The Model Charter: How HUD May Be Catching On

Safeguard Properties now performing post conveyance services upon HUD Contracts

When the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) determines that there is a problem in Rome it takes a tremendously long time in shifting into gear. There is an inordinate amount of hand wringing and and inter agency discussions which transpire within a Cabinet Level Agency whenever a crisis is looming. More on point, though, when a turf war begins to loom, inevitably the Agency being screwed is going to come out on top. What I am referencing to here is how the US Department of Justice (DoJ) allowed Assistant US Attorney Valorie Smith to get away with NOT questioning the Director of the Management and Marketing (M&M). Even more troubling is the salient fact that all the while the Keystone Cops investigation was underway, backroom deals appear to be more prevalent than Carter’s liver pills.

Ramagos MansionTruth be known, corruption amongst HUD Prime Vendors is nothing new. A simple search on Foreclosurepedia will reveal the High Flying of multiple HUD Awardees. As you can see to the right, Dave and Carolyn Ramagos added a THREE MILLION DOLLAR mansion upon being awarded the HUD Contract. This was added to their vast real estate portfolio in Colorado Springs, Colorado, which includes a split level home with a mountain view and a condominium on Strawberry Fields I choose to call the Playpen.

The obscene and grotesque display of opulence, in a time when Eric Miller, Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, is preaching the Doctrine of Austerity, he is rubbing salt in the wounds of Labor whom continue to be defrauded by his minions. In fact, Miller receives a ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLAR ANNUAL SALARY WHICH CONSUMES OVER SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL NAMFS MEMBER DUES.

If Julián Castro learned one thing from his Master Clinton, it was to crease the corners of the lips with Carmex. Why? Well, it allows for a painless grimace when informed that Safeguard Properties is being welcomed in, with open arms, by Atlanta. Allowing SGP to take over HUD Post Conveyance is like saying the Slick Willy Show Redux will not require dry cleaning. Hoping that his #CuahogaDems shindig was kosher as I am sure Klein and/or his mafia were attending.

Some things may be changing, though, if we are to take high level HUD Officials at their word. Officials are clear in that they are acknowledging the fact that there is a potential for fraud with respect to pass-through — cost reimbursement — services and going as far as to identify the False Claims Act. To lend credence to the fact that HUD is closely monitoring and taking steps, overall, to better adjust the Field Service Management (FSM) as a delivery vehicle, the following was announced to Foreclosurepedia last week by HUD,

[HUD is] considering making some changes to the evaluation methodology going forward, at least in part due to the poor performance we’ve seen that has most likely been caused by the price undercutting.  Established contractors bidding prime contracts should be using their subcontractor network to build up a price and add their profit/fee on top of a reasonable amount paid to the subs.  However, it goes without saying that contractors have bid pricing historically and tried to shop subs at a price point that was very difficult to meet after the fact.

Ramagos For SonThere are those whom downplay the aforementioned. Many whom are within Labor point to the below Facebook Posts like the one on the left attributed to Carolyn Ramagos as a testament to the rampant corruption. Ad that is it at the end of the day. How far should HUD be required to look when it comes to the potential for fraud, waste and abuse? Depending upon whom you ask, the answer is as varied as the people asked. In fact, over three years ago, we published on the fact that Melissa Shankin, Five Brothers Vendor Manager / Operations Manager had access to the HUD P260 with both narcotics convictions and tax liens. And as we are deepening our investigations, we are finding that this is the norm as opposed to the exception.

And therein lies the rub as the bard would say. With the HUD MM FSM 3.10 already in a Sources Sought stage, the question which presents is whether or not there is going to be any type of meaningful change. In fact, the same richP260 people continue to get rich and the poor? There are very few left, from when I first started and actually cutting grass in the field.  And where does Labor turn to? No one as far as I can tell. Now, that doesn’t mean, necessarily, that HUD is not listening. What it means is that they do not have the manpower to care. Part of the reason for this is that people like Dave and Carolyn Ramagos receive the unholy and obscene amounts of cash to do nothing more glamorous than run Mickey Snow’s pedophile Labor Pool. And that is the salient fact. There never has been, to date, a HUD Prime Vendor whom was actually out in the trenches doing the work. No matter how laudable the intentions of HUD, with respect to raising up small businesses, it never has happened and it never will happen as far as I can tell.

Who Is John Galt?

And as if things could not get worse for the Little HUD Contract That Couldn’t, we now know Safeguard Properties is being used to perform HUD post conveyance inspections. We know the Prime Vendor’s name and are merely waiting to see whether or not the limited scope will be expanded and whether or not it has become an Industry wide endeavor. If, in fact, the term limited scope proves to be bullshit, Foreclosurepedia will permanently take off the gloves. The very use of Safeguard Properties is blasphemy. HUD exists BECAUSE of Safeguard Properties stranglehold over Innotion Enterprises. I am deeply concerned as the common thread between all Order Mills having problems is their close and personal relationship with Mickey Dale Snow, the child rapist whom savagely molested two handicapped minor females in Eden, North Carolina. In fact, so concerned were those within the circle that Foreclosurepedia would begin to release information on Snow’s turning of state’s evidence that they propped up Chase Nappier. We will have a full accounting of this little needle dick and the Reidsville Star later this week.

In closing, Foreclosurepedia will release the Safeguard Properties connections over the weekend. If HUD considers the paper which the FSM is written upon worth anything then they will appropriately sanction those firms — yes, I said firms — and move forward with 3.10 in earnest. There will be no topics off limits including going back to revisit why sanctions should have barred many from being in the Industry after M&M 2.0 and the sexual liaisons — the suck for a buck program.

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