Berghorst Enterprises: Served In Small Claims Court On MCS Properties

*** BREAKING NEWS *** Heather Berghorst, owner of Berghorst Enterprises and Board of Directors Seat Holder on the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, has been Served with respect to litigation in the State of Wisconsin for failure to pay a Contractor for services rendered. The Docket Date is scheduled for the 18th of this Month. While Heather may not care; while the National Association of Mortgage Field Services now has one of the highest elected officials now embroiled in accusations of fraud and deceit, her Client Mortgage Contracting Services does. Safeguard Properties, on the other hand, chocks it up to the game. They did pay, though, here in East Tennessee — AGAIN — after we brought to light their hiring of the felons Jason “Bedtime Story” Mathis and Brandon “Limpy” Mathis.

The pending Small Claims Court litigation being carried out are upon Mortgage Contracting Services and Safeguard Properties Real Estate. This is the same Mortgage Contracting Services whom hired felons in East Tennessee which defrauded female contractors under the leadership of Carolyn Reeves.

The reality is that Heather Berghorst is unable to extricate herself from the enormity of debt she has collected and it would appear that her belief is that the Contractors should pony up. With Multi National Firms such as Altisource tacitly giving the nod of approval, we are confident that very, very soon we will be able to release identical situations pertaining to them. Time and again these shadowy multi national corporations, such as Altisource, reach out and use Regional Order Mills such as Berghorst Enterprises in an effort to insulate them from liability. Foreclosurepedia is not going to allow that to continue.

We are recommending to Contractors to begin to remove themselves from both Berghorst Enterprises and closely monitor their Altisource interactions. We are most concerned about Altisource as it has become apparent that their original audit was piecemeal and would communicate to both Contractors and the Property Preservation Industry as a whole that Altisource has absolutely ZERO concern about whether or not Contractors are ever paid.

Altisource has become an elephant in the room. What I mean by this is that when these large, multi national and foreign controlled corporations knowingly do business with Regional Order Mills whom are fiscally challenged, the tacitly participate in possible fraud. No kind way of putting it. This is my opinion; I am right, they are wrong. The debate cannot be won.

Altisource and now MCS have both had ample time to break the umbilical cord with the National Association of Mortgage Field Services. Altisource, in particular, has chosen to further the ongoing madness in Michigan which is now spilling out across state lines. Foreclosurepedia is ready and able to take on their enormous legal teams and we will win … like we win each and every time. Our Motions For Discovery are already prepared. We will file 100 to 1; the Fishing Expedition will look like the Whaling in the 1970s.


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