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Carol Boyd: Even Her Family Gets The Shaft


Carol Boyd's IRS Lien Just Filed From 2006
Carol Boyd’s IRS Lien Just Filed From 2006

Wow! Eric Miller; that is Eric Miller the Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services WHOM IS PAID WELL

OVER ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR — NEARLY SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBERSHIP DUES, you really, REALLY dropped the ball on Carol Boyd, owner of Boyd Property Preservation and a National Association of Mortgage Field Services Member. How are you going to sit this one out on the sidelines? Getting pretty close to accomplice with all the evidence mounting. ICarol Boyd mean now we have Safeguard Properties facing multi count Indictments from the Illinois Attorney General’s Office along with Federal Racketeering. You have Heather Berghorst of Berghorst Enterprises possibly so far in hock that her eyeballs are bulging out of her skull and the kids may be eating at the Salvation Army next semester. You have SEAS LLC pending another HUGE ROUND of Claims against Altisource by Contractors — we are still reviewing the information on Altisource as it appears to be of MASSIVE PROPORTIONS — properties by Contractors.

It would appear, as far as I can tell, that Carol is an equal opportunity fraudster. First, we wanted to show that Foreclosurepedia has been successful in getting Carol Boyd on Page One of Google. The link is for a Firefox Google Search of Carol Boyd Dalton, GA. You can see that Foreclosurepedia is Page One SECOND LISTING when you Firefox Google Search Carol Boyd Tunnel Hill, GA. Curious about a Firefox Google Search for Carol Boyd Federal Contracts? Yeah, Page One and ALL TOP THREE LISTINGS! How about a Firefox Google Search for Boyd Property Preservation Federal Contracts? All of Google Page One and half of Page Two! Forever! For an eternity. Gotta ask yourself Carol, is it worth it? Is greed good? I ask as this type of stuff is what the jury is going to look at; this is what the US Attorney General’s Office is going to find when they do a basic search!

We haven’t even begun to churn out Google SEO. There will not be a single place for Carol Boyd to EVER, EVER hide from the horrific atrocities committed against single women, disabled veterans and firemen. She will rank right up there with the Members, one and all, of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services.

This is just the beginning. We are getting ready to crank out the Articles on her and good ‘ol Jerry Leonard and their lackey Eric Miller whom is the Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services. As many know, Eric Miller is paid well over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR; ALMOST SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MORTGAGE FIELD SERVICES MEMBERS DUES, for protecting these predators. No PC type word to use other than PREDATOR as anyone whom would defraud single mothers, disabled veterans and firemen are the lowest of the gutter dwellers.

As of last Thursday, your last response to me was I would be wired the money your company owes me (for the BOUNCED check you sent me on Sept 14th) today. Today is now fading away, and long after closing hours, and it does not surprise me that the anonmoney never made it. You have told me I’m mean for emailing you about a bounced check you sent me even though you knew the account had no money. Since I did not hear from you, am I to assume an employee failed to do their job, or are you now going to take responsibility for not wiring the money as you promised? Remember, last week it was YOU who told me it would be Monday because you would wire the payment. What Monday are you planning on taking care of this payment? It is now almost 60 days beyond when I should have received it in the 1st place. We did this job in July, was scheduled to be paid Sept 1st. And it’s been the biggest nightmare dealing with a company such as yours. Please make good on your promises. I await your response.

Now, Carol “The Huxter” Boyd seemed to think this Contractor was out of line even though she ADMITS to passing bad paper;insufficient funds checks,

I don’t think you understand what all I have been through, I think my focus has been intentionally redirected.

We are reaching out to Wells Fargo to try and understand how it is that a person holding a Business Checking Account is able to send out fraudulent checks, using the US Postal Service across state lines, and still have an account. Carol Boyd, always in denial, lays the BLAME of her passing insufficient funds instruments upon the Contractor; this gutter dweller had the audacity to even admit that Carol Boyd comes first,

I am not trying to be flip about it, but I have had to get things straightened out, so I don’t lose any more money.
Gee Carol, what about the Contractors — AND THAT IS PLURAL — loosing money after you sent them bad checks, across state lines?! I mean who pays for that? Hey, I understand that the kiddies needed new toys to play with and that the Tax Liens are becoming burdensome — yeah, I guess that no one wanted to mention that did they — but, what about the Contractor’s lives you have destroyed including family members you burned?!

Dear Mr. Williams,
Hello! Gretchen has not been feeling well, so I am trying to help out as much as possible with all the leg work for everything Boyd. The attached, is a letter to which I would like to send to Congress, Senate, whomever is needed in order to stricten the laws and improve regulations to hold the companies accountable for doing what is right. I would like to get your input, and see if there is anything I need to add.

Between us and the fencepost, we received a call a few days ago, from Carol Boyd’s [redacted]. We found out that she had recently moneypurchased two new, fully loaded [redacted] for their 16th birthday. We wanted to see if you had a way to confirm this on paper, and to see if there is ANY way to find out if she used the company funds to make these purchases? Evidently, the [redacted] are now in a bind too, as Carol had conned the [redacted] into putting what is close to a $100,000.00 boat in his name. Carol promised to make payments, only is now not paying. We found this out from another family source on Carol Boyd. The [redacted] had asked to be added to our list, as [Carol Boyd] bounced numerous checks to him, and he has now lost his home. [redacted].

Do you know of anyone who can help to subpoena her bank records and tax records so she will need to prove where the money the companies paid her has went? So many people, such a trail of deceit by this woman. Please, if you will, [redacted] I would like for the [redacted] to speak with you directly.
Hello! While doing more research on Carol Boyd, we uncovered a slew of information you might would be interested. If you look up Whitfield County Superior Courthouse and look up the deed/ lien search, and type in Carol Boyd, you will see where she has an IRS tax lien for over $20,000.00. The address is 136 Osage Dr., where Carol lives. Also, if you will call us, we have even more information we KNOW you will want to hear.

We have begun a detailed investigation of Carol Boyd from all Deep Web Sources available. We will publish this information over the weekend. It will reveal all aspects of her Internet presence (credit, banking, associations, civil and criminal records, etc.) to better assist folks out there prepare their litigation against Carol Boyd.

I am also recommending that every Contractor impacted by this apparent Criminal Enterprise, this Federal Racketeering, reach out to the Internal Revenue Service. All of you should relate to the IRS Ogden Division the fact that Eric Miller, Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, is refusing to reply and/or assist in this matter. As the National Association of Mortgage Field Services is an IRS 501(c)(6) it would be my opinion that the National Association of Mortgage Field Services is aiding in the furtherance of criminal activity. I am at a loss to identify any other legitimate non profit association wherein such a high proportion of Membership is guilty of such a MASSIVE distribution of insufficient funds instruments across state lines while at the same time submitting Demands For Payment to the US Government and Financial Institutions for payment for Services Rendered wherein they claim to have paid Contractors.

I want the few honest and small business Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services Members to let all of this soak in for a moment. I want each and every one of you to contemplate whether or not you have the funds to withstand the full force and effect of an Internal Revenue Service Audit. Make absolutely no mistake whatsoever when I am done, that is my goal. While Eric Miller, your fearless leader, is bobbing around at the Helm like a drunken sailor off of Somalia and collecting over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR and nearly SEVENTY PERCENT of all of your hard earned money from your Membership Dues, I want to be CRYSTAL CLEAR what my intentions are. In my opinion, if you are a Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services and you protect those whom commit crimes against humanity, the IRS has a damn good reason to take a REAL LONG, HARD LOOK AT YOUR RECORDS. Hell, we gotta fund Obamacare and what better way to do it then collect from you?!

On the last part, Julian Smith of VRM Mortgage Services ( should be contacted by any parties as he holds the conduit to all Veterans Administration Contracts. With respect, as well, to the major Financial Institutions and folks such as FannieMae and FreddieMac, it would be prudent to determine whether or not VRM Mortgage Services and Boyd Property Preservation are wise partners at this juncture of Dodd – Frank. Julian Smith is well aware of where this is all rapidly heading. When you farm out work upon US Government Contracts and submit billing which was never paid for it enters into the area of the False Claims Act (31 U.S.C. §§ 3729 – 3733).

Some recent Craigslist postings,

Posted: 2013-10-20, 1:07PM CDT


We have launched an investigation into Boyd Property Preservation. We are a Veteran Owned Company who subcontracted and performed VA work for Boyd Property Preservation here in Florida. Their office, once in Dalton Ga., is now located in Tunnel Hill, Ga. They packed their office up one night and moved, with no forwarding address. However, in small towns, news travels fast. What started out something small, has now grown leaps and bounds. Carol Boyd, Jerry Leonard are both liars and thieves who are scamming innocent people by giving them work and only promising pay. You have to fight tooth and nail with them to get your money and half of us have only been paid with bounced checks!BOYD OWES US $1700 and we paid all expenses to travel–cost us over $1000- and no payment in sight~ WE SPENT OUR HARD EARNED VA/US NAVY RETIREMENT MONEY TO GET RIPPED OFF BY CAROL BOYD AND HER BAND OF MERRY LIARS!!
Many have lost their homes, and worrying on how to feed their families. If you have been in this situation with Boyd, please call us at xxxxxxxxx or send us a reply. Ask to speak with xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Location: They Dont Pay USA!!
  • Compensation: Peace of Mind and Hopefully an ugly jail suit for Carol Boyd and Jerry Leonard i
  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster.
  • Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

Posting ID: 4140801134

Posted: 2013-10-20, 1:07PM CDT

Enter the Chamber of Commerce. Below is a recent letter to them from a defrauded Contractor by Carol Boyd, a Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services,

Thank you so much for calling me yesterday. It’s nice to know that the Dalton Chamber of Commerce members care about small business owners like us. The following is a brief description of what exactly our ‘experience’ has been with Boyd Property Preservation.

We are a small husband and wife team who run a property preservation company and we provide quality work to a few companies for the West Tennessee area. We did a huge initial trash out/clean/ and lawn care job in July for a VA foreclosed house for Boyd Property Preservation. Our initial compensation was to be $560.00 for the job. This was to trash out the house and detached garage, replace any broken outlet covers or switch covers, mow, weed eat, edge the drive and trim any trees touching the house and do a ‘sales clean’ which is ceiling to floor  through cleaning. By the way, this was a $300,000 4000 sq ft 2 story 5 bedroom 3 bath house. Typically with most companies, you do an ‘initial trash out’ at $17.50 to $21.50 per cubic yard (cyd is 3ftx3ft or the size of a washing machine of debris), a lawn routine for a yard that size is $65-$75 for an initial cut, and tree trimming, and shrubs cuts are bidded out when more than 3 trees touch a house and usually we make around $150 for that type of work. And when you encounter ‘issues’ like we did, you place bids and wait to get the ‘bid approval back before doing additional work. This was the first job we received from Boyd Property Preservation and we went over and beyond a routine trash out and even removed a in-ground 1500 gallon Koi Pond complete with decorative rock, waterfall and wired with electricity for the pond pump (took over 8 hours to drain, recover fish, remove liner and haul in over 7 cyds of dirt all on our own dime -for this type of work we would have placed a bid of $1100 to remove all). We also called from site about the detached shop that was unfinished shop with no outlet covers and switch covers (we had to buy 25 outlet and switch covers  at Lowe’s and we had to buy 6 air fresheners each time we went out to the property). I was told that the pond, and the outlet covers were to be done with no extra charges or we would not get paid for this job. We also hauled out 30-40cyds of debris (3 12’ trailer fulls) from the house, garage, shop and attic. We sucked it up, did the work, quality work I might add, and took over 2000 date and time stamped photos. If this was for Laudan Properties, our main company, this job would have paid between $1750-$2500 easily. And we easily spent 10-12 hours each of the 4 days we were there, and we had four people on the job (me, my husband, and 2 additional workers-or 175-192 man hours). We were to be paid in Sept 1st.

September 1st landed around Labor Day, so it didn’t bother me that we didn’t receive our first check right away. But on the 6th I called asking about our check. Immediately we got the run around. We were never told the same answer twice. I finally spoke to Carol personally and she said she didn’t know what happened, that she had signed the checks and the accountant was to mail them, but if I didn’t get the check by that Wednesday (Sept 11th), she said she would have her son overnight a new check to me. During all of this I was dealing with one of my dearest friends’ death of ovarian cancer at the age of 53. I was keeping her grandson (who is 4) while her 25 year old daughter arranged her funeral with her father. So, no check on Wednesday, and she said he would overnight me a check on Thursday. I will probably regret what I did for the rest of my life, but on Friday, thinking the Fed Ex man would be delivering a check to our home office, and not wanting to miss it and have to wait for Monday, I rushed home from the funeral home instead of going to the cemetery to be there with Natalie as she told her mother good bye. By that afternoon, I had called and emailed Carol asking several times for a confirmation, a tracking number, anything saying I was to receive the money that day. Nothing. You have no idea how shocked, furious, and completely in awe of such callous behavior I was all that night. All weekend to be honest with you. So, with no kind of response from Carol, again I waited. The overnighted check came in Tuesday afternoon (she didn’t send it until Monday). And imagine my shock to see a check, handwritten, with the date of Aug 30th mind you and unsigned. UNSIGNED. I was dumbfounded and immediately called. Long story short, I never spoke to Carol because she avoided every call and email, but I did speak to Jerry Lenard who took 3 days to tell me to write CBoyd on the check and deposit it.
We deposited the check on that Friday. On Monday my bank called and sent the check back to us. It had bounced. We incurred almost $300 in overdraft fees as a result of this mess. Jerry Lenard, again, sympatric instructed me to call Holly Kinsley (I think that was her last name) at Wells Fargo and was told it was a ‘Wells Fargo issue’ and they messed up and it was definitely NOT a Boyd problem, yet when I spoke to Holly I was told there was no money in Boyd’s account numerous times for over a week and it wasn’t a Wells Fargo problem and she didn’t know why we were told that. After a week, Jerry then told me to redeposit the check and said he was sorry for the mistake and said not to hold it against the company and said Carol Boyd was a control freak and wouldn’t allow employees to do their jobs and she had to have her hand in every aspect of the job and a lot of things were falling through the cracks because of it and he promised it would get better. My bank held the check for a week so I wouldn’t incur any more overdrafts, and then the check bounced yet again. I again called and called and left messages and even spoke to Jerry, Sheila and Jerry’s assistant Beverly. Jerry promised me numerous times that we were on the ‘top of his list’ and not only would we be paid for the bounced check, but he asked for the amount of overdraft fees from the bank (I forwarded the bank letter to Carol Boyd, Jerry Lenard, and Sheila in accounting) and was also promised the amount owed to us for the other lawn care and inside cleaning we performed on that same property during the month of August and September. That was over 4 weeks ago. I have called hundreds of times and no one answers. I’ve read where she has blamed accountants and employees for not turning in invoices, but I spoke to Carol personally on this matter. Shelia sent me all my invoices for work completed, I sent in over 2000 pictures on our initial trash out/clean and was even asked to not send in as many photos.
Up to yesterday, we did not get an answer, an email, or any type of response in 4 weeks until I sent her an email with the subject line: ERIC MILLED WITH NAMFS SAYS YOUR COMPANY NUMBER IS OPERATIONAL BUT YOU WILL NOT ANSWER MY CALLS OR EMAILS CONCERNING THE BOUNCED CHECK YOU WROTE TO ME (I had cc-ed Eric Miller too). Imagine my surprise when she finally emailed me back, stating she’s had to fire employees and she’s not hiding, rather moved from 6000 sq ft to 22000 sq ft. And she would see that I eventually got paid. I sent back a response that   said I needed our funds by Friday or I would contact anyone I could think of who could help. She responded that it would be Monday (I’m not holding my breath) and she was not going to respond to any more of my emails because I was being ‘mean’. I will forward all of my responses, before and during this whole fiasco once I’m done with this letter.
Boyd Property owes Goff Property Management $560 for the bounced check, $288 for OD fees and $80 for the 3 additional trips we made to do additional mows and sales cleans and don’t get me started on what a rip off that is to do a 3hour mow, edge, trim, shrubs and rake job for $20 AND have 500 time and date stamped photos to provide evidence of work (meaning 2 people must do the job and $10 for a 2hr sales clean with 500 pictures too- same work is $75-$55 for mow, $15 for shrubs and trees and $75 for a sales clean with Laudan). And the property is an hour away and you have one day to get to it……
I know Carol Boyd has a contract with the VA for her to issue jobs, so she must have been paid for the services we provided. All we want is to be compensated without that payment bouncing out of our account. We are a small husband and wife team and this has caused a huge hardship on our business and unneeded stress. I think I would have rather her not pay versus the crap we have had to trudge through. I know you can’t ‘make’ Carol Boyd pay her vendor who rightfully deserved to be paid, but if we can get the word out there so alert other hard working outfits like ours from getting jibed out of their hard earned money. She claims to be an honest Christian, an upstanding member of NAMFS (heard she was a ‘bonze’ sponsor at the annual convention the week we were to originally be paid), a member of the Dalton Chamber of Commerce, member of the Women’s League, MBA, and the list goes on. Do they know what type of work this so called business owner is up to.
Again, Summer, thank you for calling me, and giving all this information to your board members. I really do appreciate someone trying to help, or at least caring about the small business owners like ourselves. We just want to this to be done and over with and not have to deal with it anymore. You know? If you need to call me or if you need anything additional, please do you hesitate in calling me. I hope you have a great start to you work week and I hope to get some sort of resolution soon.

So, I have to hit the rack and get an hour or two of shut eye before I ratchet the rhetoric machine up to deafening levels. If anyone wants to talk, I am not as scary as Eric Miller pretends I am. I have reached out to Miller half a dozen times — AS HAVE ALL OF THE CONTRACTORS WHOM HAVE BEEN FINANCIALLY RAPED BY THIS PREDATOR — to no avail. Miller does not give a damn about you folks. He will hang all of you out to dry! Break the Chain of Abuse; Break the Cycle. Help these Predators get the therapy that they need. Help Carol Boyd be the Christian she so desires to be and not a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.




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