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Labor Begins To Leave National Field Representatives

When The Royal Cossinghams, owners of National Field Representatives (NFR), began slow paying Minority Females and Labor it began to send a message to Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Reverse Mortgage Solutions (RMS) that they may have another National Field Network (NFN) on their hands. In fact, in the pitches NFR made to FNMA and RMS, Hank Cossingham and others promised the world in hopes that they could scale up, behind the scenes, in order to make payments upon an enormous loan they took out to — and wait until you hear this — buy a bank to tear it down. I am not bullshitting you. The now deceased Steve Cossingham along with Hank and the rest of the despotic Cossinghams took out a loan to tear down a bank to expand their offices. The only problem was that the loan was taken out at a retail percentage basis rate and the volumes in the Mortgage Field Services Industry began to tank.

NFR receives, via email, spreadsheets demanding chargebacks and/or adjustments. While some are researched, the reality is that NFR does not challenge Wells Fargo and, in fact, is complicit with the shakedowns. There are no legal documents, such as a HUD Demand Letter. In fact, the only thing that Minority Females or Labor are presented with is the good faith of yet another National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Offender Member that NFR is entitled to take any money they see fit, regardless of the timeframe and from what unique and independent contract that they want.

The beginning of the end set in after Steve Cossingham died. And back in April, 2017, when the Cossingham’s forced their workers to watch Steve’s funeral procession roll by the NFR Headquarters, it was like a Grecian Tragedy where wailers were being paid to line the streets. Everything pertaining to NFR, including Steve’s life and death, has been artificial. And while initially, NFR simply began an arbitrary and capricious chargeback scheme. It is a scheme as you cannot steal money from a separate property to pay upon a prior one. Either the work order is a contract, unique and distinct, or all work orders are meaningless. The Cossingham Scheme, as I call it, was based this upon an internal email sent to a former NFR Contractor, from Hank Cossingham, when the Contractor questioned precisely how NFR came up with the chargeback and demanded proof, which NFR was unable to provide. Here is what NFR had to say,

Samantha told me that you are looking for Info showing Well’s chargeback request.

Below are the answers that I got from Wendy and Shelby in Invoicing and from Brad in Preservation in reference to a rep’s request to see documentation that the mortgage company requested the chargeback not just NFR.

Read below the explanations that I received

Hi Hank,

I have conferred with Shelby and here is our best explanation of how we receive our charge backs.

What we get from WF are spreadsheets containing hundreds of records/data with either a bill back or adjustment, which we then research and dispute or agree with if warranted.  There is no specific individual document, like a HUD Demand letter specific to an loan, that we could send. We have never had this request before and these spreadsheets can not be sent to the rep as there is nothing listed that tells the rep which record is theirs, as the spreadsheets do not contain addresses or our unique account numbers, they only contain invoice number and loan numbers and lots of other data specific to WF and NFR.  Also there is nothing that shows, to the rep, that it came from WF as it comes to us in an email as an Excel document attachment.

We COULD provide the text from the BillBack reason from WF.  It is not on letterhead but included in a cell in a (disgustingly) much larger spreadsheet.  I do not think that will satisfy a contractor as we could have simply written it. 

Hank Cossingham

Contractor Services Department

Vice President

National Field Representatives, Inc

Additionally, NFR is going back over FOUR YEARS for chargebacks now! This was admitted to by Hank Cossingham. So, I want this to sink in, for just a moment. NFR just stated, “[T]hese spreadsheets can not be sent to the rep as there is nothing listed that tells the rep which record is theirs, as the spreadsheets do not contain addresses or our unique account numbers. NFR is admitting, in writing, that there is no way to track what chargeback comes from where. They are also now going back FOUR YEARS on chargebacks. And Brad Cossingham, whom penned the reply about the BillBack statement, admitted that NFR could easily just write whatever they wanted and most contractors would not believe it.

This is not simply that NFR is complicit in the fraudulent transference of wealth from Minority Females and Labor, NFR is admitting that from a forensic financial audit point-of-view, they have no way of reconciling their accounting.

So, could it get any worse? Glad you asked. National Field Representatives are now demanding a TWENTY FIVE PERCENT DISCOUNTING upon all work from Minority Females and Labor. Think about that. Twenty five cents, on each and every dollar, are now to be paid back to NFR for doing nothing except keeping records to come after your money four years from now. And here is the play,

Steve, Brad, and Hank cooked up the great recipe for botulism fraud. It was one part of buying a bank to tear it down for an egotistical expansion; one part illegal chargeback; and one part of discounting which is a federal felony under the Copeland Act.

To properly examine what is going on, we need go no further than look at National Association of Field Service Technicians (NAMFS) like a Cartel.  Wells Fargo, the very same Wells Fargo whom has committed felonies for years, is the Boss. Firms like NFR, Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS) and other National and Regional Order Mills function as consiglieres to the Mafia Boss and the Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills are the underbosses issuing out work orders to the foot soldiers. While even sitting Presidents are not granted documentary immunity, NFR admitted, in writing, that they could not, or would not, produce documents which gave them the authority to systematically loot Minority Females and Labor.

By way of comparison, the millions in fraud which National Field Network looted and additionally considering the Brain Mingham – National Real Estate Solutions, now CFSI Loan Management – Vectra – Pacific Preservation Axis of Evil fraud, the crash and burn of National Field Representatives will be #Epic. And if you think that NFR is simply destroying the lives of Minority Females and Labor in our Industry, take a read from a federal lawsuit filed against the Cossinghams,

65. Pursuant to this, NFR then, through its own actions or through the actions of its agent and/or contractor, took steps to break into the plaintiffs’ home and lock the plaintiffs out of it.

66. Wells Fargo benefitted by the actions of NFR or its agents and/or contractors by NFR’s acts to secure the Premises Wells Fargo believed abandoned, thereby, in Wells Fargo’s estimation, protecting their interest in the Premises.

To say that the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) is ethically challenged is putting it mildly. Never has a Trade Association found itself and its Membership embroiled in so many overt felonies and outright racism as NAMFS is today, under the direction of Eric Miller. And never has it been more important for Labor to gather round and begin to picket and demonstrate against both Eric Miller and Altisource. Miller’s over One Hundred and Twenty Two Thousand Dollar Per Year salary consumes over EIGHTY ONE PERCENT of all NAMFS Member dues and is directly linked to the financial insolvency NAMFS is experiencing. That is up from on 71 percent only a few years ago. Part of this is the $10,000 per year salary increases for Miller and the other part is the abysmal failure of Miller to retain members or grow new ones.

Fact of the matter is that NAMFS is terrified. Foreclosurepedia has systematically bankrupted out many of its pivotal players — $139 Million worth to be precise over the past 39 months. The most telling sign, though, is that NAMFS has not published a Membership List in nearly a year. The current NAMFS Membership List dates back to last July, 2017. The once quarterly publishing, has been stopped due to, in no small part, concerns that they have lost nearly 100 Members — nearly one quarter of its entire membership — since Foreclosurepedia began waging war.

Foreclosurepedia has predicted the downfall of each and every NAMFS Member over the past decade. Foreclosurepedia has predicted the mergers and the reasons for merger of each and every NAMFS Member for the past decade. Foreclosurepedia has never been wrong. Today, Foreclosurepedia is predicting the downfall of National Field Representatives. And if you do not get out NOW, do not come to me, after the fact, asking for help!

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