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Thought You Knew Carol Boyd? You Don’t Know Jack

The Poster Child for corruption; the Poster Child for the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime is Carol Boyd, owner of Boyd Property Preservation (yeah, her website has been down for weeks and Contractors are still holding BOGUS Checks) and Bronze Level Contributor to the NAMFS Regime. I become physically ill when I think about the NAMFS Regime’s Board of Directors refusing to hold this criminal accountable. Specifically, when I know for a fact that Eric Miller, NAMFS Regime Executive Director, had personal knowledge of her actions and multiple letters begging him for assistance, I begin to wonder how this man sleeps at night. Then, I remember that Eric Miller, NAMFS Regime Executive Director receives WELL OVER ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR CONSUMING OVER SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBERSHIP DUES.

To date, the NAMFS Regime has REF– USED to address the unethical and illegal conduct Carol Boyd has committed. This, in and of itself, telegraphs to me that the NAMFS Regime; that Eric Miller, has no problem whatsoever with it. It is not just Boyd, though. There are literally HUNDREDS of examples of MULTIPLE NAMFS Members defrauding Contractors and Homeowners and the NAMFS Regime continues to refuse to address any of them.

With Boyd, we have permanently disfigured laborers; Contractors and their families with children made homeless; outright fraudulent instruments transmitted across state lines using the US Mail; multiple homeowners loosing homes — I mean do any of the NAMFS Regime Membership care? Eric Miller’s continual Regime Line is that the NAMFS Regime Board of Directors are the only ones allowed to address Ethical Issues. So, Miller has squarely laid blame at their feet. And before Miller runs off to the Freshman Lawyer’s Guild to loose yet another round of threats of frivolous litigation, I have MULTIPLE NAMFS Members whom corroborate Miller’s Position.

Apparently, Carol Boyd, NAMFS Regime Bronze Level Contributor, doesn’t just screw her family out of homes,


My name is Linda Ware & I am writing you because I saw [the Foreclosurepedia YouTube] video about Carol Boyd. Well, she caused my husband & I to loose our home in November 2010. She was suppose to have gotten our loan remodified & she said we were going to have to file for Bankruptcy & we had to do it in Tenn.She was suppose to show up for Bankruptcy Court with us 2 times & she didn’t. She said she had it all worked out & our home was through HUD. After we lost our home she promised us 3 different properties to buy.She had us go & look at them & told us what she could do to them for us. We never got either of the homes,we actually ended up having to rent a trailer from her in Chatsworth & we moved all of our stuff in & couldn’t get the utilities hooked up because the breaker had been taken from the utility company & then we didn’t have water because it was well water & it ran off of the neighbors & she got the trailer from them because they were late 2 days on their payment. It was going to cost $2,500.00 to get water ran from the trailer to the road. We then had to move into one of her & her husband, Earl Boyd’s apartments. We lived there almost 3 years with no dumpster because she wouldn’t pay the bill & then my husband got laid off work & she let him mow yards on homes that had been fourclosed on & she only paid him $10.00 a yard. But she never told us that was all she was going to pay. He worked from sun up till sun down mowing yards to pay our rent. The reason I wanted to get in touch with you is to let you know that I will testify for anyone against her. That was our very first home together & my husband paid down on it with the money he go from his mom’s house.She is the most sorriest person I have ever met. I met her at WalMart on Sugart Rd in Dalton, Ga she was set up outside giving out cards for Tripod her & Earl’s business to help people who were in foreclosure. She will rob a person blind, take their last dollar or not pay them what she owes them. Here is my Email [Redacted By Editor] I want to see her pay for doing people wrong!!!!

Thank you very much.

So, Carol Boyd’s sympathizers attempted to take down our Podcasts over on the Foreclosurepedia YouTube Channel and failed.

Dear foreclosurepedia,

This is to notify you that we have received a privacy complaint from an individual regarding your content:

Video URLs:
The information reported as violating privacy is at Title, comments, within video————————————————————-We would like to give you an opportunity to review the content in question and remove any personal information that may be used to uniquely identify or contact the complainant.You have 48 hours to take action on the complaint. If you remove the alleged violation from the site within the 48 hours, the complaint filed will then be closed. If the potential privacy violation remains on the site after 48 hours, the complaint will be reviewed by the YouTube Team and may be removed pursuant to our Privacy Guidelines. For content to be considered for removal, an individual must be uniquely identifiable by image, voice, full name, Social Security number, bank account number or contact information (e.g., home address, email address). Examples that would not violate our privacy guidelines include gamer tags, avatar names, and address information in which the individual is not named. We also take public interest, newsworthiness, and consent into account when determining if content should be removed for a privacy violation.
They failed! Boyd’s family members attempted to force me to take them down and they failed. Carol Boyd herself threatened and intimidated the daughter of an elderly woman at her PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT in an attempt to have a Chilling Effect Upon The First Amendment and she miserably failed. To date, the only people supportive of Carol Boyd has been the NAMFS Regime Board of Directors!
If you are a Homeowner and have been injured by ANYONE in the Mortgage Field Services Industry, the Foreclosurepedia Nation wants to talk to you TODAY! Help us HELP YOU!
This is a Request to all NAMFS Regime Rank and File to formally submit a Request for an Ethics Hearing to commence forthwith against Carol Boyd. It is also a Call to NAMFS Regime Rank and File to refuse to Sponsor ANY NAMFS Regime Events and withhold all Membership Dues until such time as Eric Miller and the NAMFS Regime Publicly Address the Carol Boyd Matter.
Can You Hear Me Now?!

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