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Calculus of Risk: How Brian Mingham May Be Circling The Drain

Brian Mingham and National Real Estate Solutions (NRES) has been on the short end of a losing battle for nearly a year now. Dragging Mingham and NRES down, even further, is the defraudment of nearly SIXTY THOUSAND DOLLARS from a Muslim, a Jew, and a Christian. Tragic, really. We will get to that soon, though. You see, like a bad rerun of the trifecta of Pacific Preservation, Vectra, and NRES, so to Altisource has become restless. And why, one might ask? Well, Mingham has never been very efficient at keeping his House clean. In fact, simply take a read of an email Mingham delivered in hopes of silencing others whom became wise to his scams,

You see, Mingham honestly believed that he would be able to leverage Minority Females and Labor into dropping their legal claims to be paid. In fact, as you will read below, Mingham attempted to enter into a conspiracy to deprive the civil rights of two Contractors whom he simply did not want to pay. And the irony of ironies — an irony not lost upon US Bank whom recently paid Mingham hundreds of thousands of dollars in a Settlement — is that now Mingham is putting US Bank and nine other financial institutions and Industry Clients into harm’s way. Here, take a read to that which Mingham sent over and wanted to vanish as if Foreclosurepedia is a Magician with a Magical Wand,

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You see, it is this very same, reckless attitude that Mingham has carelessly displayed while in his drunken haze thinking that no one would ever come forward. And depending upon whose storyline you believe, either NRES has the most toxic work environment, in the recorded history of the Mortgage Field Services Industry, or NRES spent millions of dollars recruiting, training, and employing prima dona C Level personnel whom have all had their fill. Either way, Minority Females and Labor are joining forces with current and former NRES employees in a drama playing out publicly with multiple complaints filed with the California Department of Labor. In fact, their highest level recent hire, Denia Graham, is front and center. And Mingham was extremely clear, in voice and email, about her case. Feel free to reach out, Ms Graham, and my compliments on the exit strategy coinciding so nicely with your marriage.

Foreclosurepedia wrote substantially about Denia Graham, when Mingham bragged all over social media about onboarding her. And with her onboarding came a price tag that made many gasp. Many asked why Mingham paid so high. After all, Mingham was already strapped for funds with his Texas move and Playing House out there believing his wife did not know. More on that later. Starting at Best Assets, Graham moved to Harrington, Moran, Barksdale, Inc. (HMBI). This is the very same HMBI wherein charged serial pedophile Mickey Snow has been alleged to have anon-politicsfunneled nearly One Million Dollars in bribes upon the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Management and Marketing (M&M) Field Service Manager (FSM) Contracts, according to Mickey Snow’s former Operations Manager, Jerry Klein. This is the very same Mickey Dale Snow whom, after being apprehended during an international manhunt for charges stemming from raping two underage, handicapped girls

Graham went on to work with multiple firms embroiled in scandals over the years. Wilshire Credit Corporation, a well known robo signing fraud mill, was where Graham hung her hat during the mortgage crisis. Realizing that the run was over, Graham began dusting off her Damsel Act and later became Senior Vice President at Field Asset Solutions, the thrice sold, former Canadian foreign national, now gobbled up by Assurant. She was CEO at Tenant Access in Austin, TX; Executive Operations at BLB Resources, the very same folks whom HUDs Procurement Law Division gave protective, pre award directives for; and later became Vice President of the now infamous Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS).

Since at least early 2016, we now know that the employees of NRES were subjected to a House of Horrors. And if you were a woman, the reality is that you were a piece of meat to be belittled and slammed at the slightest hint of problems which were almost always out of your control. Threats of violence including threats to shoot people with firearms was pointed out by a source speaking on condition of anonymity. That source was very clear in the picture painted about Mingham and how the day-to-day operations unfolded. And while normally many may cast this aside as a disgruntled employee, the reality is that there are records attesting to the fact that one woman, in particular, experienced such a hostile work environment that her doctor issued an indefinite work hiatus. And as the collateral bodies began to pile up, employees such as Louis Mora — critical to the bid writing infrastructure at NRES — joined others in the mass exodus. A handful of months ago, it was as if Moses walked through the NRES California Headquarters and Mingham’s employees left with only the clothes on their bodies as they awoke and realized that the Emperor Wore No Clothes.

Since 2016, Mingham’s personal empire had been dramatically waning. Pacific Preservation and Vectra had both gone along the wayside it what strikes me as a feeble attempt to consolidate operations in a price cutting maneuver. It was an abysmal failure.

For years, Brian Mingham has been haunted by his lack of ability to meaningfully secure long term contracts within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. He has an absolute hatred for Eric Miller, the NAMFS Executive Director. Mingham has been quite vocal in saying that when Mingham attempted to join NAMFS, Miller refused to allow it in because Mingham did not have enough time in the Industry. In essence, Miller castrated Mingham and did such in front of everybody. And while Mingham may be sincere in his statement his actions project themselves as emanating from a man torn between a failing marriage and chemical dependency — whether those chemicals are narcotics or mental hygiene imbalance, I do not know. Mingham certainly pissed off the wrong people at US Bank when he and others, like Liberty Resolution Corporation (LRC), were told they no longer had Contracts as Prime Vendors. Foreclosurepedia covered the shifting of Awards to Matt Martin at the then Matt Martin Real Estate Management (MMREM) and now Chronos.

Over the coming days, Foreclosurepedia is going to tell the tale of a pregnant girl; a divorce; and a financially insolvent company in shambles. And the true shifting of the sands is the simple and salient point that even Mingham’s own family have chosen to speak to outsiders as they can no longer speak to he.

You owe Sixty Thousand Dollars to religious men, Mr Mingham. And should you chose to continue not paying, I will have the last laugh as even bankruptcy will not protect your funds from the litigation coming. These are not common folk parading around as Contractors. They are businessmen. You will come to the same conclusion that Carolyn Reaves, of Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS) did when she chose to pay my associate Bennett Vinson. I am merely the Scribe and as we both know those written details from the Oculus days are best left unread in public.

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