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State of Illinios vs Safeguard Properties

Amir Jaffa penned out one of the lamest announcements I have ever read in my life. As usual, the reason of the latest lawsuit — one of MANY State’s Attorney Generals lawsuits I anticipate in the coming months — according to Amir is that it is everyone’s fault EXCEPT Safeguard Properties (SGP).

This Article is simply to display the Lawsuit filed by the Attorney General of Illinois. My prediction? Safeguard Properties will be going bankrupt. The question presents how many Order Mills and Contractors are going to hold out until the end. Most are afraid to leave because they worry that Safeguard Properties, in the same way the crucified Female Christian Contractors in East Tennessee with respect to pay and sending Work Orders to known Felons, will refuse to pay them if they drop out.

We are going to address this in the next Article on the Wall of Shame Series. The Wall of Shame Series chronicles the Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) whom refuse to pay Contractors, have employees whom are felons and enormous Tax and Credit Liens and Judgments and hire Order Mills whom are wanted and convicted Felons.

It is truly ironic that a business operated by such an Orthodox Family; a Family Business as Amir Jaffa likes to call it, would be pending such an inordinate amount of litigation. Federal Racketeering and now Attorney General Lawsuits. Man, you really, REALLY have to wonder at what point in time does the NAMFS step in and attempt to salvage what little respect it has left!

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