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Barry Moylan: A Legal Chernobyl For Barring Contact By The Public

As early as October, 2013, we were reporting upon our good buddy, Son of the Bald — Ó MaoláinBarry Moylan. Moylan and Denia Graham, an old Mortgage Field Services Industry hack whom worked her way up the ranks initially under the tutelage of Dale McPherson over at the former Field Asset Services — now Assurant Field Asset Services (AFAS) — were two peas in a pod over at Aspen Grove. Graham providing the Americanized face and Moylan the Irish muscle. Both worked their magic, early on, pitching Aspen Grove Solutions iReport. With the assistance of Jim Taylor over at Wells Fargo, Moylan, Graham and Seán Ryan CEO of Aspen Grove were able to shove a half baked product down Contractors throats using what I consider to be False Advertising. Until the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) enters the fray, I will never know if their Advertising is Fraudulent or not as Aspen Grove has blocked my ability to email them. Startling, as here I am required to fucking pay these Micks US Dollars for a Product I am not allowed to inquire about. I guess they ran out of potatoes again. Hell, go figure. Just another Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime. Here is the email we attempted to send,

I am respectfully requesting the law(s), rule(s) and/or regulations upon which both NAMFS and Aspen Grove Solutions, et al., rely upon for the below statement justifying Background and Credit Checks for Contractors within the Mortgage Field Services Industry,

   From the Aspen Grove Solutions Website Press Release

Stow OH USA September 19th, 2013.

Aspen Grove Solutions and The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) has announced the establishment of a background check standard and centralized solution designed for the mortgage field services industry. The standard, officially launched at the recently held NAMFS annual conference, will support both current regulatory compliance and consumer protection guidelines.

Current regulations mandate due diligence and oversight of vendors, including reviews of vendor policies, procedures and controls to manage risk to the consumer. As a result, industry professionals coordinated their efforts and have developed a solution that will prove valuable to all stakeholders while supporting compliance with the various regulatory guidelines, including those established by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

– See more at:

As I believe both know, I have filed a formal inquiry with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) inquiring of the same and posited that Wells Fargo relies upon Regulation Z of the Truth In Lending Act (TILA). I was at a loss to find anything else even remotely associated with your advertising claim.
Thank you.

I caught up with Ryan over on Twitter and voiced my dissent to his Foreign National way of business in refusing to allow US Consumers to communicate with Aspen Grove. The current environment in Ireland would seem to be conducive to Aspen Grove’s dictatorship here in the United States. Statistics reveal that An Garda Síochána (GARDIA or National Police) have been arresting suspected terrorists at the rate of more than one a week as reported by the Irish Daily Star. While I understand that Ireland may very well allow for human rights abuses; while I understand that Ireland may foster beliefs that Free Speech is not tolerated, the United States does not operate upon these Draconian beliefs. Here, let me expound a bit for clarification,

wrote a piece not ten days ago entitled Has Ireland Reintroduced Criminal Libel via a Facebook Break-In? He recaps many of the Irish Belief Systems which are antithetical to our way of life here in the United States. Working with The International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX) and published on the Public Broadcasting Service‘s (PBS) Media Shift, Reidy stated most poignantly,

From the introduction of the new blasphemy law onward, Ireland has seen a slow, stealthy erosion of free speech. It’s not clear what will get people to start paying attention, but the country needs to be more vigilant.

These values which Moylan, Ryan, et al., appear to harbor vis-a-vis their barring of Foreclosurepedia to send a simple email inquiry requesting information for a Product that the Mortgage Field Services Industry requires that I purchase and which monies will ultimately be repatriated back to Ireland I have no doubt, is part and parcel why Foreign Nationals such as these Irishmen and their ilk have no place in our Country. The calculated and chilling effect upon free speech that Moylan, Ryan, et al., have created belongs back upon their Island and not in the United States.

The true litmus test of whether or not Aspen Grove Solutions, even behind its sham of a Delaware Corporation, wishes to invoke its Draconian Dictatorship of Irish Beliefs upon the nearly ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND Contractors in the Industry today — that is Reuters figure, not mine — is whether or not Aspen Grove Solutions will publicly announce their legal rationale for barring my email. You see, they cannot as they do not have one. Aspen Grove Solutions, in an arbitrary and capricious manner, blocked Foreclosurepedia. Oh, they may parade around a, “Gee, it must have been a Server Mix Up,” but the reality is that my emails stream from Google Servers which are Whitelisted all over Planet Earth as my DNS and MX Records are calibrated to use Google Business Apps.

The United States has always been accepting of those whom have come to our Shores and have been willing to participate in Democracy. In fact, when the Irish experienced their Great “Potato” Famine between 1845 and 1852, the United States willing accepted, with open arms, over One Million Irish into a Nation which was only recently born. In the same monoculture mentality which contributed to the Potato Famine, Aspen Grove is attempting to play an All or Nothing game with respect to Free Speech in the United States.

I am going to be brutally honest here: I personally have contempt for Aliens whom come to my Country, a Country wherein I served in the US Armed Forces, and attempt to force their belief systems upon me. Moylan’s sputtering career is best summed up as Sales and Marketing Director at Nathean Technologies where his Appointment [was] Terminated, Director Barry Moylan (TM01) Filed on 10 May 2012. Nathean Technologies has £307 as of their latest reporting. Not exactly a financial powerhouse and the resignation might pertain to that. His ongoing Directorship at Seachange Foundation is rather interesting by way of comparison in how he treats Americans. His Statements about compassion and concern for those in Kenya gave me the dry heaves. Note to self: Pull data on the Seachange Foundation and begin publishing upon them. Moylan was also a Spin Doctor at Cable & Wireless rather explains his tory attitudes today. One would think that being born in 1962 might allow for a bit of diplomatic wisdom; however, just like his last name signifies it would appear all he has achieved is a receding hair line.

Aspen Grove’s communication that they are afraid of Foreclosurepedia, though, speaks volumes. They and I both realize that their pot licking, miserly attitude towards the 100,000+ Contractors in the Industry owing them something is, in reality, the only justification they have for existence. I would ask Moylan and his Clan to state otherwise; I would welcome a response to my email, but they are far too terrified to allow an email to even be sent to them by myself. Something for nothing. This is the epitome of why America is no longer the Greatest Nation on Earth. Foreign Nationals are invading our Shores by the droves like mongrel hordes in the Dark Ages. All of them, Aspen Grove most assuredly, wanting something for nothing! At what point in time does the United States begin to take care of its own?! Stay tuned later next week as we take a closer look at Moylan and Ryan’s families and precisely how they got those Visas.  😉

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