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This entry is part 27 of 29 in the series NAMFS Offender Member Fraud
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AIM Your Way Rebrands Themselves As InspectQ Property Preservation

This entry is part 27 of 29 in the series NAMFS Offender Member Fraud

Suzanne Golden, the former CEO whom collapsed her father’s business, AIM Your Way, was down at the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) conference hocking her wares like street urchin from a Charles Dickens novel, last week. Golden’s latest reincarnation is InspectQ Property Preservation. While normally nothing new in that National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Members are always bankrupting out and then spinning back up with the blessing of NAMFS Executive Director, Eric Miller, Golden’s latest evolution most assuredly borders on the criminal. So, who was AIM Your Way and Suzanne Golden? Glad you asked. Founded in 1986, AIM Your Way, LLC (AIM) wasa nationwide field services company, owned by its parent company, America’s InfoMart, Inc. And it is on that note that many wonder precisely what is going to happen and if or when either company will make good on their debt owed to Minority Females and Labor. I want that last statement to sink in. While Suzanne and Anthony Golden own AIM Your Way. And at no point have they been willing to pay what they owe to Minority Females or Labor as they cash out their Golden Parachutes on the way out the door in their limousines. Suzanne brags about taking over from her father, whom has since retired. And in a matter of only a few years, the Golden’s, accompanied by — and you are going to love this one — Stephen Edwards, whom their website identifies as The Enforcer, ran Suzanne’s father’s company into the ground in only a handful of years. And it is precisely this grandstanding attitude which put AIM Your Way into the position that AIM Your Way found themselves in.

As you read, in the above photo, InspectQ is stating that they have the legal right to move the personally identifiable information (PII) on 32,000+ Contractors to whomever the highest bidder is. That, alone, should send alarm bells off for many of the Minority Females and Labor whom have already had their fill of the NAMFS Regime. Make no mistake whatsoever that these financial arsonists are using your personal information to make a dollar without your permission. In fact, here is what Golden had to say as she was cashing in her Golden parachute and sticking it to those waiting to get paid,

I hope all is well with you and yours. I wanted to touch base with you to let you know that effective Friday, October 27, 2017, AIM will be closing their doors. This was a tough decision for Suzanne and Anthony as they love AIM and all that comes with it. Compression in the market proved to be more of a challenge than anticipated. I personally know that they have appreciated you and your team for all the effort in the field.  Any work orders that you currently have need to be completed with results submitted no later than Friday, October, 27 2017. Please understand that AIM cannot honor invoices for work completed after October 27, 2017. It has been a pleasure getting to know you as well. Should we pop up somewhere new, we will be sure to reach out to you.

And pop up again, Golden did. InspectQ is an interesting creature. First, they are under the control of the former Nationstar – Mr Cooper umbrella. I say former, as Nationstar just sold out to WMIH Corp. which was formerly Washington Mutual Inc., the parent of Washington Mutual Bank. But Washington Mutual was seized by the Office of Thrift Supervision in 2008, and the bank-holding company filed for bankruptcy. How is that for some confidence. And while Nationstar is the same old group of fraudsters whom nearly took down the global economy, it is their control of InspectQ which should have the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and their Office of the Inspector General (OIG) preparing a cell for Suzanne Golden.

Suzanne Golden’s InspectQ is under the clear command and control of Nationstar – Mr Cooper. One of the items which Golden was pitching was FHA inspections for six dollars a pop. That is a roughly seventy three percent price deduction. Clearly, it is illegal for a servicer of FHA insured properties to make a profit from pass through expenses of which Golden was attempting to do.

What is even more interesting is the fact that Xome is working with Golden to assist with her spinning up. ICANN records show that Leonard Posos, Xome Inc., is the one building Golden’s website. Posos has a long and storied history with the Mortgage Field Services Industry in that he used to work directly for Lender Processing Services (LPS). In his current evolution, Posos listed Xome Inc. on the registration of Golden’s — still incomplete and insecure — InspectQ website. Posos fails to list Xome Inc. on his LinkedIn page and instead camouflaged their name with Real Estate Digital (RED).  Who is Xome? Glad you asked. Xome Real Estate and Auction Licensing is a one stop shop for buying and selling real estate. In fact, Xome is owned by Nationstar. Xome oversees hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate assets listed, for sale, or pending auction, at any given time. Why Nationstar and Xome would risk losing their servicing rights to FHA insured properties by apparently engaging in a scheme to profit from FHA pass through expenses is just about as ignorant as working with Suzanne Golden. And now that Xome is directly tied to Suzanne Golden, by and through InspectQ; now that Nationstar – Mr Cooper – WMIH are tied directly to InspectQ and Suzanne Golden, hundreds of millions of dollars, including mortgage originations, are at stake. Interestingly, this is what the Xome website has to say about their legality for operating in the State of New York, whom apparently must have found their own reasons to bar their entry into the New York financial space,

This site is not authorized by the New York State Department of Financial Services.  No mortgage loan applications for properties located in the state of New York will be accepted through this site.

Many are asking how it is that the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) have no issues with Nationstar profiting from their own HUD – FHA pass through expenses. Are officials being bribed? Is anyone even keeping track of where the billions upon billions of dollars are going? And if there ever were a time to launch a full scale investigation into the graft, greed, and corruption which Suzanne Golden and her family represent, now is that time. Over the coming days, we are going to ensure that the American Public, including both Minority Females and Labor, are forewarned about InspectQ and the criminality they and Nationstar represent. Even if HUD Secretary Ben Carson is terrified to challenge privileged white fraudsters, Foreclosurepedia always is always a Beacon of Light in the Wilderness as a Friend of Labor.

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