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The Snowball Express: How NAMFS Regime Members Plead Their Case On Social Media

I always get a good laugh when I see the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime stretching their proverbial arms around Social Media. It is much like watching Don Sterling attempt to strategically backtrack while wearing a Klansman hat. The reality is that the Reichsminister of Propaganda, Terry Platt, has had a miserable failure in pushing — I like that term as it dovetails with our Drug Theme tonight — his porn store comic books that he and Vickie Platt are hawking over on Amazon for $3.99. Truth be known, I don’t hate the guy even though he launched the first salvo and then never stepped up to the plate, but rather hung his Columnists out to dry. What Reichsminister of Propaganda Terry Platt (shit I need to TM/SM that word, huh?!) is guilty of is Treason. You see, what Platt purported in the same was as tonight’s protagonist, that he represented the Contractors. Now, Platt is up selling the very same NAMFS Regime whose Membership have been shown to have defrauded Contractors. Not that I would expect otherwise, but Reichsminister of Propaganda Terry Platt has also been receiving thousands upon thousands of dollars from NAMFS Regime Members to print propaganda. Reichsminister of Propaganda Terry Platt is the Poster Child for an #EpicFail attempt to clean up a scurrilous NAMFS Regime Image.

The Bret Douglas Issue is tragic. I derive no pleasure in announcing to the world that Douglas is a recovering addict. I, myself, am a recovering alcoholic — been sober about 5 years now. Bob Beckel, co host of The Five at Five on Fox, is a lot like me in that we both are alcoholics and have a very narrow view of the world.  The reality, though, is that neither Beckel nor I are involved in the handling of hundreds of thousands of files containing the personal and private financial information of individuals. At the end of the day, the information Douglas possesses is both sensitive and its release could compromise others.

I never attended AA; I suppose it may work for some folks whom need the support. I just stopped drinking. One of the larger concerns I have with kicking it and passing the feather and talking is that nothing is anonymous anymore. Don Sterling is a precise case-in-point. Wading out just a little bit deeper here, treatment is something that is guaranteed to be anonymous as there are a plethora of laws that cover it. As I recall from reading on the AA / NA Culture, folks are encouraged to discuss that which is bothering them. The last thing we really need is someone at a meeting hearing about specifics of a former homeowner’s situation being broadcast all over the 6 o’clock news.

Douglas, a Committee Member of the NAMFS Regime — until I get an email from Eric Miller stating he has been removed from there and NAMFS — seems to be on a bit of social media roller coaster lately. Liking his own comments and such are at least a bit better than his former ones which had the staccato look of a person preoccupied. His pride has reminded us of all the money he makes — hey, I am a capitalist, but not afraid of money as I demonstrated with Buczek Enterprises whom was about thirty times larger. That’s great if you make the widget. The problem that presents is how does the NAMFS Regime prove that the money they receive is clean money?!

This discussion isn’t about whether or not people are able to recover; this discussion is about how the NAMFS Regime turns a blind eye to criminal activity time and time again. To casually state that a relapse of crack cocaine is similar to a parking ticket is both dangerous to the Industry and to Douglas. Had Douglas not come out swinging, I probably would not have made the crystal clear statements I am about to.

Speaking at a recent conference in Istanbul, “The Role of Drug Trafficking in Promoting and Financing Today’s Global Terrorism,” jointly organized by Turkey, the United States and Colombia, UNODC Senior Terrorism Prevention Officer Irka Kuleshnyk said that “While it is difficult to establish how widely terrorist groups are involved in the illicit drug trade, or the breadth and nature of cooperation between these two criminal groups, the magnitude of the numbers involved make the relationship worrisome.” […] How much of this money is used for perpetrating acts of terrorism? Estimates vary. But even a small percentage would be more than sufficient for some individuals or groups to plan, finance and carry out terrorist acts.

Regardless of whether or not Douglas is trafficking in narcotics and/or drug money, it is always the perception that matters in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Take me, for example. I simply report upon the documented crimes which are committed by the NAMFS Regime, a Membership which Douglas and his sidekick Joe Hummel are a part of, and I have no work for telling the truth. While Hummel and Douglas may muddle through life believing that skirting the law within the NAFMS Regime is acceptable behavior, financial institutions whom are regulated by the US Government do not find it humorous. These are the same financial institutions whom the US Government recently prosecuted for laundering drug money. Even the perception of such is enough to launch costly investigations. With Douglas, though, the relapse is not the sole issue. There had been an ongoing pattern and practice amongst employees of criminal activities, felony backgrounds and the relapses as Douglas likes to call them — safe bet there is no Drug Testing at IronClad. Altisource would be most prudent in close examination of this situation as they will inevitably be back in the headlines very soon because of it.

In Brownsville, Texas, Freddy Centeno, a south Texas real estate agent, was indicted in July for laundering narcotic-trafficking money through real estate sales for Mexico’s Armando Arambul drug trafficking organization. “There is a wave of willful blindness about the source of a good portion of the money coming into real estate investments in South Florida,” said Intriago, who founded and later sold the MoneyLaundering.com website. “There is no way in hell that all of that money is coming out of Mother Teresa’s convent.” “If I were a guy looking to hide dirty money, the first place I would go is real estate,” [Charles]Intriago said. Intriago would know as he is the former assistant U.S. attorney and the state’s special counsel on organized crime and a Florida native.

This is yet another scandal under the Leadership of Eric Miller as Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime. It has become both clear and apparent that neither Miller nor any current Member of the NAMFS Regime have any interest whatsoever in cleaning up the reputation of NAMFS nor implementing any type of Inspector General type of Report on how to eradicate the drugs, fraud and corruption.

If Douglas wants to leave NAMFS that’s great. If Douglas wants to attend Conferences in his first few months of recovery that’s great too — not wise, but that is between he and his Sponsor. If Douglas wants to come trolling around Social Media and lay out breadcrumbs about being at the beach with his family for the weekend, I love that, too. None of this changes the fact that Bret Douglas has and continues to have issues which he is getting a pass on because he is a high ranking Member of the NAMFS Regime.

The Mortgage Field Services Industry would do best to occupy their time with cleaning up the debacle they have created. I mean the Industry has become a complete #RobFord by line. With no more money left to extort from Contractors; with the rehab — no pun intended — game gone, NAMFS Regime Members are having difficulty making it in the real world. Don’t miss tonight’s Foreclosurepedia Podcast entitled NAMFS and Cocaine Cowboys! Thanks to everyone whom helped make Foreclosurepedia the Number Two Spot on Page One of Google Underneath the NAMFS Website Listing!

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