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Cityside Gone: The Nationals Are Crumbling

Love me or hate me, as a prognosticator, Foreclosurepedia bats 1000. Cityside Management Corporation is yet another Mortgage Field Services Industry National Order Mill whom has thrown in the towel. A member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS), Cityside began dismantling their entire preservation network earlier this month. Eric Miller, the Executive Director of NAMFS whom is paid OVER ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR CONSUMING OVER SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL NAMFS MEMBER DUES is starting to feel the effects of Foreclosurepedia’s #OpNAMFS. Fact of the matter is that Miller’s days are numbered. It is simple mathematics. The obscene and grotesque overhead which both Miller and Cityside enjoyed in the #FraudFest days are rapidly coming to an end.

While all around NAMFS #Fraudster Offender Members are dropping like flies, the reality is that Foreclosurepedia has successfully built a network of both Labor and Management whom are thriving in an environment conducive to profitability in a cooperative shelter from the storm.

Ron SlapCityside, while not on the major radar for #Fraud, was a top heavy firm from which Eric Miller and others leveraged into a near bankruptcy setting. The toting of the NAMFS Party Line spelled doom as it will continue to do for the rest of those NAMFS Offender Members still on the Foreclosurepedia ISTAR Radar both in Florida and the Midwest. Make no mistake whatsoever, that while Eric Miller continues to sell his false bill of goods, Foreclosurepedia is there. We will ensure that for every one of Labor whom falls 10 NAMFS Offender Members will pay the price. And our protracted and asymmetrical war is taking its toll. Munice and Doral are the next up to bat.

The war ends when I say it ends. And to add fuel to the fire, Eric Miller is still refusing to turn over the NAMFS IRS Form 990, their Income Tax Return, as required by federal law. Simply take a look at his pay compared to the rest of the United States as seen in the sidebar to the right.

More on point though, how about all of the fraud NAMFS Offender Members have committed against African American females? I mean one really has to ask how many bankruptcies are worth protecting Eric Miller and his Regime! Nothing new with Miller and his entirely white Board of Directors. If folks want somewhere to start looking, perhaps the NAMFS Board of Directors is a great place to best understand income inequality and precisely how white people oversee fraud, waste and abuse of minorities.

We will stay on top of this fast breaking story. If you are wanting to capitalize upon Portfolios, feel free to reach out to Foreclosurepedia today for an Initial Consultation. After all, what do you have to loose other than your continued payments to Eric Miller?!

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