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Barry Moylan: A Legal Chernobyl For Barring Contact By The Public

As early as October, 2013, we were reporting upon our good buddy, Son of the Bald --- Ó Maoláin --- Barry Moylan. Moylan and Denia Graham, an old Mortgage Field Services Industry hack whom worked her way up the ranks initially under the tutelage of Dale McPherson over at the former Field Asset Services --- now Assurant Field Asset Services (AFAS) --- were two peas in a pod over at Aspen Grove. Graham providing the Americanized face and Moylan the Irish muscle. Both worked their magic, early on, pitching Aspen Grove Solutions iReport. With the assistance of Jim Taylor over at Wells Fargo, Moylan, Graham and Seán Ryan CEO of Aspen Grove were able to shove a half baked product down Contractors throats using what I consider to be False Advertising. Until the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) enters the fray, I will never know if their Advertising is Fraudulent or not as Aspen Grove has blocked my ability to email them. Startling, as here I am required to fucking pay these Micks US Dollars for a Product I am not allowed to inquire about. I guess they ran out of

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