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Safeguard Properties To Pay One Million Dollars To Settle IL Complaints

Safeguard Properties (SGP), yet another National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Offender Member, has been ordered to pay One Million Dollars and submit to a Consent Decree in connection with SGP Contractors illegally locking out homeowners. Foreclosurepedia first broke the story, back in 2013. To Amir Jaffa, a million dollars is a drop in the bucket; it is the price of doing business and easily surmountable in light of the Temple Tax commonly referred to as Chargebacks. Foreclosurepedia spoke with Natalie Bauer Luce, Communications Director for Madigan and the Illinois Attorney General’s Office. She had Maura Possley, Madigan’s Press Secretary release this to Foreclosurepdia,

We issued a press release that is posted to our website that has a comment regarding the settlement[.]

That Press Release read, in pertinent part,

Under the settlement, Safeguard agreed to overhaul its business practices to ensure that the company only secures a property that is vacant based on objective standards, including:

Inspectors must support their inspections with photographs and an affidavit;

Safeguard must post notice to the occupant that it has determined the property to be vacant before it enters the property;

Safeguard is prohibited from misrepresenting the rights of occupants that are allowed to remain in their home even though they might be behind on their mortgage and in foreclosure;

The company must increase its oversight and quality control of its subcontractors;

Safeguard must maintain a 24-hour hotline for fielding consumer complaints; and

The company is prohibited from removing non-perishable and non-hazardous personal property prior to foreclosure unless it has a court order, and if Safeguard makes a mistake, it must restore a consumer’s possession of the home, restore utility service, and return or reimburse any personal property that has been removed.

The settlement requires Safeguard to submit to monitoring by Madigan’s office to ensure compliance with the settlement. The $1 million in payments to consumers will be distributed by Madigan’s office to consumers who filed complaints with her office over Safeguard’s practices.

Foreclosurepedia followed up with Possley requesting a Copy of the Consent Decree and additionally reached out to the Cook County Clerk of Court to obtain a copy of the entire record. No documents have been released yet and Possley stated we would need to liaise with the Cook County Clerk’s Office. In fairness to Possley, her initial reply was within minutes of Foreclosurepedia’s initial contact to Bauer-Luce. Minutes. I take my hat off to government which works in a manner as productive as Madigan’s staff do!

Fact of the matter is that Foreclosurepedia interviewed and helped get paid one of SGPs early victims whom was a homeowner. SGP had sent Contractors whom observed that the house was occupied and then dispatched MOVING VANS to do the clean out. The victim had additionally contacted SGP and had a guarantee they would cease and desist. The end result was that Kim Rebbe, the victim, received an undisclosed settlement which I believe was around ten thousand dollars for theft of over roughly twenty five thousand dollars worth of property — this does not include priceless things such as photos, certificates and keepsakes. I have no idea precisely the amount as SGP threatened to sue her if she ever spoke to me again. The story is monumental and a good read. It shows how SGP grinds homeowners down for months; they shift points-of-contact and loose files.

Foreclosurepedia was able to obtain the ENTIRE INTERNAL FILE which SGP kept hidden from the world. From the time Foreclosurepedia put SGP on our Official High Value Asset Radar, it took less than seven hours for Rebbe to reply, “They offered me ten thousand dollars to settle by the close of business today.”

When I filed this lawsuit, Safeguard was illegally breaking and entering into homes, often removing residents’ belongings and locking people out,” Madigan said. “I am pleased that this settlement will provide some compensation for the nightmare they caused these homeowners and that it will ensure that Safeguard does not employ these brazen practices moving forward.”

It is self evident that Madigan’s office was playing for keeps with a simple perusal of the Cook County Chancery Court’s Docket Statement on 2013-CH-20715 which is the People of the State of Illinois v Safeguard Properties LLC. We have memorialized the Original Litigation in our Downloads Section for those interested.

Cook County is a hotbed for litigation against SGP. We even found some interesting Mechanic’s Liens which tends to substantiate Forelcosurepedia’s contention that Waiver of Absolute Lien is illegal as a part of SGPs Contracts and as the State of Tennessee enshrined in law all the way back in 1996.

Foreclosurepedia has long been on the trail of SGP and its Axis of Evil Order Mills whom are all Offender Members of the NAMFS Regime. NAMFS received Official Status as a Financial Terrorist Organization by the ISTAR Clear Base earlier this year. ISTAR is part of the FOG Media Group which is operated by Foreclosurepedia. Going all the way back to the Mid Ohio Field Services articles along with those on Miken Construction horrors of allowing domesticated animals to die by engorging themselves on fiberglass insulation to collect a corpse removal fee, Foreclosurepedia has clearly defined what it believes is federal racketeering. In essence, the use of electronic means to cross state lines in the furtherance of an artifice and/or a scheme. And you know what? We have the nearly terabyte of information to come to that conclusion.

More on this fast breaking story and our call to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) today whom disavowed both Paul Palmer of Pruvan and Ed Buckley of Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS). This is based upon Pruvan’s Press Release dated 06 August 2014 which stated in pertinent part, Compliance with these new background check regulations from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) … [.] So, the plot thickens as CFPB stated that there is no regulation they know of to substantiate this statement. They instructed us to formulate a Complaint and submit it accordingly. This rolls out late this evening in our Industry Insider Section.

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