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Mid Ohio Field Services: The Plot Thickens

When we sat down to do an Article on David Spillers and his ordeal with Mid Ohio Field Services we never thought that the Story would grow legs. It did; the legs it grew became bionic. This Story is a prime example of precisely how incestuous the Property Preservation Industry has become. The allegations leveled by a former employee call for a top-to-bottom investigation. Time and again similar issues are appearing in US District Court. Time and again this scene has played out across the Nation. At what time will the few honorable men and women within the Congress of the United States step forward? In an election cycle rapidly approaching does the Obama Administration wish to have yet another firestorm burning out of control within the Beltway?

The first thing that jumps out with respect to Mid Ohio is their reluctance to even update their Website. Without veracity there is faith. Without honesty, the very fiber upon which the financial markets are woven unravel. Ontario, California, is the true base of operations for Mid Ohio. They aren’t even Mid Ohio any longer for all intents and purposes anymore.

So, we decided to reach out to some of the current and past employees of Mid Ohio … oh, I guess I forgot that part. See, it’s really not Mid Ohio anymore! Yeah, they kinda forgot to update that part too. The current shot callers of Mid Ohio are Miken Construction Company, Incorporated. This is the only information we really could find on Miken and it wasn’t good. Danielle Whitton seems to be the name continuing to pop up as the front lady although she is simply listed as the Vice President. Neither here nor there as that is not the meat of the Story.

Apple One was a provider of temporary labor to Mid Ohio and we presume to Miken Construction (we simply are not sure on what the legal name is anymore).

Several former employees of Mid Ohio were dispatched by Apple One for services as Order Processors. This process in not unique. A2Z Field Services (A2ZFS), the same Company we reported upon for for Constitutional Violations in their Vendor Fraud Policy, actively utilize these day labor type firms. Both former employees have reached out to Foreclosurepedia based upon ethical quandaries they felt were rampant at Mid Ohio. They and others are also now in the process of filing Complaints under the Service Contract Act (SCA) against Mid Ohio with the US Department of Labor (DoL) Wage and Hour Division (WHD).

Speaking on condition of anonymity, one former Mid Ohio employee stated,

I started off as an Order Processor. Apple One sent me to them. The secretary quit so I began answering phones. Then I had to fill in on the Vendor Management stuff […] I was doing RTV [Return to Vendor] stuff on the CoreLogic account all the time. Ten dollars an hour, that’s it. We did HUD [US Department of Housing and Urban Development] files, pre foreclosures we did it all.

I am familiar with the David Spillers issue. That’s nothing. Look, you asked about felons, let me tell you. Here’s how it worked. There is a master file that we upload to for CoreLogic. We select a Contractor who’s clean and then if we have a need to get work done and don’t have anyone else, we just take the other Contractor’s work [who has a criminal record] and run it through the [clean] Contractor’s Account to CoreLogic. A tremendous amount of the work we handled for CoreLogic was Ocwen. They’re with Altisource like you said. So, yeah it’s possible to have workers do work who have [criminal] records; happens all the time! Then you just run the pay from your internal sheets. That’s what we do anyway; we process all the photos and bids and whatever is needed from what is sent from the Contractor and dump it into CoreLogic.

Go pull CoreLogic’s files. Check the photos. Take Spillers for example. Find out when he was put on inactive and then see if anything was uploaded after that date. Hell, simply go in and look at virtually any file and then look at the pictures.

The back billing works like this: One day we all had a meeting and this “new” rule came out of thin air. Not on any Contractor Agreement either. So, we get a charge back from CoreLogic and we just deduct from the overall money the Contractor has coming. No appeal, nothing. I felt bad, real bad about that. I quit as I felt the whole thing was unethical.

So, this presents a real challenge. The question becomes whether or not CoreLogic is interested. It would strike me as a pretty simple thing to verify. Take a sampling of David Spiller’s work and see if anything was uploaded through his Master Login after his Inactive Status commenced. That Inactive Status is able to be verified both through the ABC News Interview he did and our Articles on here. Then a random sampling could commence, in the form of an audit, comparing Work Orders and the photos of people in them and whether or not all of the people in those Work Order photos have background checks.

The way I understand how this all works is that Company A sets up an Order Milling Agreement with CoreLogic. CoreLogic then says all work uploaded must be associated with a single company. That way they are able to document all the necessary background checks have been run on that company. After that it is auto pilot until an issue or allegation like this arises.

Here is the rub: Altisource and Ocwen both have a legal obligation to ensure that those personnel; personnel both servicing the property and office personnel, are not felons and have no Credit Judgments or Tax Liens. CoreLogic is obviously a huge Portfolio for for Mid Ohio. Additionally, as many of these Work Orders are performed on behalf of Wells Fargo, the very same Wells Fargo pushing the Agenda for Aspen Grove Solutions (a Foreign National controlled firm) to conduct massive Background Checks Industry wide (exempting the Order Mills of course), Wells Fargo may want to take a closer look. Then again, maybe not. I suppose it would depend how many of these folks are Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS).

The highest rate of Contractor and Homeowner litigation within the Property Preservation Industry appears to begin and end with NAMFS Members. I do not believe in coincidences. With one NAMFS Member, Safeguard Properties (SGP) now facing Federal Racketeering charges in Pennsylvania it is really, really becoming difficult for the National Association of Mortgage Field Services to continue burying their collective heads in the sand.

We are going to follow this fast breaking Story closely. There is a possibility that if the information continues to flow in that the allegations aforementioned may not be simply confined to one Company or Contractor. As you all know I have a knack for smelling a Story just like a fine Cuban cigar. We have requests for Interviews out to Miken Construction, Apple One, CoreLogic and Altisource’s General Counsel’s office.

As a footnote, this is not the first accusation about issues with CoreLogic accounts. We are still working on accusations about an Order Mill submitting photos into CoreLogic which were generated by other Contractors. Some accusations have been leveled that the same Order Mill submitted photos which were mirrored to show work performed upon lawns which was never performed and other properties being submitted to justify work on the wrong properties. This information will be supplied to legal counsel, in redacted form, should CoreLogic and their Clients wish to launch a full scale investigation.

For far too long the National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills have been attempting to lay the blame of everything including Global Hunger upon the shoulders of Contractors. Those days are done. We are forging alliances with Financial Institutions  whom have the ultimate stake in the game. No Financial Institution wishes to be held out publicly for hiring felons nor to have employees of Order Mills with felony charges for Cocaine Possession and Tax Liens handling sensitive financial documents.

We ask for any former or current employees of Mid Ohio to step forward and go on the record with respect to Mid Ohio. We ask that the men and women whom have knowledge with respect to Mid Ohio; for better or worse, to contact us TODAY! At the end of the day we all, as Citizens of the United States, have a duty to the Truth. Ask yourself this: Do you want to be on the bus or under the bus. The Financial Institutions are going to Investigate. They are going have a list of whom worked for Mid Ohio and when. If you are a Contractor, now is the time to ACT! Reach out today!

The Truth Shall Set You Free

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