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This entry is part 16 of 69 in the series All The Usual Suspects
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The Precarious Position of HUD Contenders

This entry is part 16 of 69 in the series All The Usual Suspects

The attitude of most National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Offender Members has always been that they are above reproach; that in conjunction with the supporting of multiple layers of fraud, they will not only financially survive, but thrive, in in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. With Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, whom is paid over ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR CONSUMING OVER SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL NAMFS MEMBER DUES, at the helm, a decade of fraud, waste and abuse has allowed for the fleecing of US Taxpayers out of billions of dollars.

MUNCIE, Ind. — ASONS in Muncie is still open for business – but it’s employees had to accept pay cuts to keep it that way. A little more than a year ago, Gov. Mike Pence and Muncie’s mayor announced hundreds of jobs would be created by 2024.

Now those jobs are on hold indefinitely as the company struggles to survive. ASONS is now down to 140 employees, making an average of $13.50 an hour. The company’s chairman of the board asked workers to take 15 percent reductions in their salaries. He said most did.

“Some people gave less, some people gave more,” said ASONS Chairman Milan Thompson. “But we got to the 15 percent.”

I bet Thompson did. And how about that charge back game with Contractors which has swept the Industry lately netting tens of millions of dollars into the NAMFS Offender Member coffers? More on point, though, what happens when you resist the fraud and question? Simply listen to what former ASONS Project Manager Eric Laughner had to say,

“The group meeting ended with, ‘What if we don’t offer to take enough pay cut, what happens then?’ The answer was, ‘Here’s the door,'” said Eric Laughner, who was terminated as project manager in recent days.

Laughner said he agreed to take a 24 percent pay cut. He said he was fired after raising questions and complaints about the latest in a series of job changes in his two years with the company.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence, the very same Mike Pence whom is the Vice Presidential candidate on the Trump for President ticket, has long been a Milan Thompson Cheerleader. And as in all things within the financial sector; as in all things Trump, Pence was the man whom helped orchestrate the TWENTY SIX MILLION DOLLAR sandbagging of a high school on behalf of Milan and the boys. As Foreclosurepedia earlier reported, Thompson’s promise of over one hundred and thirty jobs for Hoosiers, was merely hot air. With respect to the A Safer America being rolled out by Pence and Trump, it is nothing but bullshit. While many within the crime ridden Rust Belt town of Muncie pleaded that the former, multimillion dollar Wilson School Building be converted into a detention center, Pence, Thompson and Muncie’s Mayor Dennis Tyler flipped the bird. In fact, Pence, Tyler and Muncie Redevelopment Commission (MRC) officials ensured that the bidding process upon the $29 Million dollar facility was fixed to favor Thomson in a calculated and concerted manner.

The MRC had to open up the bidding for the Wilson property to anyone, but the requirements were narrowly written to make it most likely that ASONS would be the only bidder.

And Governor Pence’s response? Business as usual. Fuck the taxpayers of Muncie, Indiana, whom had the audacity to beg and plead for the locking up of hardened criminals in a facility financed by the very same taxpayers whom Vice Presidential Nominee Mike Pence, Corporate Welfare Man Milan Thompson and liberal Muncie Mayer Dennis Tyler told to suck it up. As Milan Thompson put it,

These are good days,” Milan Thompson, chairman of the board for ASONS, said [.]

And it is business as usual. The financial institutions whom have raped the American Public on the front end are having their NAMFS Offender Member morticians rape the corpses and the family members on the back end. And here is the deal: It is never going to change. Every dirty trick in the book NAMFS Offender Members are going to bring to the plate. And precisely what do I mean by this?

John Bravacos, ASONS on again, off again lawyer, whom is employed by multiple NAMFS Members to perform services primarily upon US Deparment of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Contracts, has been at the head of the #FuckLabor cheerleaders. Why and how HUD continues to allow Bravacos  to keep his fingers in multiple cookie jars, with unprecedented access to confidential HUD Investigations, is yet to be understood. You see, dear ‘ol Jonnie has been representing Milan Thompson and CWIS amongst other firms and recently was allowed access to ongoing Government Technical Representatives (GTR) and confidential information which he legally had no legitimate reason to access as a private citizen.

John Bravacos was able to privately inquire and receive information pertaining to the investigation of his Client, CWIS, whom still owe nearly ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS to Billy Maysonete, in Carolina, Puerto Rico. Maysonete, whom is employed by L&B Management in Puerto Rico, was kicked to the curb by both PK Management and CWIS in favor of Adriley and MABA Corp., both whom miraculously appeared in 2015 after Maysonete was given the shaft and contacted HUD, as a whistleblower, and was given the cold shoulder.

I will guarantee both Adriley and MABA Corp will be used as proxies in the upcoming HUD MM FSM 3.10 in the coming months. And you know the thank you that Maysonete received from HUD for bringing up fraud, waste and abuse? HUD turned over confidential information pertaining to his Complaint to John Bravacos, the HUD Backdoor Man. Below is the reply from John Bravacos to his Shot Caller which Foreclosurepedia received exclusively,

Thank you. Yes, HUD has asked Dave [Ramagos] about it.  It’s being fixed. 

John [Bravacos]

It’s being fixed. I mean in all of my time of doing what I do as a Friend of Labor; in all the time I have spent as a Beacon of Light Shining in from the Wilderness, never have I heard such blunt language with respect to unfettered access to a US Government agency by a private citizen. Hell, even Bill Clinton’s boarding of the aircraft carrying Loretta Lynch, the US Attorney General, for a private pep talk, while his wife, Hillary, was under investigation for #EmailGate, pales in comparison.

While fraud is a constant companion with respect to Eric Miller’s NAMFS Offender Member thugs, destroying lives is normally not an issue — I mean ASONS initially providing the mentoring and cash to jump start CWIS is just part of the game which we discuss later. The big deal is that when you have a man whom is scrambling to stay afloat — Milan Thompson — tied so closely to All the Usual Suspects . Thompson will inevitably make a run on the HUD 3.10 Contract. And with he and CWIS having their bagman, HUDs Backdoor Man Bravacos on their payroll, the reality is that the very foundation of HUD itself is in question. I mean is this the transparency which Julián Castro, HUD Secretary,  is bringing forward on behalf of the Obama Administration?

More on point, though, all roads lead back to Miller and NAMFS Offender Member’s baby raping buddy Mickey Snow. One really has to question whether or not all of these assholes are rolling Snow’s footage in some seedy stag theater in perpetual looping. I mean I can see it now, Miller and the Crew daubing with used Kleenex’s and feverishly tapping their cigarette ashes like the X Files Cigarette Man.

See, here’s the deal: When Foreclosurepedia began to sound off alarm bells years ago about Snow and his proclivities, everyone preached the holy gospel that Mickey was one of the good guys. Yeah, Foreclosurepedia blew the lid off that 4 years ago and again when he was arrested after an international manhunt for raping underage, handicapped females. Foreclosurepedia was the first to report the victims — before any other media outlet. We were the first to report that he was a felon and committed arson to unjustly enrich himself. And we are the first to opine that Snow is going to work a deal by turning state’s evidence on NAMFS Offender Members if the paperwork looks good.

And how, precisely, was it that John Bravacos never knew his criminal past? I mean Snow was an ENORMOUS provider to his Client CWIS! More on point, though, how is it that CWIS attended lavish parties thrown by Snow and never reported them in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)? I mean with all the bullshit that Dave and Carol are spewing out of their mouths like porn stars after a money shot one might just have thought they would have performed due diligence! Instead, it appears they, like the porn stars, performed lip service.

You see, even though most firms are still using UPAMS, a Mickey Snow concoction originally spun up to milk illicit monies into illicit coffers, the Ramagos’ and other NAMFS Offender Members never gave a fuck. PK Management never gave a fuck — wasn’t like Somporn Hewitt’s Tongsua Management’s address being the same as Mickey Snow’s mattered. No one gave a fuck.

In fact, HUDs Backdoor Man, John Bravacos and purported legal counsel to some of the most horrific NAMFS Offender Members in history, raises serious questions as to whether or not HUD will ever be brought into the legal realm of Contracting. Bravacos, whom threatens former US Government Prime Vendor personnel pretending that Non Disclosure Agreements protect Dave and Carolyn Ramagos. It would appear that, as discussed with both high ranking HUD officials and Foreclosurepedia, that Bravacos feels bulletproof and able to protect the Colorado Two from a panoply of fraudulent Demand Letters and a litany of other fraud crossing state lines, using electronic means in the furtherance of artifices and schemes, makes the writers of Law and Order blush.

Now, Foreclosurepedia confirmed that HUDs Backdoor Man, Bravacos, is receiving emails just fine. His phone works fine with respect to other patrons whom pay the gate fee, but honest, law abiding clients must not be Bravacos’ strong suit. Dave Ramagos’ phone works fine as Foreclosurepedia reached out to he for comment. Like the emasculated, little boy crying outside of the sandbox, Mommy Ramagos wouldn’t let him talk, several nights ago.

 Tomorrow’s Foreclosurepedia Podcast is going to drill down heavily upon Bravacos and the Colorado Two as many are calling them. Make no mistake whatsoever, when there is an attack upon Labor, Foreclosurepedia will be there.

My name is Paul Williams. Pay strict attention to what I say because I choose my words carefully and I never repeat myself. I’ve told you my name: That’s the Who. The Where could most readily be described as the Mortgage Field Services Industry. But there’s a vast difference between a legal Industry and the Industry in its current state. The What is easy: Recently, I planned and set in motion events to ensure that the Sun will set upon those whom have committed fraud while the Sun will rise for those whom play ball. That’s also the When. As for the Why: beyond the obvious financial motivation, it’s exceedingly simple — BECAUSE I CAN. Which leaves us only with the How; and therein, as the Bard would tell us, lies the rub.

There is enmity between John Bravacos and the Foreclosurepedia Nation. There is enmity between those NAMFS Offender Members whom day in and day out fuck Labor and Foreclosurepedia. Those of you whom believe you got a free pass? Yes, well, your time has come. The War will now become asymmetrical and protracted. Veni Vidi Vici.

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