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Berghorst Enterprises: Financially Insolvent?

Berghorst Enterprises is owned and operated by Heather Berghorst. Berghorst Enterprises in not just a Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS), she is an Acting Board Member. Heather has a problem: Debt. It is a HUGE PROBLEM! If y0u are a Contractor of Berghorst Enterprises you, along with most Contractors know this. Why? Well, a Contractor recently informed Berghorst Enterprises they were through and Berghorst Enterrpises sicked the dogs on them. What dogs? The Charge Back dogs. When that happened the ball of yarn Heather fought so hard to keep wound oh so tight began to unravel. The end result? Liens being readied.

Berghorst Enterprises has been attempting to trim down the Top Heavy racket they have amassed. With layoffs and the further extension of payments to both Creditors and Contractors, Heather seems to be on a downward trajectory. Sad, really, when you look at the two sons whom will possibly have to contend with the mess in their formative years.

This is a multi part series on Berghorst and her collapsing niche. Threats of Contractor Liens upon Berghorst Properties is simply the the final nail in the coffin. Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS), one of the larger Clients of Berghorst Enterprises is going to go through the roof — not because of a couple threats of liens, but when the totality of Contractors make a run on Berghorst Enterprises for the shell game they have been playing.

On the 24th of December, 2009, Heather went into hock with the Small Business Administration (SBA) for TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS — that is money that Contractors ponied up so that she could begin to screw them as an Order Mill — with a 504 Certified Development Loan. The US Government states the reason for some of Berghorst’s multiple SBA Loans was, “TO AID SMALL BUSINESSES WHICH ARE UNABLE TO OBTAIN FINANCING IN THE PRIVATE CREDIT MARKETPLACE.”

Wow. So, Heather and Doug had a problem. Doug has other, non financial problems, we are hearing as well. More on that later, though, as we don’t want to break up a family … yet.

The financials of Berghorst Enterprises are slim; the payment dates for Contractors are upside down enough to border upon Financial Insolvency in my opinion. We challenge Heather to state otherwise. With most of her Clients paid up-to-date and her stringing of Contractors out up to 90 days, this would be a definite signal to get the Fuck Out of Dodge if it were me. Why? Well, let’s look at this for a moment,

To pay up Contractors, Heather and Doug are already 60 – 90 days or so behind the 8 Ball in many cases. So, that means that no matter what they will always be upside down by the multiplier of Orders over Zero Accounts Receivable. In normal Financial Communities, Berghorst Enterprises’ Certified Public Accountant could go to prison. Ah, I know, Heather is a Board Member of the NAMFS.

If you are a Contractor at Berghorst ask yourself this: How many times have you either not had your call answered or been given the run around? Here is the rub: What we are talking about, in my opinion, is a Ponzi Scheme. This doesn’t just apply to Berghorst Enterprises either. This applies to all of the Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services whom wait weeks after receiving payments from their Clients to pay Contractors.

The National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills are utilizing the Labor of Contractors to enrich themselves and in many cases never pay the Contractors. Without this Initial Deposit of Labor the scheme would collapse.

We additionally, have just spoken with a former Bank of America employee whom worked with Safeguard Properties during the Transition and left recently. Their assessment is virtually identical with the addition of the calculated Back Charging (identical to Heather Berghorst’s scheme) to offset even more profit in favor of Order Mills. That Article will be out later in October.

So, if I was a Berghorst Enterprises Creditor, I would IMMEDIATELY CALL IN ALL OUTSTANDING DEBT! If I were a Contractor, I would issue a Notice of Intent to Lien for any Work Order outstanding more than 30 days and prepare with other Contractors for Class Action Litigation against Heather and Doug … if Doug is still in the Family when the House of Cards begins to collapse.

We are lining up Interviews for the Foreclosurepedia Podcast on Berghorst Enterprises and should hopefully have them up later in October.

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