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NAMFS: Looking More Like Obama Hope And Change Every Day

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime is under siege. For years now, the stalwart NAMFS Regime has presided over a Membership whom have been responsible for one of the largest orchestrated Ponzi Schemes in modern history. In all fairness, not all NAMFS Regime Members have committed fraud; however, each and every NAMFS Regime Member has turned a blind eye to such. Today, 29MAY14 at 1642CDT, the piper finally came calling for highest ranking NAMFS Regime Member yet, the NAMFS Regime Secretary and Board of Directors Member, Heather Berghorst. Berghorst, owner of Berghorst Enterprises, Heritage Home Solutions and Berghorst SG sent out a personal email stating,

Dear Vendors

We have been informed that Altisource will no longer be utilizing our services.  They have not provided a reason even after repeated requests.  We are in shock, as well as, I’m sure you are.

As Altisource was our only client, this leaves us with no business going forward; therefore, we regretfully have made the decision to close both Heritage Home Solutions LLC and Berghorst Enterprises, LLC, effective immediately.

Please discontinue any work being performed on Altisource properties and turn in what you have completed by midnight tonight.

Thank you,

Heather Berghorst

Good for Altisource. Albeit, Altisource is a NAMFS Regime Member, I believe the clear and concise message which is being telegraphed is that the days of allowing National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills to simply hire Contractors to work to pay other Contractors; the very epitome of that which a Ponzi Scheme is based upon, are coming to an end. It really should come as no surprise, though. First, I want to make clear that I do not think that Bill Erbey, Chairman of Ocwen whom is Altisource’s Parent, woke up one day and said, “Let’s send out some work to Altisource and then allow them to hire a bunch of Order Mills whom will, in turn, work and never pay Contractors.” I do not think that C Level Altisource personnel consciously participated within a scheme knowingly. What I do believe is that mid and low level staffers whom were tasked with regulatory compliance and oversight, at best, were guilty of deliberate indifference with respect to the latest casualty in what is coming to be known as #OpNAMFS.

The similarities between the current US Veterans Affairs scandal which has resulted in the needless deaths of honorable veterans are striking. Altisource was able to move from one column into the other, without proper oversight or scrutiny, decimal points which purported to represent that the properties they were tasked with maintaining were free of liability. We all are coming to learn now that this was the furthest thing from the truth. In fact, Altisource’s belief was that their responsibility ended with cutting a single check. The reality is that Altisource, at minimum, exercised gross incompetence in not thoroughly vetting those Order Mills it so casually cast millions of work orders upon. In case after case after case it is becoming apparent that Altisource, at all levels, refused to implement the very same regimented standards which it allegedly required, upon itself.

Here is the Game Score so far: #OpNAMFS 5, NAMFS Regime -5. Pretty simple math. When we first began cranking up the heat with Carol Boyd, Eric Miller the NAMFS Regime Executive Director whom rakes in over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR CONSUMING NEARLY SEVENTY PERCENT — MAYBE OVER NOW THAT WE HAVE TAKEN DOWN YET ANOTHER ONE — OF ALL MEMBER DUES, told Foreclosurepedia to basically go fuck ourselves. Always rising to the occasion, we stepped to the plate with #OpNAMFS.

Time and again, Carol Boyd owner of Boyd Property Preservation whom was receiving work from Vendor Resource Management (VRM) on the US Veterans Affairs (VA) Contract was robbing people blind. VRM is yet another NAMFS Regime Member. VRMs response? Brandon Kirkham, VRMs Senior Vice President threatened to sue Foreclosurepedia in an attempt to silence us. Matter of fact, with NAMFS Regime Member and BRONZE LEVEL FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTOR Boyd, what we have are permanently disfigured laborers; Contractors and their families with children made homeless; outright fraudulent instruments transmitted across state lines using the US Mail and Contractor/homeowners loosing homes. Hell, it was a Bacchian Orgy what with Boyd pocketing the money and then spending it, in part, upon her Bronze Level Status in the NAMFS Regime while defrauding both employees and Contractors alike! Did the NAMFS Regime investigate? Um, Boyd was a Financial Sponsor, so what do you think?!

When Boyd realized that Foreclosurepedia was willing to meet her firepower from a strategic position, Boyd began to threaten and intimidate an elderly woman’s daughter in an attempt to silence the poor and defenseless elderly lady. I mean, on the one hand Eric Miller tried to sue Foreclosurepedia for telling Contractors to call in their debts, but yet silently approved of Boyd’s physical intimidation of a potential witness in a criminal investigation! I say silently approved for why else not publicly condemn such actions?!

Round Two of #OpNAMFS was already underway before Carol Boyd had even folded up the card tables she had set out for her employees to use for their PERSONAL COMPUTERS WHICH PROCESSED THOUSANDS OF VA WORK ORDERS ON BEHALF OF VRM. Oh, yes. I don’t think that item was ever mentioned to the VA when VRM underwent auditing. Flying straight into the Eye of the Storm, Foreclosurepedia took on the largest NAMFS Regime Offender yet, Heather Berghorst. As you read at the beginning of this Article, Berghorst was, at the time of our initial revelations, a Board Member of the NAMFS Regime. In case, after case, after case Foreclosurepedia began to document and then disseminate the fraud and abuse which Berghorst thrust upon her Contractors. As early as Septermber, 2013, Foreclosurepedia began to expose the inner mechanisms of how Heather Berghorst was hiring new Contractors to pay the debt of the old. In the case of Berghorst, though, it was Altisource whom is also a NAMFS Regime Member whom was supplying the king’s share of work.

Regarding payments from our clients, not many businesses would or should discuss their client payment terms, accounting and internal business with a vendor outside of the vendor relationship terms.  I’ll answer you because you’ve asked, but I’ll also point out like you did below that I’ve had this discussion with you in the past, and will tell you the same thing I told you before.

All of our clients, including Altisource pay us quickly on some invoices and not quickly on others.   The process of aging and collections in our industry is time consuming and a lot of resources go into disputes and collection for invoices that fall outside of 30,45,60 days.  Our business can’t afford in general to pay vendors before we get paid, so a 60 day payment term with our vendors  sets us up so that we know the majority of invoices will be paid to us by the client before we pay them out to our vendors.  As an overall strategy, we’ve tried to set up payment terms with our vendors that we feel we can honor consistently, and right now that is 60 days.

Our industry is definitely tough right now, in a downswing. It’s not only you, we and everyone else that I know of, big and small, are trying to set up and operate so our businesses will survive and be healthy.  Two of our closest colleagues in the industry with businesses like ours in FL and Missouri closed up shop in Dec, both having been in the business over 10 years.  I’ve had people tell me to give it up and find an industry that is easier.  We’ve chosen to keep going for now, since we’ve been in the industry for this long and have seen the ups and downs before, but in all honesty, we are watching and evaluating the long-term viability of our business as it looks today on a month by month basis at this point also.

Heather Berghorst

Berghorst Enterprises, LLC

593 Heritage Ct.  Holland, MI 49423

As early as 30 September, 2013, Foreclosurepedia predicted that Berghorst Enterprises was approaching financial insolvency. Always comforting to know that NAMFS Regime Members, left and right, are closing up shop. Neither here nor there. Berghorst’s time line for pay is what is known as a float which is extremely taboo as it creates the problems that Berghorst ultimately found herself in. The email above was forwarded to me by a Contractor whom then was owed well over $22000.00 and by now it is most assuredly far higher. Some Contractors were placed on SEVEN YEAR PAYMENT PLANS we understand — looks like they should have come to me FAR EARLIER instead of being hard headed. With that said, Berghorst’s solution for this situation, after we approached Altisource with the evidence we had, was to threaten to sue Foreclosurepedia under Federal Racketeering Charges. I spoke with Heather’s Freshman Lawyer’s Guild Member and told him to suck my dick — those were my exact words. I welcomed the opportunity to engage in a Process of Discovery and that was not palatable, I presume, as he never wrote back.

As Berghorst began to spiral into free fall; as Heather fell deeper into the depths of financial insolvency, Altisource pulled most of their work from her. Most is the operative word as in the real world, any financially competent firm would have pulled the plug immediately for fear from liability and liens upon their Client’s assets. You see, it is upon this very point that I hinge my argument that Altisource, at some level, turned a blind eye to what any US Government Regulator would have castrated them for in the real world — oh, that’s right, no regulatory oversight in the Mortgage Field Services Industry.

Altisource could have stepped in and cut off the tap. They didn’t. In fact, Altisource allowed Heather Berghorst to submit yet another company, a company which did not legally even exist, to them for yet another stab at Contractors known as Heritage Home Solutions LLC. Altisource was aware of this for over a month before finally cutting off the tap today. I just got off the phone with an anonymous source in Ohio whom is owed tens of thousands of dollars over the past several months alone. Had Altisource cut off the dope; the work orders flowing to an obviously financially insolvent firm, that Contractor and many others would not be in the dire straits they now are. As in all cases, though, they were smart enough to click My Friend With The Bat on the right hand side and anonymously stream their situation to a Competent, Credentialed and Licensed Commercial Debt Collector. The point, though, is that the Prime Vendors and Portfolio Holders are, time and again, streaming hundreds of thousands of work orders to National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills whom they know — had they performed due diligence — are not capable of paying Contractors.

The common theme throughout the past several years I have documented and recorded has been NAMFS Regime Members defrauding Contractors. NAMFS Regime Members have committed horrific atrocities upon innocent civilians harkening back to the deplorable financial crimes which the Nazi Regime perpetrated against the World. These are calculated actions in my opinion and are Crimes Against Humanity. Not to be left out of mention, though, are Safeguard Properties (SGP) and Mortgage Contracting Solutions (MCS), both NAMFS Regime Members, as Berghorst is currently being sued for refusing to pay Contractors upon their Portfolios as well.

The story does not end there, though. Altisource was still recalcitrant to perform due diligence upon all of their Order Mills. Enter NAMFS Regime Legacy Member Buczek Enterprises. The first indication that something was truly wrong with Buczek Enterprises should have been the involvement of the family in a 14 hour occupation of their home by a plethora of law enforcement officials including the Department of Treasury and others. I mean is it ever a good idea for the financial industry to hire people whom traffic in Liberty Coins as legal tender and profess to believe the US Government is illegal?! Altisource had no problem. The added 7 year period for back billing was yet another issue, as well. I know of NO GUARANTEE ON EARTH that lasts 7 years, let alone a grass cut.

During the same time Altisource was allegedly investigating Heather Berghorst and as early as August, 2013, Foreclosurepedia had begun to reveal troubling information about Buczek Enterprises. Adam and Amanda Buczek-Lewis were currently running the Company and seem to have picked up where dear brother Shane Buczek left off after his return from the Federal Correctional System. In a chapter straight out of an HBO Series, Shane Buczek got picked up for bank fraud while out on bond for passport fraud! I mean this shit you just cannot make up.

Rumors of National Field Network (NFN) had surfaced, whether accurate or not, about sticking it to Buczek Enterprises whom, in turn shafted Contractors on pay. First, in October, 2013, Contractors took a back seat to the Pay Day as there were computer glitches — didn’t slow down the work orders, but just couldn’t seem to get those pesky terminals to print out checks. Reminds me of when dear Amanda went down at the game to pay for the sodas with fake money — Liberty Coins. Start ’em early boys! So, anyway, by January, 2014, Buczek Enterprises was in a downward spiral — Amanda had jumped ship from NFN to Reverse Mortage Solutions and left dear brother Adam and his trophy wife Amanda Lynn Burke Buczek holding the bag. Altisource, once again, didn’t want to contemplate yet another Super Regional; spanning from the Atlantic to the Pacific, being involved in trouble. Foreclosurepedia, early on, reached out to Altisource in November, 2013, advising them of the predicament they were in.

Good evening, my name is Erica Lewis with Avenue E Enterprises, LLC in Atlanta, Georgia.  I am a vendor who has been stiffed by Buczek Enterprises and I have been following your articles for a few months now.  I am just now trying to reach out to anyone who has experienced what I am going through since it has become apparent that Adam Buczek is not going to pay me what he owes me which is over $20,000.00.  I have had correspondence with Buczek as late as early May promising to start paying on the balance owed to me starting with the oldest invoices first.  This is why I have not reached out prior to now because I was very hopeful that they would do the right thing and at least try to pay up.  I am emailing you now in hopes of being able to reach out to other vendors who have been stiffed as well so that maybe by coming together to do what is necessary, we can at least keep them from doing business ever again if we are not able to recover any of our monies.  To my knowledge, there has been no bankruptcy filing to date but I am sure it is forthcoming and I want them to be held accountable as I am sure I am not the only vendor dealing with this.  I mean surely to goodness by doing this across state lines and stealing God knows how much money from various vendors, this behavior would be frowned upon within the industry.  Please email me or I can be reached at [Redacted] to discuss further.

This case, in particular, was most interesting. Brian Drain, Chief Information Officer for Buczek Enterprises, was attempting as late as March, 2014, to continue to keep Lewis working. Lewis, an African American female, had no idea what was coming down the pike. I spoke with her today and we both concur that the depths of depravity upon which Buczek Enterprises went to as recent as several weeks ago when Adam Buczek’s lawyers continued to promise her lawyers she would be paid, were mere lies. In fact, Drain and the entire Buczek Clan, after one of their own threatened to murder myself and my family for that which I wrote, knew precisely how financially insolvent they were. Altisource, as well, knew early on the finances and simply drug their heels. Even today, after promising to make whole several Contractors, they seem to have balked on that as well. This is why the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Atlanta, are being contacted in the morning to conduct a thorough investigation of what appears to be clear and calculated racism on behalf of the Buczek Clan. The NAACP will be debriefing Ms. Lewis as many of you wake up and begin to read this.

Hey Paul –

Deep down the rabbit hole you are… I’m telling you this in confidence and really do not want to be quoted if you could please do that for me. I don’t however want to lie to you and want to make sure you have an idea of what is going on. I’ve wanted to reach out to you and give you a heads up but literally the decision that was made today was finalized on Saturday evening. We’re moving fast to try to keep the doors open. No one wants to see this fail.

Buczek Enterprises finally realized that their client base and coverage areas were not sustainable and we were actively losing money on some product lines. In addition to that, our accounts receivable balances are being paid to us, but slower than they should be. We’re at a point where continuing to take work in such a large coverage area is not feasible and not fair to our network because we’re not sure when we will be paid on the work we’re being asked to do. We had 3 email communications that went out to our clients that were affected (not all of them were). Some of them got a termination notice effective immediately. Others got a “we’re putting you on hold until you pay us” and a third set got “We must modify the coverage area we service for you effective immediately.” Based on the A/R that continues to trickle in, we are paying our network however for some in the network this has resulted in payment delays. These delays would get worse if we continued down the path we were on (which is why the decision today was made). The original computer/accounting glitch that caused the initial issues with a backlog were resolved a couple months ago but then they were compounded with very slow A/R. Over the last couple months, the amount of charge backs to us from clients (that were not always passed through to the vendor), denied disputes from clients, continued downward downward pressure on pricing and unfair discounts from our clients (in addition to bids getting rejected or cut to the point where now the vendor would be losing money) made it impossible to continue operating the way we were. Bottom line, changes are being made to ensure the company can remain solvent and I literally haven’t had a day off in over 2 weeks to try to assist them with this goal. There is light at the end of the tunnel, it’s just very challenging right now. […] If you have any questions definitely let me know. For what it’s worth, I’m really sorry we even have to have this conversation.

xxxxxxx  |  xxxxxxxxxx

Buczek Enterprises  |  ACA Asset Management Group |

By February, 2013, everyone inside Buczek Enterprises knew the writing was on the wall. Foreclosurepedia had begun Phase Three of #OpNAMFS — Phase One was Boyd Property Preservation & Phase Two was Berghorst Enterprises — and to the very end, Buczek Enterprises were attempting to keep Contractors onboard to continue to pile money into their coffers.

—— Original message——

From: Ron Sankus

Date: Fri, 3/7/2014 6:36 PMTo:xxxxx


Re: xxxxx

We have a run scheduled for Monday, and you will be on it. We weren’t able to get you on today’s list, but you will be on Mondays list for sure.
Ron Sankus | Vendor Relations Specialist
Buczek Enterprises | ACA Asset Management Group
Office: 682-503-8550 Direct Line: 682-503-8565 Fax: 682-224-8611

And then the bottom fell out. You may go through Forelcosurepedia and review Article after Article of my dire predictions and the fact that #TheOracle was correct ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF THE TIME. There is not a statistic or financial entry that Foreclosurepedia is not aware of. With respect to NFN, we know the precise percentile of QC Issues on HECM Reverse Mortgages; with SGP we know the strategy with respect to the Illinois Attorney General’s litigation; with MCS we are already aware of the planned Deep Sixing of the vehicles and paperwork over at Asset Management Specialists (AMS). Make no mistake, this is not the end; this is simply the Prologue. Altisource has 24 Regional Order Mills whom will face the same fate as the first three in #OpNAMFS. As a by line, I can report that our ongoing tracking of Brandon Lambert and Jason Mathis, has ended in their most recent firm, GM (insert half a dozen names we have tracked and all National and Regional Order Mills continue using)  loosing its Chief Executive Officer Will Arnold,

Mr. Williams,

To update you, I, William Arnold, departed from GM  in entirety as of May 14 2014. You were right about a lot of things that I found out the hard way.   Aside from ensuring everyone gets paid whose owed, I have no ties to the company, and certainly none to Brandon Lambert or Jason Mathis. You can verify this with the Ga sec of state. I now understand the extent of their lies and fraud and I regret ever running accross them.  You and I likely have a lot more in common now than we did weeks ago. Im glad youre doing sonething about it by exposing them, and I intend to also.    That said, I respectfully ask that you remove the article involving me from your blogg and that you no longer consider or treat me like your enemy. In fact, thanks.

#OpNAMFS has proven that these NAMFS Regime Members are not invincible. #OpNAMFS will forever historically associate these offenders, in Google, with the horrific acts they have committed. #OpDarkBox, though, has opened an entirely far more catastrophic Pandora’s Box of possibilities. When we begin to publicly unleash it; when the ISTAR Fusion Project is completely populated, there will not be a home which sells and still has Contractor debt owed upon it. This, coupled with the entry of the Commercial Debt Collectors, will ultimately make the Zombie Apocalypse look like a joke. When the NAMFS Regime Offenders begin to have negative credit entries make to their Equifax Credit Reports, the offenders will be lucky if they are employed at porn joints in the hood. They won’t be able to get a stem and brillo on credit from the dope man.

Speaking of illegal narcotics, how goes that Florida Snow Connection these days Eric Miller — you know your NAMFS Regime Committee Appointee? Gotta wonder if Eric Miller is still going to allow the questionable TWELVE THOUSAND PLUS DOLLARS to be laid at the feet of the NAMFS Regime like something out of Scarface?! Umn, hell yeah! And how about our Reichsminister of Propaganda Terry Platt and his Sponsors Joe Hummel — the UNLICENSED NAMFS REGIME MEMBER in North Carolina running Keystone Property Services LLC — and Michael Evangelo whom early on was bashing Five Brothers and asking whether it was legal for them to demand background checks over at National Mortgage Field Services (NMFS)?
Yeah, stay tuned as we really start cranking it out over the weekend with the Podcast Interviews! What day is it? It is Judgment Day!

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