and posted up. With respect to the revelations about Assurant Field Services, a National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Member, it got me to thinking. The hierarchy of the NAMFS Regime; the NAMFS Regime Members whom are valued in the millions and billions, these people have become of the opinion that they are untouchable. When firms such as Assurant Field Asset Servives (AFAS) feel comfortable in their demands that Contractors; US Citizens, Waive their Constitutionally Protected Rights, there is an enormous problem. This problem will not be solved by simply destroying the Joe Hummel and Terry Platt’s of the world. This is a deep, systemic problem. It telegraphs that the hierarchy of the NAMFS Regime feel like they are not accountable to the law nor are they to be troubled with the trivialities of a civil society.

The message which is being sent by Eric Miller’s Merry Little Band of Thugs is that they are going to do everything in their power to shut down any attempt by honest, law abiding US Citizens protecting themselves. Instead of addressing the rampant fraud; instead of addressing the abysmal performance of the NAMFS Regime Order Mills, once again a Big Thug on the Block has determined that they are god. AFAS’ position, though, IS FAR MORE OBSCENE THAN ANYTHING Robert Klein could have ever come up with. My working theory is that they have a list of which Contractors have Mortgages and will accordingly bankrupt them to seize their homes.

AFAS is sanctioning a new class of citizens — US Citizens whom have lost their Civil Rights in exchange for the ability to feed their families. Never, in the HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES, has a Corporation demonstrated such total and complete disregard for law and order. What AFAS and the NAMFS Regime hierarchy are telegraphing is this,

Eric Miller and Deanna Alfredo forced Aspen Grove Solutions down virtually all NAMFS Regime Members throats. Everyone was conducting background checks, but I believe that Eric Miller and his cronies needed to line their pockets. Whether that lining is to be from guaranteed jobs or actual cash I do not know, but NOTHING will change my beliefs that they were bribed. When Miller, et al., realized that the NAMFS Regime Rank and File would blindly follow along with any sack of shit they shoveled, they knew the time was ripe to begin to systematically remove any and all ability of US Citizen’s access to the judicial system — Assurant Field Asset Services and their employees have placed themselves above the Constitution of the United States. AFAS poses a clear and present danger to the US Constitution.

The Boots on the Ground (BOTG) Florida 2014 Convention will be a combination of discussions with respect to how better engage the Legislative Process from a Contractor’s perspective and additionally how to legally protect oneself from these Slave – Chattel Documents which thugs like AFAS are attempting to force upon Contractors. Never in the history of the Mortgage Field Services Industry has a Perfect Storm of this magnitude occurred.

The BOTG Movement will not be subverted. While we are amicable to discussions with NAMFS Rank and File, if there is no intention of adhering to the law of the land; if the NAMFS Regime hierarchy wishes to remain entrenched in fraud, deceit and corruption as documented by Eric Miller’s refusal to bring Buczek Enterprises up on Ethics Violations and willing to quietly dismiss Chuck Sockol as Membership Chairman without presenting either a Letter of Resignation or an Ethics Complaint, then there will continue to be enmity between the NAMFS Regime and Contractors. This enmity will eventually translate into a Demand of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to pull the NAMFS Regime’s IRS Not For Profit Status. We now have the funding to do precisely this. I am hopeful, though, that the NAMFS Regime will find a lack of wisdom in this. Lest they think I jest, they need look no further than Buczek Enterprises.

The 24th of May, 2014, will be a day for the history books. Whereas, six months ago Contractors had a lot to loose, the reality is that they no longer do. The Suspension of Civil Rights by a Corporation is a Declaration of War in the literal sense. Assurant Field Asset Services is telegraphing that Contractors whom will not become submissive will place both their current Contracts and any outstanding pay in jeopardy. No other way of looking at this lest why was some ambulance chaser be allowed to request Contractors Voluntarily Waive Their Constitutionally Protected Right To Trial?!

I want to be very clear on this point. The last time that Assurant sicked their lawyers on me; Jason Rosenberg, Assurant came to the realization that when we begin to crank up the printing presses, they churn out copious amounts of material to say the least — that is almost a direct quote from Counselor Rosenberg. With respect to this Dark of Night, Adolph Hitler Nazi Style tactic of Suspending Civil Rights; in this Gulag Mentality of Assurant tacitly threatening and intimidating the livelihood of Contractors vis-a-vis their MSA, we are not going to pull any punches. This is going to be an asymmetrical and protracted conflict. People like Juan Irwin are very familiar with how we play ball — unlike most people, I do not have any problem getting into the gutter where AFAS and their lawyers reside. I have half a dozen hookers from Conventions whom will be more than willing to issue statements — against whom and of what sex is the question.

This MSA ranks up there with A2Z Field Services (A2ZFS) and their promulgation of their Patriot Act Document which would have allowed them to enter into Contractor’s homes; without warrant and in the dark of the night, and spirit away anything they saw fit including your wife’s panties if they felt it related to their investigation. Even the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) was terrified to address it. No wonder there as they are terrified to address the False Claims documented on the HUD P260 by other HUD Prime Vendors as well. Gotta give it to the Corporations and their purchasing of Cabinet Level Agencies.

The one task that the BOTG need to address, once they formally convene an Agenda, is the striking down of the unconstitutional provisions of AFAS’ Master Services Agreement. If this MSA is not struck down, it will spread like the disease of the Foreign Nationally Controlled Aspen Grove Solutions.

So, these are some candid thoughts. At least neither the Obama Administration nor their financiers at Assurant and other Corporations are able to prevent the First Amendment … yet. Those Contractors whom are unwilling to Opt Out of their AFAS MSA with respect to Waiver of Trial By Jury in exchange for Arbitration will be publicly listed over the next several months. This is a direct message to them. No reason to beat around the bush about it. If you are willing to sell out your fellow Contractor, Foreclosurepedia is going to make sure that you are publicly recognized. If you are an Order Mill peddling AFAS Work Orders and require the MSA to be signed Foreclosurepedia is going to call for a boycott against you.

In the same way that PK Management had a hush hush summoned meeting with HUD in Atlanta last week, we are telegraphing that there is very little Foreclosurepedia is not privy to. We are well aware of the Disbarment of Lawyers in Florida which will cause great consternation. We are further aware of the linkage of Companies by and through family relationships. It would behoove people to move with great haste to rectify the AFAS situation. Finally, with respect to AFAS’ Clients, Foreclosurepedia is going to profile you in a Social Media Blitz. Make no mistake that your Firms, especially with the financial investigations currently afoot, would do best to encourage AFAS to pull their collective dicks out of the dirt and get real.

So, as I get ready to take the podium tomorrow here in Nashville, I would like to remind everyone that Foreclosurepedia is supported by your Donations. Your Donations are what enables Foreclosurepedia’s No Contractor Left Behind to happen! Now, more than ever, we ask folks to Donate or even to Consider Advertising to show support for fellow Contractors!

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