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This entry is part 6 of 70 in the series All The Usual Suspects
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Puerto Rico: How CWIS Ensures Neither Democracy Nor Solvency

This entry is part 6 of 70 in the series All The Usual Suspects

When Dave and Carolyn Ramagos bought their Three Million Dollar mansion, to add to their vast Colorado Springs real estate portfolio, neither one of them thought very much about the debt crisis in Puerto Rico. They knew, or should have known, that Puerto Rico could never file bankruptcy. The either – or scenario is based upon the salient fact that as Awardees of the obscenely lucrative US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Management and Marketing, Field Service Management (MM FSM), knowledge of Puerto Rico should have factored in to their volume estimates. The untold story is that with Mickey Snow at the helm; with the unholy alliance between Carolyn Ramagos and accused pedophile Mickey Snow, the woes of Puerto Ricans was the furthest thing from the Ramagos’ collective minds.

As Puerto Ricans begin the largest exodus since World War II, many are questioning whether the wink and a nod provision in the 1984 legislation protecting hedge fund investors in Puerto Rico is not dissimilar to how HUD has protected the Award Management process within the HUD MM FSM from 3.0 on. A simple search of Google for HUD OIG FSM will open one’s eyes to the levels of corruption and how neutered the HUD Office of the Inspector General is.

In 1978, Puerto Rico could have likely authorized its municipalities to seek relief under Chapter 9. When the Bankruptcy Code was amended in 1984, Puerto Rico was left out. The word ‘states’ was introduced into the wording of Chapter 9 with a formulation that excluded Puerto Rico. — John A.E. Pottow, a law professor at the University of Michigan

The business as usual concept within HUD Contracting has been due, in part, to HUDs inability to find qualified small businesses. Ironically, it appears that while not a single HUD MM FSM Contractor has performed tangible field services upon HUD Assets. I say ironic as all current and most former HUD MM FSM Contractors are simply classified as National Order Mills; they simply are Takers by a Galtian definition. Now, why is this important? Belay that. As the Dramabook crowd is so fond of dissecting my prose, I will belabor the definition for those whom are Takers and yet still believe that the processing of Work Orders is somehow intrinsically necessary for the Mortgage Field Services Industry,

Galtism comes from the statement, Who Is John Galt, the protagonist in Atlas Shrugged. Fundamentally, society truly has givers and takers. The Givers are those whom produce wealth. The Takers are those whom absorb wealth without producing anything. You may easily identify the Givers in the Industry as those whom actually perform the services upon the foreclosed homes. HUD Prime Vendors, Order Mills and Entitlement recipients are the Takers. In the book the bell shaped curve is reached where the Takers have voted themselves so much of the productive output of the Givers that the Givers, led by the mysterious figure John Galt begin to cease their production; they cease providing their leadership and effectively go on strike. The result is a rapid disintegration of society’s infrastructure and economy as the Takers no longer have the ability to seize further. The Takers begin implementing rules and regulations, based upon back room deals and lies, and more Givers join John Galt, leaving less and less for the Takers to take.

Does any of this sound familiar? The Jewish Mafia in Valley View, OH, have dedicated entire cadres, known as the SQAT Team, to defraud Members of Labor whom provided the required services and simply did not have a Law Degree. CWIS and their firing of L&B Management, a native Puerto Rican firm whom handled both Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, is nearly identical to how Galt perceived the landscape in Atlas Shrugged. Backroom deals are being cut to increase profit and disenfranchise Labor, by and through US Taxpayer monies, has never been worse than what we see today. The centralization of enormous swaths of HUD Territories concentrated under the umbrella of incestuous offspring strawmen is a testament to why HUD needs to directly earmark the HUD MM FSM 3.10 Contracts for Very Small Businesses.

The federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act requires employers to give their workers 60 days notice before a plant closing or mass layoff. Its purpose is to provide workers with time to seek alternative employment or retraining.

Dave and Carolyn Ramagos appear to be no different than both Five Brothers in Warren, Michigan, nor Safeguard Properties in Valley View, Ohio. Both firms have received obscene levels of payments from financial institutions and are the beneficiaries of US Taxpayer monies. Both firms have laid off employees totaling in the thousands and both firms have refused to do ANYTHING to assist their former employees with respect to WARN. In fact, many report being threatened if they even publicly discuss their being laid off and are fearful to even apply for benefits.

They cannot have it all…It is morally unacceptable that billionaire hedge fund managers have been calling for even more austerity in Puerto Rico. The people of Puerto Rico should not be forced to suffer even more. — Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on the PBS News Hour.

Full steam ahead, though, is what Dave and Carolyn Ramagos say. Fuck Puerto Rico and fuck Puerto Ricans working on HUD Homes is precisely what is being conveyed by the firing of Billy Maysonette, whom resides in Carolina, Puerto Rico. Maysonette laid out the fraud and corruption which CWIS orchestrated in both Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. And now that corruption lies at the feet of HUD Conglomerate PK Management whom employs Abriley, a firm whisked into place, on behalf of CWIS, when Maysonette’s L&B Management refused to participate in the schemes which CWIS demanded.

More and more we are witnessing the collapse of HUD Prime Vendors whom were intricately involved with Mickey Snow, the accused pedophile whom savagely raped two minor, handicapped females in North Carolina. By using his foreign national lover – wife, Somporn Tongsua, and her proxy business of Tongsua Management LLC, Snow reeled in a multitude of National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Offender Members looking for scab Labor.

In the first time ever, Foreclosurepedia is releasing the hour long interview conducted with Mickey Snow’s Realtor whom purchased OVER FOUR MILLION DOLLARS worth of Florida Real Estate for Snow, all in cash purchases. He describes, in great detail, how there was NO WAY IN HELL anyone could have mistaken the fact that Tongsua Management was a proxy front for Snow Enterprises.

Did I forget to mention the purchasing of the Armored Car Cash Transfer Depot?!

CWIS had a most intimate and distinct relationship with Mickey Snow by and through Carolyn Ramagos. As former CWIS Subcontractors have stated, Snow threw extravagant Christmas Parties, in Florida, for NAMFS Offender Members whom were in Mickey Snow’s Private Playpen.

In closing, we take the gloves off exposing the network of how fraud has been moving to and fro on the post conveyance side of the Industry. And how about that Michael Breese playing grab ass down at the IMN Conference? Yeah, nothing new as both NAMFS Offender Members and hedge funds alike welcomed him in like the prodigal son.

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