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VRM Runs Afoul With Boyd Property Preservation Under SCA Provisions

Carol Boyd, owner of Boyd Property Preservation and yet another Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services accused of fraud and deception, has a problem which is almost more critical than not paying Contractors. That problem is the Master Services Agreement executed between Boyd Property Preservation and Vendor Resource Management Mortgage Services (VRM). The reality is that while Carol Boyd and Julien Smith probably have no idea what the Service Contract Act is, Keith Murray does. Strange, though, as Julian Smith is a former CoreLogic hack; CoreLogic never was too much on hiring folks whom could spell their names. Smith is no different in that respect.

Are Keith Murray and Julian Smith being paid off to remain silent? Is Carol Boyd sliding them money to keep quiet until the FreddieMac Awards roll in on 31OCT13? I believe so. It wouldn’t be the first time. I mean the law is pretty clear that when they are Prime Vendors on a US Government Contract and they are aware of Crimes and do not report them — I mean we are talking about clear violations of the False Claims Act here as they are saying the work is done and all outstanding debts have been paid and yet lying about such — they become part and party to Carol Boyd’s actions.

My opinion is that Keith Murray and Julian Smith are involved in criminal activities crossing state lines using electronic means and should be investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The Boyd VRM Agreement
The Boyd VRM Agreement

Carol Boyd entered into an Agreement for many things, the Service Contract Act included, with VRM. VRM, in turn, entered into an Agreement as a Prime Vendor under Contract # VA798-12-C-0012 with the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Now, why would I take the time to concentrate upon issues which do not deal with Contractors being defrauded? I mean Julian Smith knows of the felonious activity ongoing by Carol Boyd as an agent and employee of VRM. Because Carol Boyd’s NON COMPLIANCE with the Service Contract Act will ensure not only Carol Boyd’s demise, but also that of Keith Murray and VRM. You may read about Service Contract Act Compliance here and I have attached a screenshot for those more visually stimulated below.

SCA Requirements For Whitfield County, GA

Ms. Boyd is working with local, “mom and pops,” who as you know are all the easier to qualify as employees rather than subcontractors, not to mention the fact that she wasn’t compensating her staff properly. As many know whom read my Articles, Keith Murray and VRM would be on the hook as well thus jeopardizing their VA Contract. SCA Determinations above show what Carol Boyd should have been paying everyone, including $3.81/hr of non-taxed health and welfare benefits.

Eric Miller, the Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, is also well aware of these facts and has been doing his best to ensure NO ONE is investigated. My opinion is that he is being brought in for a piece of the action; that Miller is being paid monies owed to Contractors to make sure that Carol Boyd is not investigated by the National Association of Mortgage Field Services.

Perhaps the Contractors should appeal to the state for unemployment benefits and to the US Department of Labor (DOL) for Service Contract Act pay, and perhaps the former or soon-to-be-former employees of Boyd Property Preservation should do the same. If awarded benefits, VRM would be on the hook for the DOL part, which may be the final blow needed to stop the fraud. Also, FreddieMac doesn’t require SCA compliance, but this would seem to motivate them all the more to avoid working with Carol Boyd. Ultimately, VRM would be placed in the cross hairs of the US Department of Veterans Affairs as well.

Our Source at VRM stated that she would be forwarding several of the emails documenting the fact that VRM is well aware of the fact that Carol Boyd is refusing to pay. She is going to forward verification of the Property Addresses under the US Department of Veterans Affairs Contract which Contractors have already presented. Foreclosurepedia has every intention of Publishing the list, including Loan Numbers, over the weekend to ensure that both Boyd Property Preservation and Keith Murray and Julian Smith at VRM are held accountable for their actions.

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