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A2ZFS Ups the Stakes: Waive Your Rights Or Loose Your Work

Foreclosurepedia the business; separate from Foreclosurepedia the Blog, just received documents from the A2Z Field Services (A2ZFS) “High Comand” demanding that Foreclosurepedia the business sign off on their Vendor Fraud Policy.  Ironically, we haven’t worked for A2ZFS in months.  This new Gestapo like document demands that Foreclosurepedia the business (and I presume other Company(s)) waive all Constitutional Protection under the 4th, 5th, 6th and 14th Amendments of the Constitution of the United States and samesaid in every State’s Constitution.  Utilizing terms such as “…interviews/interrogations…” this Vendor Fraud Policy is four (04) Pages out of a Totalitarian Dictatorship.

“Members of the Investigation Unit will have:

-Free and unrestricted access to all Company records and premises, whether owned or rented; and

-The authority to examine, cop, and/or remove all or any portion of the contents of files, desks, cabinets, and other storage facilities on the premises without the prior knowledge or consent of any individual who might use or have custody of any such items or facilities when it is within the scope of their investigation.

A2ZFS IS NOT A LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY!!!!!  There is no way in hell we are going to allow Gestapo Jack Booted Thugs to kick in the doors of our home.  A2ZFS holds a US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Contract.  HUD has not issued law enforcement credentials to A2ZFS!  What’s next?  Cart off the owner’s intimate apparel for investigation?  G-d forbid A2ZFS finds reason to take her son’s photo albums!  No, this is what you see in Communist Nations!

Had anyone told me a document like this existed I would said they are a liar!  The A2ZFS “Investigation Unit” borders on the illegal.  I personally reached out to both our US Senator Bob Corker, HUD and the ACLU.  In an atmosphere where the Obama Administration is embroiled with issues within the Beltway, I have little doubt they NEVER knew about the fact that Prime Vendors were executing Demands of single mothers; of female owned, disadvantaged businesses to waive all Constitutional Rights in order to simply perform work for the US Government!

This is still the United States of America.  This is a PRIME EXAMPLE of why Regulation needs to come as FAST AS POSSIBLE!  This is the reason people serve in the US Military; to ensure that all people are treated equally and that EVERYONE has protection under the Constitution of the United States and Bill of Rights!  Even the THOUGHT of violating another human being’s civil rights borders upon the unconscionable, but to actually PUT IT IN WRITING AND DEMAND SOMEONE SIGN IT is an outright Declaration that neither the rights of US Citizens mean anything nor does the Rule of Law!  Chris Slaughenhoupt is singled out for SPECIAL recognition as an employee of A2ZFS.  His vociferous tone of voice and menacing demeanor conveyed what I LEAST expected from A2ZFS, a Company I used to have respect for and recommended in the past,

Me:  “How can A2ZFS force us to accept it’s Policy?  This is Gestapo in its reaching and violating our Rights.”  Chris:  “Sign it or don’t.”  Me:  “Can I speak with your supervisor?”  Chris:  “Not here.”  Me:  “Can I speak with your Legal Counsel.”  Chris:  “Yeah, her name is Sarah Lee [sp?  lists number off].”  Me:  “Aren’t you the same Chris whom sent me a request for personal information about Foreclosurepedia on behalf of A2ZFS via a personal gmail account for A2ZFS?”  Chris:  “Yeah.”

No other story I have EVER covered is MORE serious than this!!!  We are talking about the ability of a Private Company to kick in the door of your home; to ransack and loot your house; and to strike FEAR AND TERROR into your children!  This is the Patriot Act; A2ZFS has the ability to do this WITHOUT your knowledge or consent!  This must be stopped!  Do not wait another minute!  Reach out to Craig Karnes, HUD Director of the M&M in Atlanta, Georgia, today!  Call his office, email him and voice your objections to Private Companies being granted Police Powers by HUD!  Call your Senators and Congresspersons at both the State and Federal Level!

Pay special attention to Page Two!  I will get a graphic up later.  My hands are still shaking from this so it is hard to position the mouse.


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