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The Rubushkin Plan: How The Industry Took And Adopted The Jewish Model

If you are not an American, do us all a favor and do not read this. If you believe that I owe you money because I am white, head over to the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) website and get a good dose of the Miller Regime agenda, because you’re not going to find a blank check here. If you believe that Jews are some chosen kind of people and that the Cloud People hold hands and sing Kumbaya, subscribe to the Benny Hinn Channel Newsletter. If, though, you are an American and have no problems with reading opinionated commentary on precisely how fucked up our Nation has become, feel free to read on!

Foreclosurepedia reported upon the nearly twenty percent of Safeguard Properties (SGP) employees whom were recently laid off. As opposed to most multi million dollar firms, SGP chose not to discuss the matter nor issue a WARN Notice in an effort to assist those people in obtaining other employment. It is not surprising, though, when one closely examines the nefarious construction of highly complex financial schemes which seem to emanate from within Orthodox Judaic corporations. One needs to go no further than Bernie Madoff to get a good feel for precisely how pervasive the problem is. Madoff was awarded the title of committing the largest financial fraud in US history; however, there are many others getting close to taking the title.

The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of the fraud committed by National Association of MILLER FOR NEG PR lead 1Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Offender Members like Heather Berghorst, the now disgraced and former NAMFS Secretary, is not all that dissimilar. And the tactics used in an attempt to protect Berghorst are not that novel either. Eric Miller, the Executive Director of NAMFS whom is paid OVER ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR CONSUMING OVER SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL NAMFS MEMBER DUES has long instituted a personal campaign to silence Foreclosurepedia dating back to his initial attempts to silence Foreclosurepedia with a lawyer. Brett R Schlender, of BUCKMAN MACDONALD BAUER & BROWN, also threatened and intimidated Foreclosurepedia attempting to force us not to disclose the horrific investigation results we brought forward.

The case of Agri Processors (AGRI), in Pottsville, Iowa, is a text book case of how fraud rolls in the Mortgage FieldSRubushkin Services Industry. Not surprisingly, AGRI’s former CEO, Sholom M Rubushkin, is yet another stellar example of the Jewish Chabad Mafia; it exemplifies precisely the dangers which receive absolutely zero Drive By Media attention due to fear of the Jewish Defense League (JDL) and their stormtroopers. More on that in a minute.  Avrom Lyon, the former director of the Jewish Labor Committee (JLC) had plenty to say about how Sholom Rubushkin allowed greed to legitimize wholesale criminality at AGRI. The total and complete disregard for even the most basic of human rights in this former Orthodox Judaic slaughterhouse located in Pottsville, Iowa, is a classic case-in-point of the double standard which Orthodox Jews in America like to run down on non Jewish people.

Before I get into the AGRI case and its eery similarities in the Mortgage Field Services Industry, I want to demonstrate precisely the insanity of Orthodox Judaism. On 21 April 2015, three Orthodox Jewish Rabbis were convicted for conspiring to kidnap Jewish men in an effort to force them to give their wives religious divorces commonly referred to as a get. The following is from the Federal Bureau of Investigation‘s (FBI) website,

On Dec. 1, 2009, in Lakewood, an Orthodox Jewish man, Israel Markowitz, was assaulted, placed in a van, tied up, beaten and shocked with a stun-gun until he agreed to give his wife a get.

On Oct. 16, 2010, in Lakewood, another Orthodox Jewish man, Ysrael Bryskman, was assaulted, tied up and beaten until he agreed to give his wife a get.

On Aug. 22, 2011, in Brooklyn, New York, another Orthodox Jewish man, Usher Chaimowitz, and his roommate, Menachem Teitlebaum, were assaulted, tied up, and beaten until Chaimowitz agreed to give his wife a get.

 The FBI Press Release goes on to document the fact that this is a cottage industry amongst the Orthodox Jews that they profiled. Look, this is beyond insane. It is, as well, a testament to the fact that while honest, hard working Christian Americans are obeying the law and living within a structured civil society, those within the religious fringes — correct me if I am wrong, but Amir Jaffa, Robert Klein, Michael Halpern and a good chunk of SGP C Level personnel are Orthodox Jews — are allowed to run rampant and anyone whom voices objections to their monolithic belief systems are condemned for being racist.

See, that’s the new, polite term for anti White. Make no mistake whatsoever about it. If you challenge the Jews pertaining to anything like convicting Rabbis for kidnapping; if you do not want a muezzin from the mosque five times a day blaring out from a minaret a call to prayer for Islam; the Gods forbid you might believe that you bought a home in the suburbs to get away from the insanity which dwells in the heart of a sanctuary city, you are racist and our Dictator at 1600 Penn Ave will ensure you are send to ADX Florence! I recommend you read the link on ADX Florence to truly emphasize my point.

Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, on or about May 12, 2008, raided AGRIPROCESSORS Postville facility because of alleged employment of numerous undocumented workers. This led to the filing of criminal charges against Sholom M Rubushkin, RUBASHKIN’s son and Chief Executive Officer of AGRIPROCESSORS, as well as other officials connected with the plant.

Then, the Iowa Attorney General, on or about September 9, 2008, charged AGRIPROCESSORS, Sholom M Rubushkin and other plant officials with 9,311 violations of child labor law and more than 1,500 violations relating to wages and hours worked. Subsequently, on or about October 29, 2008, the State of Iowa civilly fined AGRIPROCESSORS nearly $10,000,000.00 for labor law violations.

Sholom, in November 2008, was arrested on federal bank fraud charges related to the diversion of millions of dollars to increase the apparent value of AGRIPROCESSORS’s accounts receivable. He was subsequently convicted, in November 2009, in U.S. District Court on 86 counts, including bank fraud, making false statements to a bank, wire fraud, mail fraud and money laundering.

Sholom M Rubushkin was convicted and sentenced to 27 years in federal prison for financial fraud. And the response by the Chabad Mafia? Nearly identical to how Eric Miller addresses that which I have brought forward against Offender Member after Offender Member after Offender Member of NAMFS under the Miller Regime. Go figure.

I tie the AGRI case into this article to emphasize that those within a specific religious sect — in this case the Chabad Mafia — best epitomize the lengths to which they will go to make a dollar. True irony as with the Jews, Kosher is a serious thing — fuck up the kosher diet and you fuck off your chance to commune with G-d so to speak. I mean these pious fucktards all running around with the mini sombreros on their heads seem to have no problem condemning their people to permanent death; death by diet I guess, but you best not take their god’s name in vain! Shit, can I get a side of pork with that!

This is some shit straight out of the medieval book of comedies for the court’s jester! If you really, really believe that as we get our first photos of Pluto transmitted back today as I type that the hedge around a hedge of protection ordering the separation of meat and dairy is going to send you to see the Cloud People, great! Look, I believe crazy shit too like my old lady isn’t going to want to go to Wal Mart on payday. But, if you are going to shove that bullshit down my throat and expect me not to get so deep up your ass investigating that you are going to need a proctologist to sit down for the next six months; if you’re going to play the race and religious card on me and the rest of America, I highly recommend that you cash in your Obamacare for a good Beverly Hills shrink!

Here is the irony on AGRI. Rubushkin was selling obviously unkosher meat and poultry with the O-U Kosher certification. O-U was gladly taking payments from Rubushkin and could give two fucking shits what they pushed out. Because had O-U actually been participating in the parsimonious bullshit that they preached pertaining to their Storm God from On High on Sinai, they would have easily spotted that which PETA did on MULTIPLE OCCASIONS! In the meantime, Chabad Mafia proprietor Rubushkin owned another kosher slaughterhouse over in Gordon, Nebraska, called Local Pride — really have to love these novel names. Same bullshit, same animal cruelty. In fact, here is what the world’s foremost expert on slaughter methods, Dr. Temple Grandin, told Mason City, Iowa’s Globe Gazette,

I thought it was the most disgusting thing I’d ever seen. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been in at least 30 other kosher slaughter plants, and I had never ever seen that kind of procedure done before. … I’ve seen kosher slaughter really done right, so the problem here is not kosher slaughter. The problem here is a plant that is doing everything wrong they can do wrong.

Like a hoard of locusts, there are a multitude of Orthodox Judaic owners whom have been convicted of massive Amir Jaffaamounts of fraud. While Amir Jaffa, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has ensured that Safeguard Properties (SGP) has been able to pay millions without having to admit guilt, the fact of the matter is Jaffa is simply another in a long list of unglamorous common criminals whom parade around like pious Jews.  While in the past most of the crimes perpetrated upon Christians and other US Citizens had their genesis within the Chabad-Lubavitch sect, or what I like to call the Chabad Mafia, the reality is that they now are working their way throughout Orthodox Judaism.

You want a recent list? Hell, let’s talk about Scott Rothstein. The Industry ought to remember this fuck stick. Rothstein was the Jew down in Florida — everything fucked up seems to begin and generally end there — whom spun up the $1.2 Billion Ponzi Scheme. Rothstein caught 50 years for his caper and the Jews are howling about that! Here is a quote from his 2011 deposition which sounds almost identical to Michael Breese over at HomeStar which is yet another NAMFS Member whom defrauded over a million. I think we will create the Million Plus Club — note to self to spin up posters on that.

It was ego fueled. We were rolling, you know, we were — we were all, me, Stu, Lippman, Adler,Rothstein Boden, we were living like rock stars; private jets, massive amounts of money. There were lots of thingsthat kept fueling that. As I’m sure you realize from looking at everything, there came a point in time when the only portion about it, which was money, was keeping the Ponzi going. We had more than enough money to fuel our lifestyles. It was the power that got ahold of us and kept pulling this forward; the more power, the more money, the more money the more power, it kept going back and forth until in exploded.

Beginning as early as 2005, Rothstein touted lucrative returns to investors through the purchases of highly confidential legal settlements purportedly stemming from claims of sexual harassment, whistle-blower, and qui tam actions against large corporations.

How about good ‘ol Sholam Weiss? Weiss was the American businessman whom in 2000, he was convicted of Sholam Weissmultiple fraud and money laundering counts and sentenced to 845 years in prison for looting the National Heritage Life Insurance Company of over $450 million. It was believed to be the largest insurance failure in history at the time. The sentence imposed on Weiss is believed to be the longest known to have ever been imposed for a white-collar crime. It is also believed to be the longest criminal sentence ever imposed at the federal level in American history.Weiss was convicted of 78 counts including racketeering, wire fraud, and money laundering and ordered to pay $125 million in restitution and $123 million in penalties.  — Yeah, good luck on that. Maybe a mitzvah might help out?! My bad, as usual, the US Taxpayer will take it straight up the ass, as usual!

I am going to dwell upon this for a moment because there lately has been a dark cloud which has descended upon the United States. The United States, a Nation whose military I served proudly, used to be representative of Americans. This isn’t the same America that we used to know ’cause I’ll tell you that Jack left Dianne 30 years ago to quote MKTO. Fact of the matter is that the United States; a corporation and far different than America, has become a hegemony of special interest groups which have narrowed their sights upon the White, American, Christian male — no two ways about it. While many will remain silent do to their fear, Foreclosurepedia will not.

We currently have a Fifth Element Regime running our Nation straight down the shitter. I have rarely, if ever, publicly challenged my Commander in Chief. When George Dub took us down the wrong road I was pretty vocal about it; however, it was primarily based upon the fact that we had no exit strategy in the Sandbox. Today, though, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, has become the Citadel for all which ails us as a Nation. I do not make these statements lightly — I have no doubt that the Alphabet Soup boys will red flag this post.

If the Beltway mentality continues, the United States as we and our forefathers understood it, is over. Now, to get all of the poverty pimps and racial evangelists back under the rock from whence they came, let me be clear on a few things. A United States citizen is not a citizen of Africa, Israel, the Islamic State or Mexico. A US Citizen is bound by the laws of the United States; they are not bound by Sharia Law; Halacha, or any other foreign corpus as a US Citizen.

Sharia, or Islamic law, influences the legal code in most Muslim countries. All bullshit aside, allowing sharia to govern personal status, as a set of regulations that pertain to marriage, divorce, inheritance, and custody, is both illegal and a very slippery slope. We are not simply talking about skipping red meat for Lent and whether JFK did it at 1600 Penn Ave; we are talking about some of the very foundations of jurisprudence which binds us together as a society.

You know, the culmination of that which I write about daily is represented by a very obscure war waging in cyberspace as I type.  #OpISIS is an Operation currently being waged by a collective group of Anonymous Members whom have chosen to, for the moment, gather under the banner of Ghost Secuirty (GhostSec). For the better part of a month, Foreclosurepedia has been communicating with and reporting upon conversations we have had with these cyber warriors as they take on the terrorist sponsored Islamic State (ISIS).

Terrorism, under any guise, is always identical in how it makes itself known. The Islamic State, at the end of the day, cuts off heads and makes it known that it wants its interpretation of sharia law the law of the land. The sponsorship of financial terrorism in the Mortgage Field Services Industry is self evident in precisely how National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Offender Members have time and time and time again defrauded millions of dollars from the innocent men and women of Labor. What is less clear is whether any of these funds have been used in the furtherance of Islamo Fascist agendas.

Many are going to say the relationship between terrorists waging war thousands of miles and multiple time zones away and the ongoing embezzlement and fraud committed by and currently being committed by multiple past and current NAMFS Offender Members is spurious. I disagree. In fact, Foreclosurepedia has already presented bullet proof reporting documenting the fact that multiple foreign nationals are both responsible for previous and ongoing fraud as well as currently participating in ongoing anti trust violations which NAMFS plays a key role. Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS) is based in a nation where the arrests for terrorist related cases, per day on average, are staggering. AGS, in conjunction with Pruvan, a US Based Company, additionally jointly released a Press Release which lied pertaining to demands of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) for background checks.

The collection of biometric information upon the innocent men and women of Labor whom have already been raped by Offender Members of NAMFS is currently accessible from foreign nations including the headquarters of AGS as demonstrated by a slideshow presented on their behalf by a Harvard lady earlier this year. This is the same NAMFS whom sponsored and rammed down requirements for the obtaining of highly sensitive information of US Citizens by and through its fear mongering in a manner which even Susan Bunnell, Senior Vice President and Senior Counsel for Contracts and Technology of Wells Fargo, called extortion.

In drilling down upon the over ONE MILLION EMAILS which were hacked and released pertaining to the Hacking Team, we have identified a plethora of them which directly link to a heavy interest in the Mortgage Field Services Industry.

The fact of the matter is that only if monies which are legally obtained have the ability to be properly tracked and accounted for. If we were talking about an average joe kiting some bad checks it probably wouldn’t be a big deal. What we are talking about, though, is an Industry whom are collectively gathered under the umbrella of a very questionable Internal Revenue Service (IRS) non profit 501 (c)(6) known as the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS). The fact of the matter is how I come to my opinions; how I had occasion to present my views that there is a chance that monies and/or information flowing to and fro amongst the Offender Members of the NAMFS Regime may find their way back to nefarious organizations like the Islamic State is quite simple.

Eric Miller, the Executive Director of NAMFS, is paid over ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTYEJHY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR WHICH CONSUMES OVER SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBER DUES. Under the Miller Regime, we have had more fraud and seen more business failures than in the entire history pre Miller Regime combined. In fact, since 2011, well over 150 NAMFS Rank and File have dropped their Membership. Each year, Foreclosurepedia is forced to file an IRS 13909 Complaint to simply compel NAMFS to release their income tax returns commonly referred to as the NAMFS IRS Form 990. It should be noted that the NAMFS IRS Form 990 is required, by law, to be available for inspection by members of the public. In the case of NAMFS, this is not so. In fact, NAMFS only responds to Foreclosurepedia when it files an IRS 13909 Complaint.

We exist in a Nation today which has a pendant rapidly rolling off the clock, not simply to the left. About every fifth word on CNN with Don Lemon preaches about how I owe the black man money for slavery. First, fuck Don Lemon and fuck CNN! Let’s keep this bullshit real. There isn’t a single slave alive today nor is there a single slave owner. I mean lets talk about how the Irish were treated when they came to America! Oh, no. That’s too close to giving Whitey some standing. Second, if Whitey is so horrible, point out to me one of those sterling examples over in Africa; the Middle East or elsewhere which has the standard of living which the United States does — even those on welfare live like Kings compared to the rest of the world. Did I forget free speech? Yeah, go over to Somalia and preach your Gospel and send me a postcard for the eulogy! Can you remind me, again, what color Obama is? I mean if Whitey rigs everything how in the fuck did Obama get elected?! My bad. As Whitey is calling all the shots how in the fuck did we get a black man as President; a black woman as National Security Adviser under Bush; a black man as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff … fuck that nonsense.

If America is so fucked up; if the white ran European Union (EU) is so shitty, remind me why we’ve had over 20 million ILLEGAL ALIENS flood across the US Borders and why the EU has a veritable tsunami of Islamic Refugees streaming across the Mediterranean? Am I missing something here? Did I miss out on how the Islamic State and their chopping off of the heads is so inviting?! 

See, that’s the deal. While Black Panthers want to burn the flag and while African Identity Liberation Churches want to preach the gospel of a black jesus and how Whitey is a fucked up piece of shit, I CERTAINLY DO NOT SEE these maggots catching a plane over to Syria or Africa! Shit, drop me a line and I will take up a PERSONAL COLLECTION to get you a ticket and help you navigate the expatriation paperwork!

You’re not going to see that. You see, while all of these race baiters and poverty pimps like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson want to run their welfare enriching mouths about how Ferguson and Baltimore are fucked up, I don’t see them in the streets picking up the trash after those kind and gentle people burn cities to the ground. And bear in mind these are not Whitey Owned businesses and property they trash.

The problem today is not black and white; the problem today is not Jew, Islamic or Christian. The problem today is that the Drive By Media are on a feeding frenzy attempting to remove the collective concept of being American. Fuck terms like African American; Mexican American and the like. And all bullshit aside, if you speak to the average joe whom is paying more tax than ever before, they don’t have time for the Beltway Bullshit that an Emperor Whom Wears No Clothes is preaching!

I am an American. And if you don’t like my opinion I could give two fucking shits. See, that’s the beauty in America — at least until the Fourth Column of the Fifth Element take control. And I am going to tell you something. If all of these Agendas keep pushing, they are going to end up with an Agenda which Whitey is not going to foot the bill for. Oh, yes. Let’s keep the shit real. You don’t have multi billion dollar firms headquartering up in Detroit or Compton. There are no political conventions in Harlem. At some point in time Whitey gets tired of paying for generation after generation after generation of families on food stamps and AFDC. All of that bullshit emanating from the Beltway about the holistic partnering in the suburbs of the rich and the poor won’t fly. It is not that it is unfair; it is the simple, salient fact that no one wants to deal with a bunch of crack dealers running half way houses.

And for the Beltway to even pretend that there is equality or ever will be is the epitome of hypocrisy. If I even thought about moving into the Projects, the very Projects that the multi billion dollar Whitey Corporations financed, the reality is that I would be a dead man. You see, in that massive movement to create the African-Mexican-Oriental American branding, the creation of racism itself was perpetuated by the very people whom claim that Whitey is to blame!

When we have an Agenda which causes the flag of a state to retire its colors over a media generated event the chances are that we have been invaded by Russia. More on point, though, this is the true definition of the Fifth Element.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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