The Financial Insolvency of National Field Network Highlights Fannie Mae Leadership Problems

Over Twenty Thousand Counts Of Fraud And Climbing Against NFN As Ken Carroll Stands By His Man And Holds Minority Females And Labor Out To Dry.

National Field Network (NFN) is the Enron of the Mortgage Field Services Industry. And Shari Nott is the rebirth of Ken Lay. The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) is the neutered regulator which allowed for the financial weaponization of fraudulent work orders which decimated Minority Females and Labor. To that point, since 2014, Eric Miller, the NAMFS Executive Director whose annual salary consumes over EIGHTY ONE PERCENT of all NAMFS Member dues — $120,240 per year — has refused to allow for any oversight other than upon Minority Females and Labor much like a plantation owner in the Deep South. In fact, as the fraud committed against Minority Females climbs, so to does Eric Miller’s salary and portion of NAMFS member dues required to cover it. In 2014, Miller’s salary consumed only seventy percent of NAMFS member dues. And since his crowning as NAMFS Executive Director, Miller has received multiple $10,000 per year raises commensurate, it would seem to me, to the fraud committed by Offender Members. NAMFS has had a long and horrific legacy of allowing its NAMFS Offender Members defraud tens of millions of dollars. It’s most famous example was that of its own NAMFS Secretary, Heather Berghorst. Foreclosurepedia brought to light Berghorst’s millions in fraud against Minority Females and Labor and yet still refused to remove her from their Board. Moreover, though, NAMFS knew that Berghorst already had a previous bankruptcy. Even after her second bankruptcy, NAMFS still stood by their girl. They couldn’t afford not to — literally as her money helped pay for Miller’s salary, in part. Fifth Third Bank sued Berghorst for Willful and Malicious Fraud and NAMFS stood by her. Finally, even the federal bankruptcy court tossed out part of her case and still Eric Miller refused to protect victims and kept her safely with the NAMFS Board mantle of authority. The problem is that in the multi-billion dollar Mortgage Field Services Industry, there is ZERO Regulation and even less oversight by the dispenser of US Taxpayer funds, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

And in similar fashion, NFN’s attorney, Victor A Deutch, is spearheading the charge to destroy Minority Females and Labor.

If you believe that Foreclosurepedia is not in the trenches combatting Vic the Douche, simply type VICTOR A DEUTCH into Google. Foreclosurepedia controls the second entry on Page One.

This is a link to the fifty nine percent completed NFN Fraud Lien Map. It documents over 20,000+ assets which Shari Nott and National Field Network refused to pay Minority Females and Labor upon as she pocketed US Taxpayer money.

And to this day, former NFN employees, from the Recruiters to the Processors, all use the Nuremberg Defense in that they were all following orders and had no idea what was going on. I want that to sink in, for a moment. Millions of dollars in fraud; employees social security numbers hacked and many reporting over the past several days that others have filed tax returns in their name; and no one is to blame. Other than one employee there, it serves them right for what they did to Minority Females and Labor. Karma. And all the while, approaching the innocent men and women with fancy words and dangling pennies on the dollar in front of them, Vic the Douche has financially raped victims, for years. The Douche continued this, to the tune of untold tens of millions of dollars, potentially, while fattening his pocket and keeping NFN fraudulently afloat. It was a shell game. And Fannie Mae, represented by Ken Carroll, allowed the landing of these contracts, which required absolutely no due diligence nor financial oversight to be performed upon NFN. Flood the Industry with work orders at such a level that the flurry of activity was nearly impossible to keep track of has always been the hallmark of a NAMFS Offender Member. Control the accounting and tracking of the work orders so that Minority Females and Labor have no reliable records to contest payments was precisely how Shari Nott ran NFN. Forestall any payments, by and through a strategy of fraudulent chargebacks and renegotiated bids, continues to be the name of the game with The Douche. Bringing in Deutch, to leverage settlements for pennies on the dollar, for any debt outstanding is a hard job to do alone. And if you ask me, my opinion is that The Douche did not get there alone.

Fannie Mae’s lawyer, Ken Carroll, of Carrington, Coleman, Sloman & Blumenthal, LLP, was a federal prosecutor. Carroll was tasked with protecting Americans; Carroll was specifically appointed to protect Minority Females and Labor from people like Shari Nott. Carroll, both as a former federal prosecutor and an officer of the court took an oath and upon that oath, Carroll has miserably failed. Carroll has intimate experience with investigating the fraud, waste, and abuse which the contractual arrangements between his Client, Fannie Mae, and National Field Network had. What I cannot understand is how Ken Carroll would choose the disenfranchisement of those least able to protect themselves in favor of ruining the lives of innocent Minority Females and Labor. And to that point, the Internet is taking note, as well. A simple Google search for KEN CARROLL FANNIE MAE places our NFN Fraud Story on Page One even before his own, professional page.

Racism 101. Two WHITE lawyers, serving WHITE #Fraudsters, whom the first outright defrauded Minority Females and Labor and the other most assuredly has been both silent and recalcitrant in helping victims. That is the legacy The Douche and Carroll are leaving for their families. I mean how do you explain to your family and members of your church — yes, Foreclosurepedia is tracking down where Carroll attends to speak with his congregation — that you make money upon victims whom have already been violated by financial terrorists?!

The Douche, Shari Nott, and Chris Crandell kept this smoke and mirrors production rolling until Foreclosurepedia finally forced a margin call on them in January, 2018. That margin call was a shot heard throughout the Industry and within 48 hours of pulling the proverbial trigger, NFN closed their doors — or so Victor A Deutch lied about, as an officer of the court. You see, The Douche stated that National Field Network would close their doors on the 5th of February, 2018, and file bankruptcy thereafter. That didn’t happen. And as I believe, Victor A Deutch violated the American Bar Association’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct as I believe he purposefully lied.

Fannie Mae has an extremely large scale problem. They are staring down hundreds of millions of dollars of pending liens upon US Government properties insured by the Federal Housing Agency (FHA) which is part of HUD. Even HUD admits that what happened here violated the False Claims Act. When asked to step in, here is what HUD had to say,

It’s not a matter of preference.  Outside of HUD OIG and FHEO, HUD has very little investigative authority.  I agree that what you are referring to would potentially be a False Claims Act violation.  However, FCA falls under the investigative authority of DOJ and not HUD.

FHA insures mortgages and upon those policies financial institutions file FHA 27011 claims when properties go into foreclosure. Additionally, HUD oversees, by in large, the reverse mortgage sector. In the case of NFN, many of the properties involved were both FHA insured and reverse mortgages. In fact, RMS handles almost only reverse mortgages. HUD appears to be saying that they do not have the ability to search through the nearly FIFTY THOUSAND ADDRESSES Foreclosurepedia has made available upon which Minority Females and Labor have been defrauded for services rendered. This is what HUD had to say, sidestepping the fact that they could easily search addresses and help,

At this point, I have handed it over to HUD’s National Servicing Center (NSC), who interfaces directly with the mortgagees.  They likely will be applying some pressure to the mortgagees to get the non-payment issues resolved so that liens are not placed prior to HUD conveyance on any of the FHA inventory.  I remain cautiously optimistic that if not NFN, that the mortgagees will step up and do the right thing, since NFN has essentially come forward as part of the settlement and admitted that the services were performed by their subcontractors uncompensated.

No one has stepped forward, though. The Douche is still parading around thumbing his nose at victims; Carroll continues to prove, yet again, how callous privileged white men are when it comes to the victimization of Minority Females. And I took special notice that Carroll specializes in white collar crime. So, the question that really presents is why Fannie Mae retained him and moreover, why he was carbon copied in the threats to me by The Douche. To date, Carroll has not disavowed himself from him other than to say, I am not co counsel with him.

The millions of dollars of fraud which NFN has committed and was overseen by Deutch was not a singularity which happened in a vacuum. And Ken Carroll being carbon copied upon The Douche’s Cease and Desist letter to Foreclosurepedia was not coincidence, either. The lies and artifices which perpetuated the fraudulent perception that NFN was a legitimate company, were just that. Fannie Mae and Reverse Mortgage Solutions (RMS) could have prevented the financial arsonists, on day one, had anyone obeyed the law and financially audited NFN.  and demanded proof that those actually performing the work were actually being paid. And that is the dirty secret which people like Carroll does not want put out in the open. While Carroll denies that he was working with Deutch, the fact of the matter is that Carroll has given no reason why Deutch carbon copied he on Deutch’s threats against a member of the media.

The outright attempt to have a chilling effect upon free speech which Deutch levied, with Carroll alongside and not disagreeing, is repugnant to the very law blog he contributes to. In fact, Sua Sponte, maintains a plethora of articles penned by Carroll which pertain to the Texas Citizens Participation Act (TCPA), which cover the legal right of Texans to publicly opine upon public interest issues without fear of reprisal or what are commonly referred to as Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP) litigation.

Without the enormous umbrella of protection which NAMFS and its membership provided, NFN would never have been able to have perpetrated the level of fraud which they did. Shari Nott’s incredibly brazen and massively scaled effort was clearly a systematic and professionally orchestrated campaign to defraud Minority Females and Labor. And while we are talking about NFN today, I have brought nearly two dozen of these identical cases to light over the past five years. It is almost impossible for any senior executives at Fannie Mae or RMS not to have known what was going on.

National Field Network was directly involved in the millions of dollars which Buczek Enterprises, still a CURRENT NAMFS MEMBER, perpetuated against Minority Females and Labor. In fact, the Buczek Enterprises collapse began with the same language as National Field Network’s did less than a month ago,

To clarify its a liquidation of extra fixed assets now that there are only a few staff members remaining (computers, equipment from in house field crews, etc.). Those staff members are the ones working on the A/R side of the house to ensure we continue to receive revenue that BE [Buczek Enterprises] will continue to pay out. I can promise that no one here, including any of the advisors and legal counsel helping the family, want the company or the owners to personally file BK. They are working on getting the money that BE is owed in the door and out to the liabilities that are outstanding. Absolute #1 top priority.

Buczek Enterprises, a NAMFS Offender Member, closed their doors after National Field Network refused to pay them. I wrote over 100 articles about it. The alarm bells were everywhere and the NAMFS Executive Director, Eric Miller, was contacted dozens of times by myself and victims. Miller simply continued to take his cut of the fraudulent funds in the form of his salary. It also began one of the largest investigation that Altisource, a foreign national and former subsidiary of Ocwen, ever conducted. Foreclosurepedia worked with Altisource’s former Associate General Counsel, for over a year and with dozens of emails and phone calls, and at the end of the day? Not a damn thing was done. He went on to work for yet another foreclosure mill, just like all of the NFN staff have — more on that in a moment.

I have a hatred for lawyers. Any kind of lawyer. There was a reason that our Founding Fathers ensured that no one may ever practice law while holding a public office. Lawyers are far worse than serial pedophiles as they are some of the most predatory subhumans to walk the face of the earth. It wasn’t just the lawyers at Altisource that destroyed a generation of Minority Females and Labor. Officials at HUD have admitted, in writing, that NFN’s actions are nearly textbook violations of the False Claims Act. And those same HUD officials have stated that investigations have revealed that NFN fully admitted that it knowingly refused to pay for services rendered.

SEAS, a NAMFS Offender Member, perpetrated yet another multi-million dollar fraud upon Minority Females and Labor. Altisource was directly involved. HUD properties were directly involved. None of the victims were ever paid according to their contract and most were never paid at all. And yet again, just like Buczek Enterprises, Boyd Property Preservation, AIM Your Way, National Field Network — the list goes on and on — none file bankruptcy and pocket all the money on the way out.


If you saw your neighbor abusing his wife or child, you would report it. If you found a box or item unattended in Union Station, you would report it. Is it excusable, then, that those whom have active knowledge of criminal conspiracies be allowed to keep their mouths shut simply so that they may profit? This includes the workers of all of the #FraudFest firms Foreclosurepedia has ever written upon. And that is the part I do not understand. You have these very same employees whom leave firms like National Field Network popping up everywhere, under a new company name, and setting up shop like they never did anything wrong. Bluestone Management is one of them.

The Mortgage Field Services Industry is a broken system haphazardly thrown together in a pre-compliance era. The dysfunctional environment within which today’s work orders are issued are, in fact, a fast track for liability. Strike that. The reason there is zero advancement, from an administrative or technological point-of-view, is that fraud is preordained. Moreover, though, when coupled with the process of charging back a victim for services already rendered three years ago upon a work order today deserves a grand jury indictment when it uses US Taxpayer money.

How is it, precisely, that the US Government pays out a claim on the FHA 27011 and then allows its Prime Vendor to reclaim that money back from a victim and that money not be returned to the US Government?

In fact, Carroll, whom represents Fannie Mae, is in possession of spreadsheet totalling nearly one million dollars in debt, owed to innocent victims, which he and Fannie Mae refuse to pay. Fannie Mae and RMS freely, willingly, and with overt intention chose not to properly investigate their Prime Vendor, National Field Network. And when you talk about a cesspool, Mayopoulos is up to his neck in it. Parading around as a liberal, Mayopoulos was banging Cincinnati-based Fifth Third Bancorp’s former chief legal officer, Heather Russell. And all bullshit aside, Fifth Third Bancorp has one hell of a financial interest in Fannie Mae and its sibling company, Freddie Mac, selling off mortgages which get — and you are going to love it as this is a repeat of 2008 — bundled into securities guaranteed by the government. While Fifth Third canned the adulteress, Russell, they kept Mayopoulos whom had known Mayopoulos since his Bank of America days from where he moved on to Fannie Mae. Screwing people for money — or contracts — seems to be the name of the game in the Industry. Fannie Mae and RMS’s refusal to property perform due diligence strikes me as the lynchpin to establishing their legal liability. The problem is that while Carroll and Mayopoulos are raking in yet THREE BILLION MORE DOLLARS from the US Government, last week, in yet more assistance, their victims are not. Minority Females and Labor are terrified because they do not know if or how they will purchase formula for their infants and children.

Fannie Mae and RMS did not properly oversee the fiduciary relationship between they and NFN. Additionally, because both Fannie Mae and RMS were, in many cases, utilizing federal funds and causing for information to be passed through for recording upon the FHA 27011 insurance claim forms, their legal and ethical duties to US Taxpayers proved to be the quintessential definition of moral hazard. In fact, Fannie Mae and RMS became conduits of fraud, by legal definition.

Fannie Mae and RMS have consistently taken a sanctimonious posture, pretending that it was not they whom were engaged in predatory behavior. At best, this is bullshit. In reality, as people like Brad Phillips and Amy Rutstein, both Fannie Mae executives, smile with glee as they pocket their paychecks and proverbially spit upon the Minority Females and Labor they shunned as they paid out National Field Network, many have had enough.

Foreclosurepedia has been documenting how several Misclassified Employees began filing liens upon properties. The first round of liens represent nearly $6 Million worth of properties on just 24 filings. Ken Carroll and the boys will get copies of those Notices To Owners in the coming days. All told, the liens look to eclipse nearly $114 Million worth of properties.

You may wonder why I said Misclassified Employees. Well, we have three federal court ruling that there are no contractors in this Industry. In fact, Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS), paid millions to settle their case as seven federal jury verdicts out of 150+ came down awarding $2.2 Million against Assurant Field Asset Services. The MCS settlement was classic in how NAMFS Offender Members address crimes. When Caroline Reaves, the CEO at Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS), a National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Member, woke up the other day, after taking it deep up the financial ass from Bennett Vinson in Bennett Vinson v. Asset Management Specialists Inc et al., she knew that her legal team had to act quick to stem the tide of Minority Females and Labor actually believing that she had fucked them over. What we are discussing is the fact that there are no Contractors in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Federal Court rulings have made clear — 50 pages worth of clear — that Contractors are employees. In what is commonly referred to as the W2 vs W9 Litigation, several big names have paid tens of millions of dollars. They are Buczek Enterprises, Assurant Field Asset Services, and now MCS. Buczek Enterprises folded after Foreclosurepedia reported upon millions of dollars in fraud overseen by NAMFS Executive Director, Eric Miller, and during the same period of time the NAMFS Secretary, Heather Berghorst left office due to millions in fraud upon Minority Females and Labor while owner at Berghorst Enterprises. In fact, Foreclosurepedia is the first spot, on Page One of Google when you search BERGHORST ENTERPRISES. Miller refused to take any action against either NAMFS Member and Buczek Enterprises is still a NAMFS Member today!Instead of amending their bad behavior, they forced everyone to sign a new contract stating no one would ever sue them,

From: Vendorcompliance doc <>
Date: Mon, Dec 11, 2017 at 1:32 PM
Subject: Exhibit 1 Instructions
To:  [Redacted]

Good afternoon,

Since sending out the revised MCS Field Service Agreement on December 6th, 2017, we’ve received some questions regarding how to complete the Exhibit 1 document.  To make things easier to understand and avoid any further confusion, we have created the instructional diagram below.

Please reference these instructions prior to returning the requested documents to MCS.  The fully executed file returned to MCS should include initials on all pages as well as signature page executed on the “Field Service Agreement”  Only.

As referenced on pg. 15 in section 17 item 6 g in the revised MCS FSA, “Contractor shall require all of its Contractor Personnel to execute a binding Arbitration Agreement containing a class action waiver including the same terms as the Arbitration Agreement attached hereto as Exhibit 1.”  When adhering to this requirement, your business entity is the “Company” and your sub-contractors are the “Worker”, referenced in the Exhibit 1 agreement.  Your company will retain these documents in your files for sub-contractors.

Thank you,

Vendor Compliance

Mortgage Contracting Services, LLC.

(813) 387-1081 Direct; (813) 387-1100 Main

Did you notice that new part about no Class Action participation? I am glad you did. So, for several years, I have predicted the multi million dollar payout MCS was going to have to make. It is coming on the heels of over two million dollars in jury verdicts against Assurant Field Asset Services (Assurant) in only a handful of over 100+ pending plaintiffs. And I want to dwell on that for just a moment. Even if you do NOT have a Contract with MCS, those whom do will force you to waive your Class Action rights! That means ALL Carrington work going forward and honestly, much of the work in the Industry today.

So, let’s review this for a moment. Many will remember Foreclosurepedia breaking the story about the Hurst v Buczek Enterprises case wherein Brad Hurst was paid an undisclosed settlement, “…in the six figures…” based upon his allegations that he was an Employee and not a Contractor. Thomas Duckworth, DPLO, sharpened his teeth on that case several years back. And like a typical ambulance chaser, Duckworth learned quick how to pimp out Labor.

Then, we had Fred Bowerman sue Assurant. Fred and Julia Bowerman were employed by Field Asset Services (FAS) and covered 16 counties of California for FAS beginning in 2007 and ending with their placement into inactive status in 2012. During the course of their employment by FAS, the Bowermans became enlightened to the fact that they and tens of thousands of other Contractors were getting the shaft. The shaft, though, was not just from FAS. It was from each and every Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services and others. Work Orders are assigned 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The Bowerman’s and most Contractors are required to complete work orders within 72 hours of receipt. FAS and all NAMFS Members are required to follow certain protocols, participate in unpaid training, perform Background Checks at Contractor expense and follow precise NAMFS Member’s procedures without exception.

And now you have the Vinson ruling which awarded millions of dollars, by my opinion. It is different from Bowerman, though. Bowerman had the balls to go to a jury trial to make sure all Minority Females and Labor were able to benefit from the Ruling. Not Vinson. This isn’t a victory for Labor. Vinson fucked Labor far worse than a pack of scabs. In fact, because of Vinson, Labor stands to lose tens of millions of dollars, now! You see, that is why 29 December 2017 is so important to MCS. They MUST have all risk of litigation disposed of in order to maintain their current THREE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR LOAN which they took to buy Asset Management Specialists (AMS) several years ago. And what a whale that was! Look, Moody’s was kind in their assessment. Standard and Poor’s was blunt and cranked the heat up in their projections.

And if anyone has any belief that anything short of long and lengthy prison sentences will change how Eric Miller and his NAMFS Offender Members operate, they are sadly mistaken.

It is not going to get better. In fact, I have predicted, for awhile now, that we are going to end up with a body count if the Industry does not become regulated. My predictions had Eric Miller and NAMFS attempt — and fail — to sue me, several years ago. And should anyone think that there are not racial issues, go no further to the latest racial discrimination litigation against Ocwen and Altisource, filed in federal court, after HUD did what they always do best — not a goddamn thing.

Today, the National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA) and 19 fair housing organizations from across the country filed a housing discrimination lawsuit in federal district court in Chicago, IL against Deutsche Bank; Deutsche Bank National Trust; Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas; Ocwen Financial Corp.; and Altisource Portfolio Solutions, Inc. Ocwen and Altisource are the servicer and property management company responsible for maintaining and marketing a large number of Deutsche Bank’s properties.

Go no further than how HUD Management and Marketing (M&M) Field Service Manager (FSM) Prime Vendors like Purdy Enterprise, under the leadership of Mitch Davidson, are capable of inserting anti whistleblower provisions into their subcontracts. Davidson, suspected by Foreclosurepedia for committing collusion with Market Ready in the award of multi-million dollar awards, continues to lead the charge of everything which is immoral and unethical when it comes to HUD contracting.

It wasn’t simply that Davidson was the Vice President of Business Development at Market Ready, a direct competitor with Purdy Enterprise, and wrote the HUD M&M FSM Competitive Contract for Market Ready before leaving, at the last moment, to work for Purdy Enterprise. It wasn’t simply the fact that Davidson wrote the Purdy Enterprise HUD M&M FSM Competitive Contract at the same time he wrote Market Ready’s contract. It was the simple and salient fact that Market Ready was the first company in the HISTORY of HUD M&M Contracting to NOT protest a Size Challenge. And there is NO WAY IN HELL Davidson didn’t know that the contract he was submitting, under a Small Business Set Aside, was illegal.

The questions which begin to present are precisely how far Davidson and Purdy will go to violate the constitutionally guaranteed civil rights of Minority Females and Labor. I used to believe that this was simply boilerplate language which Davidson authorized. A recent reading of the Purdy Enterprise Contract, though, rapidly dispelled that. They have a Disparagement Clause which should strike fear into anyone whom has ever felt the wrath of White America. Moreover, though, if you are female, you had better commit yourself to being raped and keeping your mouth shut lest Purdy Enterprise sue you. And if you believe that it ends when you leave their involuntary servitude, guess again as it is effective FOREVER!

Subcontractor agrees and commits to not disparage, denigrate, defame, discredit, dishonor, injure, or otherwise communicate negatively about PE, directly or indirectly, while this Agreement is active and thereafter. This clause applies to both oral and written communications, including social media and other online type postings. […] The only exception for this section shall be if Subcontractor makes truthful statements about PE when compelled by court order, legal proceeding, or otherwise required by law.​ — Purdy Enterprise Disparagement Clause

Let that sink in for a moment. If you ever go to law enforcement, for any reason whatsoever, Purdy Enterprise will sue you if they do not like the reason — there is that Disparagement Clause.

For nearly a decade, Foreclosurepedia has documented the fraud and corruption spearheaded by Eric Miller and NAMFS. We have shown, time and again, how HUD has failed both US Taxpayers and those performing services upon FHA insured properties. And even though Secretary Ben Carson heeded Foreclosurepedia’s advice to change the keys on its assets to protect them from theft, the reality is that Carson himself is as far detached from the day-to-day operations as he is from keeping his family out of the government coffers. That is part of this weekend’s Foreclosurepedia Podcast.

There is no justice. More importantly, though, racism is rampant. In fact, NAMFS has had an ALL WHITE Board of Directors since its founding over 25 years ago. No Minority has ever held an office within NAMFS. And at the end of the day, every single reported case of fraud Foreclosurepedia has reported upon has been committed by white owners. Add to that the simple and salient fact that it has always been only white lawyers representing the white people, it certainly makes for a white wash.

If you are a journalist and would like to review the material and speak with dozens of witnesses, feel free to reach out to me directly.

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