Heather Berghorst Ordered To Pay Yet Another FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!

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When Eric Miller, National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Executive Director, looks in the mirror, one has to ask themselves whether or not he is troubled by his family’s enrichment upon the backs of the innocent men and women of Labor. I doubt that he is. For over a year Miller ensured that Heather Berghorst, the now disgraced and former Secretary of NAMFS remained in power. Miller had in his possession multiple documents and a plethora of statements from Members of Labor whom attested to the fact that Berghorst was on one of the largest #EpicFraud sprees which the Industry had seen in the 21st Century. And Miller did absolutely nothing.

The obscene enrichment of Eric Miller and his family — to the tune of over half a million dollars now in salary — as NAMFS Executive Director is a disgrace to John Ward, the now deceased founder of NAMFS. Miller, whom collects OVER ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR CONSUMING OVER SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL NAMFS MEMBER DUES, is a Poster Child for all which is wrong in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. More on point, though, his family whom live in the lap of luxury, are the epitome of that which Nick Hanauer spoke about when he stated that the Pitchforks are coming.

To recap just a bit, Eric Miller personally presided over the inauguration of Heather Berghorst in her appointment as NAMFS Secretary. At the time that Miller swooned over Berghorst and her appointment, the fact of the matter is Berghorst already had one bankruptcy under her belt. And at that very same moment, the fraud which Foreclosurepedia was beginning to report upon was beginning to rear its ugly head. 2013 was a great year for Miller and his fucked up band of thugs, as well. With Miller attempting to personally sue me in his capacity as Executive Director of NAMFS for advising Labor to stand up for their rights; coming on the heels of the NAMFS Board of Directors singling out Foreclosurepedia as a topic of discussion in their NAMFS Board Minutes, Miller and his posse must have believed I would cower.

Berghorst keyed to the fact that Miller had tried to sue me previously and I will always believe it was he whom advised Berghorst to hire yet another lawyer to attempt to sue me — again. Brett R Schlender of Buckman, MacDonald, Bauer & Brown in Holland, MI, was hired to attempt to silence me. Here, take a read from his 04 December 2013 letter which read, in part,

The entities and individuals who are the subjects of your smear campaign have a common interest in discontinuing the fraud Foreclosurepedia is perpetrating on the public.

We demand that all disparaging comments about Berghorst Enterprises, Heather Berghorst, and her family cease immediately and that you confirm the same in writing, no later than December 15, 2013.

In fact, Schlender knew precisely whom his Client was and if he had not performed due diligence pertaining to precisely how much fraud she was involved in, that was not my problem.

Foreclosurepedia, today, began the process of filing Requests for Investigation and Disciplinary Action in both Indiana and Michigan against the Law License of Brett R Schlender.

Indiana Bar License Complaint Against Brett R Schendler

Indiana Bar License Complaint Against Brett R Schlender

You see, this is the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for those within NAMFS whom realize that the sterilizing qualities of transparency will ultimately destroy their nefarious ambitions. Normally, I would chalk up the lawyer’s actions to the game; however, I have never forgotten the phone call I had with this asshole. Barely a year out of the dock when picking this fight with Foreclosurepedia this ambulance chaser had the audacity to berate me when I civilly engaged him. Fact of the matter is that Schlender was still having snot wiped from his nose while I toted an M16-A1. At the end of the call; upon realizing that Schlender appeared to have no other agenda other than creating a chilling effect upon free speech; believing unequivocally that Schlender would do anything no matter how obscene to impress his Client, I realized that at the conclusion of Berghorst’s death spiral I must bring he and those like him to account for their actions.

So, Counselor, read and fucking read well. Your Client whom you threatened me and intimidated me on behalf of, filed and completed her second bankruptcy. So heinous and repugnant to the law, though, were her actions that a federal judge not once, not twice, but in three separate actions ordered that she repay over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS back which were not exempted by the bankruptcy proceeding. In fact, Counselor, in one of the awards it was to a financial institution — Fifth Third Bank! Are they liars and smear tacticians, Counselor?

Several days ago, a federal judge ordered Berghorst to pay FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to Fifth Third Bank — just wanted to clarify that. Three awards against your Client, Counselor. Remind me again where I had it all fucking wrong!

In the instant case, Brett R Schlender spearheaded a most despicable campaign calculated to threaten and intimidate me into silence. You see, the two page letter that Brett R Schlender sent also included outright lies which, had Schlender performed due diligence he would have never committed to paper. Schlender accused me of soliciting donations as a non profit organization as Google had applied the hashtag of #charity of its own accord as the logs show. This is the letter Schlender transmitted to me,

Letter From Brett R Schlender Page 01 of 02

Letter From Brett R Schlender Page 01 of 02

Letter From Brett R Schlender Page 02 of 02

Letter From Brett R Schlender Page 02 of 02

This fucking maggot had the audacity to threaten me with prison? Brett R Schlender, Ambulance Chaser Extraordinaire in my book, will be held accountable for his actions. And let me tell you a little something about your statement of Foreclosurepedia being a “smear blog.” You have no idea whatsoever, now that the finality of the Berghorst mess has run its course through the federal judiciary, the amount of publicity I am going to bring down on you and your firm. Make absolutely no mistake whatsoever Schlender, morning, noon and night I am going to explore your actions. To state that I am prolific in that which I write — to quote another NAMFS Member’s lawyer — is to put it mildly.

What did you think Schlender? Did you think you would just threaten me while your Client walked out on millions of dollars owed? I mean you must have been drinking the same Kool Aid as your Client because I told you the Associate General Counsel of Altisource, your Client’s fucking paymaster, was already moving to shut her down!

I hope Berghost is not using us as a reference – would gladly put an end to that.  I can’t imagine her using us for anything – as they won’t return our calls as we try to verify subcontractor debts. 

[Redacted] | Associate General Counsel Altisource

I have reams of these emails Counselor. Reams which both you and your law firm refused to read when you committed your slander against me. As opposed to my material which I have documented proof; had that proof when you launched your scorched earth policy, you had ABSOLUTELY NO PROOF.

Counselor, you violated your Canons of Ethics and you did it believing that I was just going to roll up into a ball. Did you forget the rules of the adversary system? Did you fucking forget Rule 1.3, Counselor, or simply gloss over it?! Did you goddamn forget Rule 1.16(b)(1) – (3), Counselor? Were you awestruck when Berghorst batted her eyelashes and crossed and recrossed her legs? I could understand that if it happened; I could understand that enchantment of a young, wet behind the ears boy, falling prey to the adulterous overtones of a sycophant — if that is what happened. You see, Counselor, only you know why you threw away a promising career in law to pursue a wet dream in your belief that your pedestrian and immature diatribe would force me to give up my First and Fourteenth Amendment Rights.

You thought that you would skate through life with that smug little look on your face; your actions were not dissimilar to  a drunken man whom beats his wife knowing she won’t say anything. I stood up, Counselor. And I am not going to stop. You are going to issue a formal, public apology. As the Gods are my witness, whether in this life or the next, I will have my justice by and through you publicly apologizing.

You see, if Brett R Schlender is allowed to flaunt the law simply because he has a law license, so to may I as pro se; sui juris de jure. Hell, it will be a Roast To Remember when I am done. There will be no aspect of Counselor Schlender’s life left unexplored. The sandbox in 3rd grade? Yeah, we will track down those whom were there if it merits. Perhaps there was the typical fumbling around in the back seat, can’t find the zipper in the dark, on prom? Yeah, we are going to find the girl — or guy if that was your persuasion — and drag them in to depose to show proof towards your vindictive state. Bong hits in college? If it happened and there are photos, you can bet your now worthless bar license that we are going to find them. Think I blow smoke up your already puckered so tight you can’t get a stick pin through ass? You fucking ask around Counselor.

While terms like 42 USC 1983 might ring hollow in your white, aristocratic world, they do not in mine Schlender. You squared off against the wrong man; you picked the wrong person to target for civil rights violations! I have forgotten more about the law than you will ever learn, Counselor.

It will be historic. Fuck, Greenpeace will have a picture of me on the dart board due to the amount of virgin rain forest timber I slaughter to process the paper upon which I am going to bury you and your firm with. The Discovery Process will be historic. The Depositions? Shit, if your secretary answers a phone call in the first three months I will personally kiss your ass! Son, #Epic is a term which will be synonymous with you and your law firm when I am done. Fuck malpractice insurance. I have absolutely no interests in any type of settlements. I am going to bleed you dry with the billable hours you rack up, my man. Listen to me very carefully Schlender, the law is a two way street and I have every intention of following it to the nth degree.

One way or another you will comply, Counselor. Isn’t that the threat you made to me? Did you get all warm and fuzzy when your secretary hit print? Did you have megalomaniac visions of standing over me with your arm thrust around Berghorst’s waist? How about now, Counselor? Is the dick waiving contest all you thought it would be? You threatened to send me to prison and proverbially fuck my girlfriend and 5 year old son?! Idle threats get you nowhere; justice is a dish best served cold! And I will have my justice by and through your apology or I will move heaven and earth to bury you and your firm in the Court of Public Opinion. Get an order to shut me down and I will transfer my website off shore. Get an order against my Hosting Provider in Iceland and I will move my website to Russia! We aren’t even talking about the Dark Net — yet. It will never, ever end, Counselor, until you publicly apologize.

Buckman MacDonald Bauer & Brown had best prepare for a protracted and asymmetrical campaign. And when the Motions fly and they most assuredly will fly I will match yours 100 to 1. If you think I bluff give Assurant’s lawyer — that’s Assurant valuated in the billions of dollars —  Jason Rosenberg a call. Prolific is the term he used to describe me. It will be months before your firm will have the time to handle another case. And I have pulled the financials, Counselor. Let’s not bullshit around, the settlements are coming in like they used to. There will be no plea bargain; there will be no hiatus. My Campaign to bring awareness to precisely whom Buckman MacDonald Bauer & Brown allows under their roof will know no boundaries — I will preach the gospel from the United States, Europe, Australia, Asia and upon every continent which I have access to the Internet from! This is civil litigation, gentlemen. There is no ability to arrest. You file a Motion to Suppress and I will meet it with 15 Writs of Mandamus to Compel Discovery. I will bounce you across the United States arguing proper venue and make voir dire look like a circus. I will bring Pendant Claims in half a dozen US District Courts and that is for starters. Shit, Schlender, as a Consultant I advise you to take stock out in Xerox! We all know the WikiLeaks story. Nothing and I mean nothing will stop me. I have no money; I have no property; I have nothing to loose! I guarantee you one thing Brett R Schlender. It will be a cold day in hell before you and people like you attempt to threaten and intimidate law abiding citizens like myself on behalf of NAMFS Clients which you represented!

I can picture the Court of Public Opinion now, Schlender. Here was a young man whom had his future laid before him. Instead of judiciously advocating for his Client, he chose instead to pursue a road less traveled. Instead of

Ball is in your Court, Counselor. You go run to Jeff, Jenny and Kurt. Go tell them how your pussy got bruised; go tell them how this horrible redneck in a county with one stoplight put your tiny dick in a proverbial vise. You see, this is what pride gets you, Counselor. You should have never talked to me in such a disrespectful manner. I bided my time, Counselor. I waited patiently while you ran your mouth. I remained silent waiting for the legal process to run its course and confirm the evidence I had and had presented to you. There is no amount of money which will change my mind, Counselor. There will be no substitution for your public apology.

Tick, tock; tick, tock. You hear that? No, that was the sound of your career being flushed down the shitter at a Gay Porn Theater. I am talking about the clock, Counselor. You have precisely 72 hours to issue your apology. See, that’s the deal about those deadlines you threw at me. The difference is that I am not bluffing!


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