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SEAS LLC, Terry Platt And All Things NAMFS Regime

First up to bat is SEAS LLC whom is both a Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime and a Sponsor of Terry Platt and his I guess you would say Media Empire --- QC University which he was too broke to come present at Florida FAST 2014 and CubicYard which simply gets more convoluted each time I go there. At least he took down the apparently illegal Home Depot and Lowes ads which neither Company had sanctioned. It would appear that SEAS LLC is having some issues getting Contractors paid as we are not only getting eyewitness reports about, but they are now popping up all over the Drive By Social Media like zits on a teenager. Candidly speaking, SEAS LLC has always had what I considered to be an unsustainable approach to working with Contractors vis-a-vis their pricing models. To briefly bullet point the chief complaints over on Facebook,

Does anyone out there work for SEAS, LLC, formerly known as Southeastern Asset Services? If you do, have you seen any red flags lately, such as very late payments, refusal to direct deposit, smaller than normal payouts, high employee turnover, bad communication, non payment on past orders, bad communication, or ALL of the above? Just putting my feelers out, as we are having issues, and want to see if we are not the only ones.

The segue from SEAS LLC to Terry Platt is seamless in that the apparent financial quandaries presented to Contractors by SEAS LLC are potentially slamming Platt as well. Coming on the heels of Platt's losses experienced from Keystone Property Services, Ironclad Preservation and Pacific Preservation, Platt might have to rely upon his innate gift as a writer --- amongst other skill sets such as Undercover Treasury Agent, Boat Captain and on and on --- to make ends meet. Normally, I could give two shits about Platt and his $1,800 per Porn Store Comic feature he was rumored to be shaking down for along with the shakedown for payments of his NAMFS Regime Membership, but his New and Improved CubicYard Mission Statement got under my skin,

... serve as the eyes and ears of the industry –  the watchdog, the guardian and the contractor advocate

Are you fucking shitting me? Here is a guy whom is the Anointed Propaganda Minster of the NAMFS Regime trying to pawn off bullshit like this? Hey Medical Man Platt, can you point to a single, solitary pro Contractor Article you have published in your LIFE?! I mean let's keep this shit real. More on point, though, you have to give Platt credit for attempting to bolster his NAMFS Regime Propaganda Organ. Platt released, yesterday, an alleged award which he should be ashamed of ever publishing. It is well and good when an accredited organization bestows upon those in Society accolades which are justified, but this was not. To emphasize my point, below I am reprinting Platt's single Award and Foreclosurepedia's two Awards --- all three are bullshit and that is why Foreclosurepedia would NEVER ATTEMPT TO DUPE its readers. The Contractor Advocate, huh Terry?!

The Award Program;, runs this hustle several times a year. For a couple of hundred dollars a pop anyone may look like they are All About Semmes. ;)  The realty is that there is nothing new under the sun when it comes to NAMFS Regime Members. Platt is the epitome of that which the NAMFS Regime stands for in that he expects a free lunch at the expense of others. I mean if I am wrong Terry, why not publicly deny the fact that you shook down Companies for $1800 a pop for the Porn

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