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NAMFS: Why The Ebola Quarantine Would Not Be Effective For The Regime

I like to think that when Lee Mertins wakes up in the morning primping he has three photos he looks at. The first photo is of himself in high heels and a thong. The second photo is of his hero Eric Miller, the Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime whom single handedly gave aid and comfort to Heather Berghorst the now disgraced, former Secretary of the NAMFS Regime and currently being sued for fraud, larceny and embezzlement in federal court by both Contractors and Fifth Third Bank and rumors are circulating that Portfolio Holders are contemplating the same — charges like these are the benchmark against which I believe Mertins bases his friendships upon. Finally, I like to think that Mertins keeps a photo of me upon his dart board where he and I would presume his companion share intimate moments. And if the Buczek’s even remotely believe they are going to walk, I recommend they market the drugs they are on! Adam and Amanda Buczek have two choices: Reach out to me and strike a plea bargain or after I am finished with the Berghorst Affair, I come with the full force and effect of the TRUTH which will force the same fate upon them. Period.

For all the pundits rolling out keeping the Ebola Hype rolling, the reality is that even if we issue a travel ban and roam around in bubbles, it doesn’t matter. Why? Terrorists are already harvesting the blood and preparing their jihadists to stream across our porous borders along with the rest of the mongrel hoards. Look, the reality is that unlike other chemical and biological agents which require a sophisticated aerosol delivery system, Ebola has the perfect half life and no way in hell is the Emperor in DC going to allow for anything but a politically correct response.

In the same way that The Beltway is in gridlock; the same way these pundits continue to fumble the ball even without pressure upon them, the NAMFS Regime pose a clear and present danger to those within a legal business environment. More on point, though, the NAMFS Regime Offender Members follow the same type of r nought formula of epidemiology. Truth be known, the herd mentality was best presented when everyone went to kiss the Fat Man’s Belly in Florida a month ago at the NAMFS Regime Fraud Fest — those in the US Navy whom got their Shellbacks will understand the pun there.With the NAMFS Regime Offender Members, the formula is:  R0 > 1  and if you do not understand medicine, I recommend a crash course.

Knowing that Eric Miller and what I perceive to be his fellow trough feeding swine on the NAMFS Regime Board of Directors were nearly $60,000 in the hole less than two weeks before the NAMFS Regime Fraud Fest 2014, the NAMFS Regime Offender Members rolled in and demonstrated text book herd mentality. Even knowing upon arrival that no one could even get a beverage and all the sponsorship slots could not be filled, the herd showed up and began to graze upon the barren landscape out of sheer desperation — hope. This is the same situation we see when epidemics occur; hope rears its ugly head that everyone might be saved and the poverty pimps thrive like influenza in a hot, muggy Florida afternoon. It seems to me that Eric Miller laid supine and ushered in Joe Hummel and had him illegally appointed thumbing his nose at the NAMFS Rank and File. Strikes me that Miller has been taking lessons from Lee Mertins in more ways than one — Hummel did not have the required amount of time even as a fucking Offender Member in NAMFS to be on the Board let alone the required time on a Committee — people should have spoken up. My bad, no one is allowed to vote upon ANYTHING with respect to the NAMFS Regime other than the NAMFS Regime Board of Directors! True story! I mean why in the fuck would anyone in their right mind join a dictatorship which guarantees you to be ultimately bankrupted out by Foreclosurepedia?! To me, anyone whom is a NAMFS Regime Member today is no different than Heather Berghorst herself. So many bankruptcies and so little time I like to say.

Much like Ebola, there is a cure for what I consider to be the domestic terrorism which the NAMFS Regime has unleashed upon innocent victims. While I will not go into great detail, Altisource has taken GREAT STRIDES in changing problems which they identified as being problematic. I will say that over the next couple months people will be astonished to know what has been occurring under their Watch — in a damn good way. I am not easily swayed; the reality is that Altisource did more than simply begin to comply with both common sense and the law. Altisource has put into motion a Plan of Action which I predict will engineer a premiere portfolio to execute upon for YEARS TO COME.

Altisource became inoculated in my opinion. The political hacks which Eric Miller rolled out at his dog and pony show — remember this is the same Lee Mertins type of guy getting OVER ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR CONSUMING NEARLY SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBER DUES FOR DOING NOTHING BUT RUBBER STAMPING HEATHER BERGHORST AND HER FRAUD — do not hold sway any longer. Had Miller acted in the public’s interest after becoming aware of the sins of Berghorst, Buczek, et al., I would not have considered him complicit. Miller, as I see it, is even more guilty than those whom committed the fraud as he has, to this day, refused to publicly renounce these fraudsters. While ZVN’s little Midwest REO Association was a flash in the pan — I have seen a half dozen of the internal emails — the reality is that some NAMFS Rank and File are realizing that the NAMFS Regime Virus is financially deadly.

Lee Mertins and Eric Miller’s high risk behaviors are contributing to the demise of the Mortgage Field Services Industry. The reality is that their deviant behaviors fly in the face of civil society. While many around me are terrified to even admit that they have been molested by Mertins and Miller’s behavior, I have no problem whatsoever. Mertins with his MAOA gene type personality will eventually reap what he has sown and the Pox upon the House whom gave him Shelter! Miller, like most shills, will fade off into obscurity searching for his toupée as his grandchildren continue to ask why he didn’t stand up to protect the innocent women and children whom were victimized under his tenure. Fuck them both.

There is a partial light at the end of the tunnel, though. Fraud is down — way the fuck down. Why? Foreclosurepedia. Let them fear me for I do not seek respect. When these hacks like Michael Breese, HomeStar Property Solutions, still believe they are untouchable, I submit their days are numbered in their ability to commit what I perceive to be wholesale fraud — and a message to you Michael, you do not want to risk the Motion For Discovery because I have already spoken with quite a few lawyers in Texas alone whom have pending cases against HomeStar. Here, let me give you a taste of how HomeStar believes the shit they spew,

Now that the work order is complete, the payment is on a net 45, due to the terms of the contract. We will be processing your payment for this property after we assess all fines incurred due to the job being past the due date, walking off the job and contacting our client, which is a $1000.00 fine per occurrence as stated in your contract. Once the fines are calculated, we will send over to you for your records.  The lien filed on this property is a fraudulent lien and I recommend you withdraw immediately so we can proceed with payment. If not, this will be turned over to our legal team.

Thank you,
Drew Johnston
Project Manager
OFFICE: 763.489.7752  / FAX: 763.201.7989

Good ‘ol Drew. Fresh off the boat from drinking the same Kool Aid that wound up with HomeStar owing nearly SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS to Contractors! What a fucking hack! I want to see that legal team kick into high gear because I have a SHIT LOAD of info for Plaintiff’s Counsel. An unconstitutional contract is null and void, ab intio. Drew, baby, your legal team will clue you in on why. Make no mistake whatsoever that I am going to assist this person, along with the 19 others I am currently working with, in the perfection of their Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Complaints — no legal advice, simply common sense direction. Feel free to click here to file your own Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Complaint! No worries, though. Hell, even Safeguard Properties (SGP) had to clean up their Master Agreement to address the fact that in some states — Tennessee included — absolute lien waivers BEFORE YOU FUCKING WORK — are illegal! Truth be known, while I hate SGPs system, their Agreement is pretty close to real world provided they actually obey it. Personally, though, I believe that they will bank on the fact that Arbitration will be locked down for years to come. Note to self: Spin up a dossier on Drew Johnston for the ISTAR Clear Base.

Foreclosurepedia is going to become far more surgical in its pursuit of its Agenda. I make no bones about the fact that I do not want NAMFS Regime Offender Members to walk free. I demand bankruptcies. While I am empathetic to the plight of Contractors getting paid, the reality is that they brought this upon themselves. Even as Foreclosurepedia stood up for them, they cowered in fear. Fear is a very bad thing. So, my priorities have begun to concentrate on salvaging those Contractors whom are capable of producing a Profit and Loss (P&L) Statement and partnering them with those Portfolio Holders whom need legitimate firms whom have been properly vetted. It is FAR TOO LATE for the plea deals which allow for Order Mills to pay six months after the fact and continue committing the crimes they have, to date. Will there be collateral damage? Damn straight there will be. Craigslist Hacks whom have been accustomed to having a death grip on the glass dick with one hand and a cell phone in the other while steering their hatchback Pinto trailing an electrical cord to their lawn mower out the back will go first.

Out of the nearly 100,000 Contractors which are in the Industry — and someone ought to ask precisely how many of those folks failed the Aspen Grove Background Checks because I know the statistics and they would floor you — I estimate that maybe less than 30 percent will survive The Great Purge in Q1FY2015 and out of that remaining 30 percent, perhaps less than 15 percent of those are bona fide Contractors. My numbers have never been wrong and I doubt they ever will be. Not bad as there isn’t even a Department of Labor or NAICS specific to the Mortgage Field Services Industry — GSA got rather close recently with their Facilities Management code, though.

The Order Mills are, by and large, gone. Oh, you have a few hanging on for dear life like SEAS LLC and ACAS in Flordia; MCS which are on their way out by Q4FY2015 as the purchasing of CoreLogic was a signal that Concentric had to make amends for their Carolyn Reeves fiasco — they will be unable to meet the Servicing of their OVER ONE THIRD BILLION DOLLAR NOTE and truth be known the entire Portfolio TDR spun up was to disappear problematic paperwork — and the Annette Rogers out of Chicago, IL, whom fucked Bret Douglas out of nearly $100,000 along with scores of others and created the toxic waste dump up North, yeah we are actually moving a bit quicker than I had optimistically hoped for.

People ask me for a Manifesto; people ask me what I want. I want an Industry; I want Labor, built In My Image. Let that sink in. I want hardcore, nimble, tech savvy people whom are not afraid to work hard and play hard. The days of insanity are drawing nigh. For those skeptics; for those whom adulterated the original National Property Preservation Guild (NPPG), reap what you have sown. How are your order mills these days? Make no mistake I am still coming for those guilty — revenge is a dish best served cold. Those whom perpetrated the fraud; those whom capitalized upon the database they spun up for their illicit Order Mill purposes are going to be held accountable.

I was called The Great Satan while up in Pennsylvania digging dirt on Lee Mertins. I laughed as the reality is that even Satan himself would blush when juxtaposed. It is business; it is not personal. Think of Foreclosurepedia and those whom quietly work with me as your local Neighborhood Watch; a Distant Early Warning System (DEWS), if you will. Speaking of digging up dirt, it boggles my mind when these multi million dollar companies set up state of the art security systems and then do not take the time to properly encrypt their signal. Neither here nor there. Make no mistake whatsoever that when you get that early morning text that you made the Front Page Edition of Foreclosurepedia, that the Calvary is coming.  😉

AMS Philly

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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