Thursday, May 13, 2021
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Florida Continues To Arrest Unlicensed Contractors is reporting that Florida’s Lee County Economic Crimes Unit has arrested 14 unlicensed Contractors and cited an additional three for failure to have the proper credentials to perform services in Lee County and the State of Florida. Of note is the fact that many of these folks were found on Craigslist which is the same pool of resources which Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime draw from. Most recently, Jay “The Mold Man” Goscinski, the Regional Order Mill which Altisource and the NAMFS Regime Executive Director Eric Miller are protecting to the end.

During this operation, undercover agents contacted a number of individuals from various internet websites such as Porch.Com and Craigslist, where the individuals were advertising construction related services. Arriving at the location in San Carlos Park, these individuals met with undercover officers and willingly agreed to offer proposals to perform various construction type tasks at the target residence. The work proposed requires the service provider to be a properly licensed contractor, and the contractor must carry workers’ compensation coverage, or they must have filed a certificate of exemption.

In the same way that Altisource continues to turn blind eyes to both its Vendor Network Fraud and bankruptcies, I would venture the guess that Altisource will eventually have some of its own rounded up — naturally, they too, will be defended to the end. Hey, maybe good ‘ol Terry Platt can play Captain Save-a-Hoe and get them all licensed up with QC University?!


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