ForeRunner: The Steady Progression Of Anonymous

Anonymous: Coming To A Server Near You Soon?

I would like to personally applaud QHR Hacker of his recent exploit of ForeRunner, a Five Brothers subsidiary. What I think is my own business; can’t sue me for that. Hey Joe! Did that get reported to the Financial Institutions? No, I didn’t think so. Why bother with legalities; hell, Tom will ice it just like he did with those Contractors whom got the screws put to them when you promised to pay them! It is damn good to see that those without borders see the struggle of the common men and women in the Property Preservation Industry.

anon hackWhile many may argue that this jihad, for want of better words, is beyond the Pale I submit that there is absolutely no difference in this than from Heather Berghorst, of Berghorst Enterprises screwing Contractors. Heather and Doug have a great hustle: Collect the money from the Financial Institutions and string the Contractors out until they are bankrupt. If a Contractor threatens to stop working for free? Back Bill them.

Myself personally, I would NEVER HAVE an unsecure website which requests Confidential Information to be transmitted by and through an Apache 2.2.3 Server; RedHat is just so risky — that’s what I am hearing over on the IRC#s anyway.

One of our other thorns in our side is A2Z Field Services. As many of our Readers remember and for our New Audience as well A2Z Field Services was Awarded Police Powers by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Bordering upon the Patriot Act — yeah, the same lowdown shit that is following Edward Snowdon and Julian Assange — A2Z Field Services feels that they have the LEGAL RIGHT to kick in the doors of the men and women cutting grass and spirit away in the dark of the night WITHOUT WARRANT items like computers, printers, documents, etc. Yeah, A2Z Field Services is a company that I REALLY REALLY worry about as I have a 3 year old son!

Picture a Private Company whom is enriched by Financial Institutions being able to kick in your doors and them rummage through the dresser drawers containing your children’s underwear and do unspeakable acts with those items! Yup, there is another Firm that needs to have a long, hard look taken at them.

A2ZFS has experienced a tremendous amount of Server difficulties. I reached out to them years ago after they were using the Aurigma Platform (my friend in Russia did not find it humorous as he coded it up and received ZERO ROYALTIES from licensing) them. I mean Microsoft-IIS on an ASP.NET is soooo 1990 ish!

You know, if the American Public had the ability to see, word-for-word, the internal communications between Firms like those above and their Masters, I believe it would shed some light on the Dark Side of this Industry. Hell, it would be a Public Service; it would be a Cleansing I think.

I digress. What the Industry really needs to begin to ask itself is when does all of this end. Now, I do not think all of the Order Mill Owners are going to go voluntarily turn themselves in to the FBI. Their position would be it is business, not personal.

Perhaps intermediary dialogue is the wisest course of action; was not detente successful in the long run? What we have here is a Failure to Communicate. No one has the stomach for a long and protracted war of rhetoric. No one wants to grow old and have their grandchildren ask why Grandma or Grandpa is all over the Internet associated with felons and drugs and the such.

Why didn’t you pay those Contractors Papa? Yeah, see the Internet has no OFF Button.

Later this week we are going to Release a List of Order Mills which we believe pose the largest issues for Contractors. As always, we will back up our List with viable information. As always, we welcome the Owner’s participation — see, Discovery whether via Court Order or By Jury Of Internet Peers will happen — and will publish any rebuttal. To date, not a single Company has contradicted anything. Through their acquiescence, they agree.

So, we are putting Berghorst Enterprises, Five Brothers, A2Z Field Services, SEAS and five others besides Safeguard Properties on Notice that we are going to begin to Release everything. We are additionally calling upon ALL of those whom read Foreclosurepedia to assist us in bringing those to justice whom are both Members and Non Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) and committing crimes against Contractors.

Damn, did I forget to mention that yet ANOTHER CHRISTIAN FEMALE CONTRACTOR CAME FORWARD with respect to the Targeting by Safeguard Properties (SGP) Felon Thugs over at GM Property Services?! Looking bad here. Orthodox Jews hiring Wanted Felons whom Target Christian Females.

I’ll leave you with some of Safeguard Properties emails on the matter. Tomorrow, we will publish the addresses in full so that the Financial Institutions know precisely what is at stake. Incidentally, Joe is a worthless sack of [enter whatever your heart desires]. Never sent the guy a check. Just pumped him for information. These are the spineless cowards Contractors deal with daily.

On Sep 19, 2013 11:26 AM, “Joe Iafigliola” <> wrote:

We finished working through the first two pages. Do you have page 3?

Then we can settle this issue and get you your check.

Joe Iafigliola

VP Vendor Management
Safeguard Properties
800-852-8306 Ext. 2099

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