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The Alfredo Contagion: How ZVN Properties Took A Wrong Turn

As Veterans Day came and went, we were paused by the recent moves of a former NAMFS Executive Insider. Deanna Alfredo, the former NAMFS President whom insured that the Aspen Grove Solutions Background Check would be forced down the throats of Minority Females and Labor, has surreptitiously re-entered the Industry. For several years, after the largest fleecing of Minority Females and Labor in history, Alfredo went on a Soccer Mom tour as a self titled Meet-a-Mom entrepreneur at AKT Royal Oak. Folding this into her social media experimentation, she became and I quote here, An esteemed blogger, food stylist, culinary professional, wife, mom, entertainer and golf lover extraordinaire, according to The 19th Hole Organization, which went on to state, Deanna has become a key influencer with executive females who enjoy a certain standard of luxury in their lives. Truly, it comes as no surprise that NAMFS was blessed to have a woman on their Board with this many specialties whom understands luxury! Blue skying rather comes to mind as Alfredo hails from the same area as Heather Berghorst whom took Minority Females, Labor, and the US government for well over One Million dollars. Luxury, it would seem, comes at a price. The question which presents is who picks up the tab?

As the single largest publication for Labor in the Mortgage Field Services Industry, Foreclosurepedia has been the go to News Outlet used to broadcast information for the past decade. And the reality is that we have a Media Morgue that pre-dates any of the professional huxters still in the Industry. As for the rest? Well, they have been dying off one-by-one from old age. Our memory is long and distinguished!

We were curious, though, what Alfredo was up to when we noticed the hundreds of thousands of dollars being pumped into her gallivanting around and jet setting to conferences such as the IMN Conference in Scottsdale, all financed by ZVN Properties. For example, was everything put into motion after a tête-à-tête between Alfredo and ZVN’s owner, Bryan Lysikowski, or was this a broader scope involving Alfredo’s minders in India? And while Foreclosurepedia has no horse in the proverbial race ongoing at ZVN Properties, we do have a responsibility to both Labor and the American public in open discussions pertaining to how US Tax Dollars are spent. And with the ultimate question presented about whether or not American Dollars should be used to finance India’s run on American Jobs, many including Foreclosurepedia, are searching for the wisdom in ZVN’s apparent partnership with India itself. Here is Alfredo’s latest CV which is astonishing!

You are reading that right. Alfredo has been the Director of Business Development for Dhandhania Infotech, a company based out of India for nearly two years now. And make no mistake whatsoever, that the very same work which Veterans, Minority Females, and Labor have been vying for has been scooped up by her foreign national minders. And regardless of political affiliation, no one is arguing the lack of wisdom in financing the obvious pivot to India!

It is extremely disconcerting that ZVN Properties has been willing to financially back Alfredo knowing that she is still actively working with the foreign national Dhandhania Infotech. Building on that, many in the Industry are beginning to wonder whether or not their information is safe and secure. It has been no secret that over the past decade, Indian based firms have begun entering the Industry and stealing proprietary information as well as economic and intellectual property. Apparently, none of this bothers either ZVN Properties or Deanna Alfredo. But, then again, when in Rome …

If our story ended there; if our story was simply about a washed up soccer mom hocking her wares for a final run at destroying Minority Females and Labor, it wouldn’t be much of a story. And if we were simply discussing yet another company pumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into a scheme which straddled the US and India, well it would be just another day in the NAMFS neighborhood. The problem is that as ZVN begins to pitch the financial sector here in the United States, they deserve to know that one of ZVN’s highest paid and highest placed executives moonlights on behalf of India as their Director of Business Development. And while Alfredo may say she would never traffic in economic and industrial espionage, it is often the letter of the law that spells out the conflicts of interest. How the financial sector will chose to address the mess that ZVN Properties has freely, willingly, and with overt intention set at their feet — as well as at the feet of inspectors general, et al. throughout the regulatory space — is anyone’s guess.

No one is going to argue that selling out American Jobs to foreign nationals is simply bad PR. And no one is going to argue that financing that sell out to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars is even worse PR and invites regulatory scrutiny. The question that presents is whether or not the IMN Crowd will want to trudge through the gutter to support ZVN’s move. The reality is that the Mortgage Field Services Industry is on the ropes and the SFR sector is booming. Will Eric Miller and NAMFS have the pull necessary to floss the deal? I doubt it.

In closing, this is the tragic tale of an Ohio man whom not once, but twice now, made decisions based upon spurious due diligence. In fact, opportunities abounded for Bryan Lysikowski, owner of ZVN Properties, to hire American and avoid the dirty trade with foreign nationals. He chose not to. In fact, Lysikowski chose to enrich one of the principal parties whom crucified Minority Females and Labor. And then, Lysikowski chose to go even further by jet setting Alfredo across the Nation. It should stand as a testament to Labor as why not to work for ZVN Properties and further it should stand as a flashing red alarm to financial regulators whom are empowered to protect the Personally Identifiable Information of homeowners as well as ensure that this type of information is not sold to the highest bidder in India.

Guardian Asset Management In Disarray As Vendor Managers Go Rogue

While many have been wondering about the recent Newsletter that was published, Foreclosurepedia has been working with Management and Labor to bring forward an acceptable compromise. With problems on both sides of the aisle, the reality is that it takes time and there never is a one shot solution. We are, though, cautiously optimistic going forward and discuss this in our weekly Foreclosurepedia Industry Insider podcast now streaming on the Foreclosurepedia Radio Network. If you are not a subscriber, you can catch clips over on the Foreclosurepedia YouTube Channel here.

Disaster Inspections For Hurricane Ian In Florida

The Reason Why Work Orders Are Late

Foreclosurepedia has been requested to advise and compile Contractors interested in providing Disaster Inspections resulting from the historic Hurricane Ian now approaching landfall in the State of Florida. If your firm is an International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST) Member, you will be given priority.


Hurricane Ian Disaster Inspections

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Mandatory Evacuations As NAMFS Members Are Business As Ususal

Eric Miller, Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS), has been Johnny Come Lately as Hurricane Ian targets Tampa with a Category 4 force and effect. Even the International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST) has the evacuation orders published and constantly updated at the top of their page. There has been a lot of speculation lately as to whether or not Miller and NAMFS will even make it through the next fiscal year. Miller’s Bacchanalian escapism at the recent Five Star simply demonstrated that he had little grasp — let alone control — over an Industry that is far removed from him and NAMFS. In fact, with an 80%+ attrition rate of Labor, the reality is that the three dollar inspections that NAMFS members have pushed and the lack of pay raises in over 30+ years has already taken its toll on a dying Industry.

As hospitals close and move patients out of the St Petersburg area, the lack of announcements from ALL NAMFS MEMBERS has been a deafening silence. It is part and parcel a demonstration of how NAMFS members hold profits above human life. Currently, firms such as ServiceLink and Cyprexx — both in the path of Hurricane Ian — have refused to cancel any work orders.

Charlotte County, Hernando County, Hillsborough County, Lee County, Levy County, Pasco County, Pinellas County, and Sarasota County all have MANDATORY evacuations. And with thousands of work orders currently ongoing there, Labor has begun to question whether or not they will be charged back for work impossible to perform. The answer to that question is yes. Yes, if you refuse to risk your life you will be charged back for work orders as no other statements have been provided.

It is business as usual for Eric Miller and his NAMFS member cabal. The only question remaining is how many lives will be lost based upon their profiteering. If you are currently receiving work orders from NAMFS members, Foreclosurepedia would like to speak with you! Shoot us an email and let us know what actions are being taken to protect you as Hurricane Ian approaches landfall.

Did We Sacrifice San Juan Only To Loose Tampa?

For years, the United States has kept its dirty little secret of its captive slave nation of Puerto Rico fairly well guarded. Raped by hedge funds, its territory used for shelling by the US Navy, and its ability to do business with any other nation other than the US banned by law — the Jones Act — the reality is that as we watch Hurricane Ian barrel down on Tampa, many in Puerto Rico are definitely not losing any sleep. Hurricane Ian will probably be the worst hurricane to make landfall in Florida in over a century. And the fact of the matter is that if you are currently reading this article from Tampa, right now, your only hope for survival will be to evacuate in the next several hours.

It isn’t surprising that Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, hasn’t had anything to say. After his Bacchanalian vacation at the recent Five Star, the reality is the Mortgage Field Services Industry is the furthest thing from his mind. In fact, his last Twitter post was on 21 September at the Five Star and a leading retweet from 09 September and was about suicide pegged at the top! Wow, that really tells you something about his state of mind!

Many in the Industry are chomping at the bit to get Labor into the disaster area — before it even hits! The reality, though, is that with an attrition rate hitting well over 80% now, from Industry highs, no one is going to leave their families to rush off for three dollar inspections. And more on point, with Florida now being the Wall Street South and home to a tremendous amount of Industry order mills, we are going to witness precisely how terms like Disaster Recovery Plans are implemented. It is well and good that the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on conferences for mid level staffers to get liquored up happened, but whether or not they retained, let alone implemented, any of the information actually occurred. As a CTO responsible for multiple nonprofit IT systems — some in Florida — built on a Microsoft Azure backbone, I can tell you that today is not the day to figure out if your plan is ready for Game Day.

My estimates peg damages in upwards of $55 Billion in the Tampa MSA — metropolitan statistical area. And with Wall Street now in a bear market, the Florida insurance marketspace almost completely destroyed thanks to years of a DeSantis failure to act environment, the reality is that there is no preventing the veritable collapse of Tampa much like there will be no preventing the 12 – 15 foot storm surges which are going to wipe out portions of Tampa itself.

With a direct hit on Tampa now all but a foregone conclusion, the path of Ian is much like the path of the Build To Rent portfolios which raged during COVID. 15 – 25 inches of rain are expected to drop as Ian slams through Tampa to Orlando to Jacksonville, where ServiceLink has a major office complex. Surprisingly, not a single alert has gone out cancelling work in the Tampa area let alone encouraging Labor to seek shelter or evacuate. Like everything else — other than the Almighty Dollar — everything is but a stepping stone to profit.

Foreclosurepedia wishes Labor the best as Hurricane Ian hits Tampa and while the Industry and NAMFS both refuse to acknowledge the horrific landfall event of Hurricane Ian you are going to experience, we stand ready to assist all International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST) members whom require immediate assistance!