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Berghorst Enterprises: That Pesky Fiscal Responsibility Thingy

We have been so bogged down with getting folks paid on the Carol Boyd, Owner of Boyd Property Preservation and Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, that we hadn’t had any time to report on Heather Berghorst. As many know, Berghorst is the owner of Berghorst Enterprises and a Board Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services.

Here’s what we believe is happening based upon Sources speaking on condition of anonymity,

 1. Kelli Gierz was laid off.

2. Heather sent out an email yesterday after 5 that vendor pay was now only going to be paid twice a month, rather than weekly. No pay for any vendors this week.

3. Dee Hunter of Hunter and Associates prepared a suit for pay that goes back more than 120 days.

4. Another Contractor is contacting legal counsel — he is owed more than $20k.

Contractors are pissed about the pay – nice bombshell to drop on Monday after 5 when no one is there to answer any phones, oh by the way, you won’t get paid this week. But Heather said “we are doing this for you”.

Here is a Company with FOUR DIRECTORS and around 15 employees. Best I can tell, the Heather’s husband draws a salary for nothing — my opinion on that would be Dead Weight – Dead Beat. To add misery to legality, I still have been unable to find any WARN Act listings for any layoffs, to date. Both the Michigan Department of Labor and myself found that extremely interesting and we had reported upon the first round of layoffs and kept the Michigan Department of Labor in the loop this time.

Altisource, a large Client of Berghorst Enterprises, would do well to very closely examine their Portfolio. I have no real love for Altisource; Altisource simply being an extension of Ocwen, it is simply business. While large foreign nationals are gladly flooding the coffers of Regional Order Mills with work for Contractors to perform at bottom dweller prices, why not simply engage Contractors and pay dollar-for-dollar and not risk Liens?!

The only conclusion I am able to come to is that many of these foreign nationals such as Altisource tacitly approve of the defraudment of Contractors. We all remember the Brandon Pribble fiasco when SEAS LLC, sponsor of the Presidential Gala for the National Association of Mortgage Field Services decided to screw Pribble out of his pay. Even when Altisource issued SEAS LLC and Robert Kapeluch a Demand to pay “…ASAP…” Kapeluch still attempted to lay out his own Demands upon Pribble.

Here is what I know: The Property Preservation Industry; the Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, is done for all intents and purposes. The End Times are upon us. Reach out today for a Consultation if you are having difficulties getting paid by ANYONE!

More on this fast moving story tonight!

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