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National Real Estate Solutions Collapses Defrauding Minority Females and Labor

National Real Estate Solutions (NRES), owned by Brian Mingham, collapsed last night, leaving millions of dollars in debt in their wake. On Christmas Eve, Foreclosurepedia predicted the demise of NRES. Foreclosurepedia wrote substantially about Denia Graham, when Mingham bragged all over social media about onboarding her. And with her onboarding came a price tag that made many gasp. Many asked why Mingham paid so high. After all, Mingham was already strapped for funds with his Texas move and Playing House out there believing his wife did not know. More on that later. Starting at Best Assets, Graham moved to Harrington, Moran, Barksdale, Inc. (HMBI). This is the very same HMBI wherein charged serial pedophile Mickey Snow has been alleged to have anon-politicsfunneled nearly One Million Dollars in bribes upon the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Management and Marketing (M&M) Field Service Manager (FSM) Contracts, according to Mickey Snow’s former Operations Manager, Jerry Klein. This is the very same Mickey Dale Snow whom, after being apprehended during an international manhunt for charges stemming from raping two underage, handicapped girls. While Snow’s charges have been suspended, pending refiling, Snow has not been vindicated by a jury of his peers.

Since at least early 2016, we now know that the employees of NRES were subjected to a House of Horrors. And if you were a woman, the reality is that you were a piece of meat to be belittled and slammed at the slightest hint of problems which were almost always out of your control. Threats of violence including threats to shoot people with firearms was pointed out by a source speaking on condition of anonymity. That source was very clear in the picture painted about Mingham and how the day-to-day operations unfolded. And while normally many may cast this aside as a disgruntled employee, the reality is that there are records attesting to the fact that one woman, in particular, experienced such a hostile work environment that her doctor issued an indefinite work hiatus. And as the collateral bodies began to pile up, employees such as Louis Mora — critical to the bid writing infrastructure at NRES — joined others in the mass exodus. A handful of months ago, it was as if Moses walked through the NRES California Headquarters and Mingham’s employees left with only the clothes on their bodies as they awoke and realized that the Emperor Wore No Clothes.

What we do know is that multiple Minority Females and Labor as well as current and former NRES employees have confirmed that Mingham shut his doors. In discussions with employees, he had this to say,

Look, I would really appreciate it if you wouldn’t post this on social media. It’s not going to help anyone.

Well, we know it wouldn’t help Mingham. And questions are swirling everywhere about what Mingham had been doing with the millions of dollars he had recently obtained including hundreds of thousands of dollars from a settlement with US Bank. 

It wasn’t as if Mingham’s purposeful defraudment of Minority Females and Labor was unknown. Mingham and his staff had targeted a Muslim, in New Jersey, based only upon his religion as best I can tell. Seventy Thousand Dollars in that case, alone. And I want that to sink in, for just a moment. While the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) has ran an ALL WHITE Board of Directors since their inception over twenty five years ago, I have never been able to identify anything other than run of the mill racism. Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director, is paid over ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS per year; Miller’s salary consumes over EIGHTY ONE PERCENT of all NAMFS member dues. And for all of the fraud, waste, and abuse of and against Minority Females and Labor I have ever tracked pertaining to NAMFS Members, never was I able to identify specifically singling out people because of their religion. And there is no other logical explanation for what Mingham did, in my opinion. And at each and every step of the way, Mingham was well aware of what he was doing, as I personally brought the matter to he and Mingham stated he would address the matter.

In a hiring spree which was either the most ignorant in history or was paid for by competition circling the wagons around Assurant Field Asset Services (Assurant), Mingham brought over nearly 30+ employees of Assurant. Above and beyond the fact that Mingham knew that he was destroying the lives of these innocent men and women whom trusted him; in addition to the fact that he was already freely, willingly, and with overt intention defrauding Minority Females and Labor, Mingham was stripping away the talent which Assurant had heavily invested in by and through training. Many say that both Mingham and those employees violated countless Non Compete laws. Moreover, though, while Mingham will pocket untold millions of dollars, both his employees as well as the Boots on the Ground, whom did his work, are left hung out to dry.

Mingham’s infamous career both within and without the Mortgage Field Services Industry has always been shadowed by his apparent insecurity in himself. The genesis of Mingham’s lack of compassion might easily be tracked back to his days as a First Vice President of National Sales and Marketing for Wholesale Lending As Well As the First Vice President of Structured Transactions for Correspondent Lending, Countrywide. Countrywide, as many remember, was responsible for nearly a billion dollars in fraud wrought upon the American Taxpayer and countless lives destroyed. Countrywide’s CEO, Angelo Mozilo, along with David Sambol, its president, and Eric Sieracki, the CFO, alongside Brian Mingham, all did their best to line their pockets with cash as families and their children were made homeless. At the heart of the case was the SEC’s contention that the men didn’t tell investors the truth about Countrywide’s exposure to risky mortgages.

No, Mozilo’s fatal flaws were different. One was a desperate hunger to be No. 1, which led Countrywide into a race to the bottom as the mortgage market spiraled out of control. The other was an unwillingness to relinquish control of his baby, which led to an upheaval in Countrywide’s executive ranks at the worst possible time. In other words, the real story of what went wrong at Countrywide is a classic business tale of self-delusion, betrayal, and ambition gone awry. — Bethany McLean

And true to the training which Mingham received from his mentor, Mozilo, Mingham didn’t simply race to the bottom, Mingham drug everyone he could get his arms around, down with him. In the same way that Mingham and his cohorts forever changed the financial sector by and through mortgage backed securities, so to Mingham has changed the Mortgage Field Services Industry.

Mingham set up and followed an Industry wide scheme which was calculated to commit a plethora of crimes. First, upon FHA insured assets, Mingham altered original bids submitted by Minority Females and Labor which were, in turn, submitted to financial institutions upon the FHA 27011. That was a violation of the False Claims Act.

Easiest way to understand it is this:  Mingham asked a Misclassified Employee (Labor) for a grass cut bid. Labor submits $100. Mingham then counters with say, $80. Labor accepts. Mingham then submits the full $100 (or more). When that amount is submitted for payment, upon the FHA 27011, the financial institution submitting it becomes a conduit of fraud. The reason being is that it is being stated that Labor is being paid the $100 to perform the task and they are not.

Mingham additionally became more cleavor. Running a system of a pay when paid plus 45 days, Mingham collected monies owed to Labor and then never paid them. And Mingham did this, for years. At the height of this, there is no way that Mingham could honestly state that he was financially solvent and in fact pocketed millions of dollars as he headed out the door while continuing to churn out work orders. It was a Ponzi Scheme and more importantly, Mingham was attesting to the fact that he was paying Labor when, in fact, he knew he was not.

People like Brian Mingham are the bottom of the barrel. It is one thing to commit fraud, which Brain Mingham obviously has done. When you target people, based what appears to be their religion, this is even more horrific. And if there ever was a case for the #BlackLivesMatter movement to look at a company, this is one. What Minghman didn’t know, though, is that those properties upon which he purposefully defrauded Minority Females and Labor upon are now having Preliminary Notices of Intent To Lien filed. And while Mingham believed that his consolidation of his California and Florida operations at his love nest in Austin, Texas, would take the liability off of his shoulders, nothing could be further from the truth.

Foreclosurepedia has only begun to scratch the surface of the NRES criminality. As we begin to release the Vectra, Pacific Preservation, and CFSI Loan Management angles, heads are going to roll. As we begin to discuss the litigation with RIO Genesis in which Mingham is embroiled in, people are going to truly question how it is that Miller and NAMFS ever allowed someone like Mingham to not just work, but thrive and excel. And when we begin to discuss precisely how Pat McTaggart, Altisource; Michael Dougherty and Reed Schermer, both former Altisource and current Birdsey Group employees, and other as yet named firms assisted Mingham in defrauding Minority Females and Labor, it will pale in comparison to the National Field Network Axis of Fraud.

If you worked or are working for Brian Mingham, as an employee, you have two choices because Foreclosurepedia already has a complete list of your names and precisely what you did there. You may feel free to reach out to me and I will do my best to protect you, as a Source. You may roll the dice and end up with your name on front street and join many of your colleagues whom still beg me to take their names down pleading the Nuremberg Defense. For the Minority Females and Labor whom are owed money, if you will send Foreclosurepedia a spreadsheet with the following columns, Foreclosurepedia will do our best to assist you in getting paid including working with you to perfect your liens against Mingham and the property owners,


Foreclosurepedia is additionally looking for detailed information on Brian Mingham and his family. Specifically, we are looking for places of employment and schools they attend; we are looking for social media accounts; we are looking for current photographs; and any type of information which is available to better assist others in putting together a comprehensive profile on these people with whom Mingham may have buried his ill gotten gains. There are no innocent participants in what Mingham has done. If he bought his wife or children a car; a shirt; or dinner, that money was owed to the Minority Females and Labor he defrauded. If Mingham is donating to his local church or charity, we need that information so that the victims may contact those parties and request that they return those funds. Mingham must be made an example of by any and all legal means necessary.

Finally, Foreclosurepedia is willing to assist both employees and Labor in attempting to move forward. If you are looking for gainful employment, feel free to reach out to me, directly, and I will do everything I can to help you.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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