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Running Adobe Flash? Chances Are Your Data Is Hacked!

This entry is part 5 of 23 in the series Industry Technology

Forever and a day now, Foreclosurepedia has been reporting upon the extreme dangers associated with both proprietary software and the Mortgage Field Services Industry dependency upon them. As many know, Foreclosurepedia has been communicating with and reporting upon Ghost Security’s (GhostSec) #OpISIS. GhostSec is a conglomeration of multiple members of Anonymous whom have, for the time being, gathered under the roof of GhostSec to fight the Islamic State in cyberspace. During the course of this we have had occasion to drill down, rather deeply, upon technological nightmares creeping into the Industry.

Almost a week ago, Foreclosurepedia notified Eric Miller and multiple members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Committees that there was a 400 Gigabyte+ dump of pertaining to what is commonly known as the Hacker Team. We advised Miller to warn NAMFS Members of the seriousness of virus injections and the guaranteed compromise of most, if not all, NAMFS Member data should they not take proactive steps. We additionally informed Miller, personally, that many of the well over ONE MILLION emails which were dumped contained information specific to the Mortgage Sector as well as the Mortgage Field Services Industry.

To date, Eric Miller has refused to inform any NAMFS Members of the perils nor publicly address the issue. Foreclosurepedia attempted to be politically correct in allowing Miller to appropriately engage the Mortgage Field Services sector and advise them to pro actively address the multitude of security issues; however, identical to when the NAMFS website was infected and reinfected multiple times, Miller has refused to do such. In fact, it appears that Miller will do anything and everything in his power to ensure that the Mortgage Field Services Industry is now, more than ever, vulnerable to attack from both within and without.

FACEBOOK CHIEF SECURITY OFFICER Alex Stamos has used his personal Twitter account to suggest that the industry should pick a day and give up the use of Adobe Flash once and for all. The suggestion does not come from nowhere. Adobe’s Flash has a chequered past and is often held up as something of an annoyance or problem for internet users. It is, of course, well entrenched in the hearts and minds of websites and website development. Stamos’ suggestion follows the news that the controversial Hacking Team company exploited the software for their gain. It is possible that he has been sitting on this idea for some time. He said that the time has come to retire the software, suggesting that a date be set and that everyone backs it.


For the third time in a week, researchers have discovered a zero-day vulnerability in Adobe’s Flash Player browser plugin. Like the previous two discoveries, this one came to light only after hackers dumped online huge troves of documents stolen from Hacking Team — an Italian security firm that sells software exploits to governments around the world.

Adobe Flash Blanket Warning On Firefox
Adobe Flash Blanket Warning On Firefox

Flash is the very least of issue for concern; however, we are addressing it today as Miller’s inaction — or perhaps actions if you believe as I do that Miller desires a catastrophic breach throughout the Industry. In fact, with an easily implemented version of Megasploit running in a Kali Linux session, hacking virtually any NAMFS Member’s system is easily accomplished. This is not the typical stupidity demonstrated by Joel McCall in how his company simply published all of his information or how GTJ Consulting simply published all the information pertaining to the Loan Numbers and information specific to Green River. As most NAMFS Member firms use YouTube and Facebook; as most NAMFS

Megasploit using Kali Linux Example
Megasploit using Kali Linux Example

System Stats
System Stats

For reasons self evident, I am not going to post the how to nor link to any instructions pertaining to how this process works. Make no mistake, though, that any kid in a basement with a box of Twinkies and a six pack of Code Red Mountain Dew is capable of breaching your system unless and until you are taking the proper measures to secure your system.

Foreclosurepedia recently introduced an HTML5 Complaint Enterprise Vendor Management Platform which does away with the need not only of dependency upon these types of security nightmares, it also does away with the need OF ANY PHONE APPS NECESSARY LIKE PRUVAN to send, receive or deliver Work Orders. Eric Miller and those associated with him have done everything in their power to ensure that the Mortgage Field Services Industry neither is aware of the technology — as is self evident from Miller’s refusal to warn the Industry of the aforementioned.

If you or your firm would like a Consultation of the problems which may currently present within your environment, feel free to reach out to us today. Foreclosurepedia compiles all of its reports and intelligence assessments in our ISTAR Clear Base. The reality is you may choose to remain the disciple of Eric Miller whom only benefits when you pay money to enrich his family by and through his salary or you may join and become one of the more than 50+ NAMFS Members whom realized that protecting their data was a wise start upon the road to success. As Foreclosurepedia has never revealed any of its business connections, the reality is that you have nothing to loose other than a boat load of money should your systems become compromised!

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