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Safeguard Properties: 15 Minutes Of Shame

Looks like Diane R. Fusco has her work cut out. Safeguard Properties (SGP) is staring down a Federal Racketeering Lawsuit and now the Illinois Attorney General, Lisa Madigan, has leveled down yet another lawsuit as reported by the New York Times,

On Monday, Illinois became the first state to take on the property management firms legally, contending in a lawsuit that Safeguard wrongfully dispossessed hundreds of homeowners in the state. In suing Safeguard, Lisa Madigan, the attorney general, contends that the company broke into homes despite stark evidence that homeowners still lived in them, bullied tenants into leaving even though they had no legal obligation to do so and, in some instances, damaged the very homes they were sent to protect, according to the suit.

“This is a homeowner’s worst nightmare,” Ms. Madigan said in an interview on Friday, noting that her office had received more than 400 complaints about Safeguard.

We went ahead and reached out to Ms. Madigan and offered her the files we have amassed with respect to Safeguard Properties and their hiring of known felons amongst other things.

This is the beginning of the end for Amir and his kind. For far too long Safeguard Properties has violated the sanctity of humanity within the United States. Whether or not this is secular or non secular is immaterial to me. Safeguard Properties, a Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS), has been recalcitrant to follow the law in both how it conducts itself with homeowners and in refusing to pay Contractors for their Services Rendered.

Those Christian Females in East Tennessee whom have been violated by Safeguard Properties will find little solace along with the homeowners SGP has kicked in the gut. We profiled a homeowner on here whom fought for 7 months before we stepped in. All we can hope is that the State of Illinois will be but the first in 49 other States filing litigation against Safeguard Properties. The NAMFS should be next in the litigation for refusing to police its own Membership.

In my opinion, the NAMFS has facilitated for far too long, the abuses which have run rampant through this unregulated Industry. More harm has occurred under the blind eye of NAMFS by its Membership than in all points in history combined! A Commission should be established to thoroughly investigate not only Safeguard Properties, but the NAMFS as well.

As a Contractor I beseech the United States Government to intervene on behalf of both the homeowners and Contractors; bring Regulations and depose these tyrants whom have appointed themselves god. The targeting of Christians by the Ohio Family Business must end!

Here is the real tragedy: Multiple Media Outlets including Sarah Buduson, an Investigative Reporter for ABC News Channel 5 in Cleveland, OH, have reams of information on Safeguard Properties which Foreclosurepedia provided. Buduson spoke with us a month ago. Quite frankly, she seemed to be out of her league. Investigative Journalist? Hell, son, I am a redneck and had forgotten more about what I was discussing than she was able to retain!

We sent a good chunk of information her way and then she broke off contact. Here was a woman whom was classically trained with the ability to bring the TRUTH to the American Public. Why did she break off contact? My opinion is that there is far too much money at stake. Maybe now Ms. Buduson will not be as afraid to report upon the TRUTH as opposed to what drives advertising revenues?! Or …

At the end of the day, the Klein Clan holds heavy sway over Ohio. In conjunction with their New York assets, their tentacles are far reaching. They are a testament to why each and every Member of the NAMFS should hold their head in shame. Even my Sources within the Industry should be embarrassed. To date, I have been the ONLY ONE with the balls to document the destroyed families; homeowners and Contractors alike. Judgement will come; whether it is by a jury of the peers or in the afterlife, everyone will have to face the music. When you are asked why you stood by silently, remember you had the chance to be a just and honorable human being.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.

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