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Fifth Third Bank Files Willful And Malicious Injury Claim Against Heather Berghorst

As if jumping verbatim off the pages of Foreclosurepedia, Fifth Third Bankcorp filed a Complaint To Determine Dischargeability Of Claim against Heather and Doug Berghorst in US Bankruptcy Court, Western District Of Michigan — we attached it below. Heather Berghorst is the now disgraced and former Secretary of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime. Protected to even this day by Eric Miller, the Executive Director of the NAMFS Regime and still a Member in Good Standing on the NAMFS Regime Member Offender List after defrauding hundreds of innocent men and women throughout the United States. On that point, it should be noted that as of 0057EDT the NAMFS Website has been potentially hacked. If this is, in fact, the situation, all information including all NAMFS Regime Offender Member Credentials; private emails — yeah Joe Hummel yours too; financial data and just about anything ever gathered by the NAMFS Regime would be considered to be compromised. Foreclosurepedia DOES NOT claim credit, at this time, for this. If I was a NAMFS Regime Offender Member, I would just take Eric Miller’s word for the fact that all of the private emails and information are secure.


When Foreclosurepedia began to investigate Heather Berghorst, Eric Miller and the rest of his lackeys tried to sue me. When Heather Berghorst realized that hell was coming and Foreclosurepedia made Satan himself nervous, Berghorst tried to sue me under Federal Racketeering Laws. Miller and Berghorst fell on their face although Miller’s suit was for other reasons. Foreclosurepedia was the first and only Media Outlet to document that Berghorst had not only been committing fraud, but had been illegally transferring assets to Heritage Home Solutions. Fifth Third most eloquently stated,

26. 11 USC 523(a)(6) provides that a debt arising from a willful and malicious injury by a debtor [Heather and Doug Berghorst] to another entity or the property of another entity is not dischargeable.

27. The Debtors [Heather and Doug Berghorst] willfully caused Berghorst Enterprises to transfer the Collateral outside the ordinary course of its business without the approval of Fifth Third.

30. The knowing transfer of the Collateral, subject to Fifth Third’s security interest, was a willful and malicious injury to the bank’s property interest in the Collateral.

Curious how much cash Heather and Doug Berghorst made off with? EIGHTY EIGHT THOUSAND SIXTEEN DOLLARS AND FORTY SIX CENTS! Curious how much personal property — and REMEMBER to review their Bankruptcy Filing where they say they had JACKBB1 SHITFIVE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY SEVEN THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY NINE DOLLARS! Now tell me Eric “Fuck The Boots On The Ground” Miller, how is it precisely that Heather and Doug Berghorst are still on the NAMFS Regime Rolls? More on point, I ask you whether or not Heather and Doug Berghorst paid you any money to remain silent. Answer me that, sir — no strike that as you are not worthy of the term sir. Tell the American Public the truth. Hey, maybe you didn’t get a bribe; if you will not come clean and be interviewed on the Foreclosurepedia Podcast, the Industry will never know. More on point, how much money did Joe Hummel pay you to be illegally appointed to the NAMFS Regime Board?! Maybe nothing; I am asking on behalf of the American Public and I believe that we all have a right to know. If you have nothing to hide; if I have it all wrong, why not simply commit to an hour long Foreclosurepedia Podcast! Hell, have your Freshman Lawyers Guild with you as we could get it all out in the open then.

When I stated that Foreclosurepedia would destroy Heather and Doug Berghorst I meant it. Now, apparently, Foreclosurepedia is being reinforced by others whom realize that Eric Miller and his Lee Mertins type buddy Joe Hummel are nothing but common and pedestrian fraudsters in my opinion. I swore an Oath that I would bring closure for Contractors and thus it is coming. Next up: Keystone Property Services and make no mistake whatsoever that Derek Gordon and Kim Fatica will all have front row seats at the Grand Jury — yeah, good ‘ol Keystone Property Services without their business license in North Carolina is a Berghorst Enterprises waiting to happen best I can tell.

To the Foreclosurepedia Nation this is a Message that United We Stand and Divided We Fall. Tragically, so much more could be done. With nearly two thousand members, the reality is that even today we remain unfunded. Why not take the time to click the Donate Button and help further the Mission today?!

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