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Safeguard Properties On The Move

As predicted, Safeguard Properties (SGP) has begun the entry into the Portfolio and Asset Market. SGP, which has reported gross income of just north of $1.3 Billion, recently put together Safeguard Capital Group (SCG), which currently has around $100 Million for investment.

Safeguard Capital Group is a private investment firm that seeks to acquire growth-oriented service businesses across multiple sectors. We are affiliated with Safeguard Properties, a $1.3 billion revenue business process outsourcing company headquartered in Cleveland Ohio. Our firm capitalizes on the operational excellence, strategic relationships, commercial synergies, and national network expertise of Safeguard Properties and its subsidiaries, partners, and affiliates. With dedicated equity capital in excess of $100 million, Safeguard Capital Group combines the value added resources of a strategic partner with the customized approach to deal making of an equity sponsor.

It is looking like SCG is looking across far and wide for expansion access. On the one hand, the initial infusion capital is arguably made upon the backs of Contractors, the reality is that none of them ever really stood up to demand their pay. It also follows along the predictions Foreclosurepedia made a year and a half ago. Some of the areas SCG is looking to move into are,

Business process outsourcing
Real estate services, including inspection, maintenance, cleaning, repair, preservation or property management
Consumer or retail
Energy and environmental
Technology or Software as a Service (“SaaS”)
Logistics, supply chain, and distribution

It is a brave, new world. It would appear that Safeguard Properties, with Alan Jaffa at the helm, have begun to hedge their bets against the contracted and basically non profitable Mortgage Field Services Industry. The reality is that with the vast majority of the foreclosed housing inventory in shambles and antiquated, SGP has realized what Foreclosurepedia has preached since we came on the scene: Diversification in the name of the Game.

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