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IAFST Member Returns To Work After Board Intervenes

IAFST Gets Labor Back To Work While NAMFS Feeds At The Trough

It happens all of the time: A National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) member sends a low ball eviction requiring only a couple of people because, “… that is all the Client will pay for.” And most people perform them encountering hundreds of cubic yards of debris, contaminated hypodermic needles, hazardous waste such as tires and chemicals, vehicles, and abandoned animals. All the while, NAMFS member employees are raking in enormous bonuses using lines like, “We are taking a real hit here, so since the Client is paying us, we can’t pay you.” For years, Labor was the glue holding the House of Cards together and silently persevered. In fact, many within the ranks of Labor have erroneously believed that they have no rights, much like indentured servants. Years of fraud and abuse, supported across a price fixed Industry — and in some cases perpetrated by former NAMFS Board members themselves such as Heather Berghorst the now bankrupt and disgraced former NAMFS Secretary — have been the key reason why there are less than three out of ten Contractors left.

The International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST), dating back to 2016, was established to give Labor a voice. In conjunction with legitimate Management, the IAFST was the first Trade Association to reach out directly to Housing and Urban Development (HUD) with two White Papers addressing the lack of pay raises in 30+ years as well as the mountains of unfunded technological mandates pushing 80+ question and hundreds of photos required for a simple lock change.

It is ironic that there is not a single Top Ten NAMFS member whom did not have their snout at the Congressional Trough during the COVID bailouts. Ronnie Ory, founder of the Brandon-based field services company Cyprexx donated $1,000,000 to the Trump Inauguration gala. And all the while preaching the Trump gospel of COVID not existing, he gladly took $4,346,722 in Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans issued by PNC Bank with all of it forgiven.  The original HUD Management and Marketing (M&M) Field Service Manager (FSM) awardee, 24 Asset Management operated by Eduardo San Roman — and with a wink and a nod Lee Mertins of Assero infamytook $526,040 in PPP loans from City National Bank of Florida with all of it forgiven. National Field Representatives took an astounding $3,639,000 from Claremont Savings Bank with all of it forgiven. NAMFS itself took a $20,833 PPP loan from KeyBank National Association to pay Eric Miller, the NAMFS Executive Director. Finally, Safeguard Properties, the Titan of $3 inspections, took a mind boggling $6,610,567 in PPP loans from JPMorgan Chaseand their loan forgiveness still has not been disclosed two years later.

With all of the feeding at the trough, it is no wonder why NAMFS members could give a damn about Minority Females and Labor in the field. The IAFST did not take a single dime, in full disclosure. In fact, it was only the IAFST whom stood up for its Member’s rights, recently in East Tennessee, when Deputies on an eviction hurled wave after wave of insults documented via a recently read Affidavit. Included in that Affidavit were statements that Deputies had barred the Member from any future evictions in the entire county — normally a death blow to most Contractors. To that point, the Member’s Client simply did not believe — or simply refused to keep up on the legislative process — that law enforcement could dictate how many personnel needed to be on an eviction.  From beginning-to-end, and with the cooperation of the Sheriff, the IAFST was able to get the Member back to work in less than a week.

The IAFST is the last line of defense between Labor and the dark, fraudulent abyss. Their tireless efforts working with the Department of Labor and HUD has long been a thorn in NAMFS members’ side. It was one of the reasons why Foreclosurepedia began only working with IAFST Members when it came to defending their rights. And with the Five Year Anniversary of the NFN Bankruptcy coming up, which was perpetrated in large part by NAMFS members refusing to police themselves, the reality is that there is no better time to consider joining the IAFST!

This is a multi-part series which will cover precisely how much money was sent to NAMFS members and work towards ensuring that not only the PPP loans see the light of day, but the COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan’s (EIDL) — massive multi-million dollar streams provided by the US government — are properly investigated! Stay tuned as we throw a handful more NAMFS members out there like A2Z Field Services, Cityside,

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