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Jay Goscinski: Altisource Mold Reports Called Into Question

Jay Goscinski, owner of Michigan Realty Solutions, could soon have a body count on his hands. This is not proverbial, this is literally. Goscinski, whose Membership within the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) has been called into question since his admission, seems to be Poster Child for everything Altisource can possibly screw up. Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director has been recalcitrant to stand by his statements to other NAMFS Members that Goscinski would be removed should any documentation be presented of unethical conduct. With a record growing nearly as long as Miller’s good buddy Heather Berghorst, disgraced and former NAMFS Secretary — I say former as she is still listed as a Member in Good Standing within NAMFS and listed to attend the NAMFS Conference in Orlando this September — it would appear that Goscinski holds sway over Miller in a similar manner.

As early as November, 2013, Altisource’s Legal Department was fully aware of the atrocities being committed by Cheap Suit Jay Goscinski. More on point, though, in 2003 Goscinski had already begun laying the groundwork for whom he would later become. I mean didn’t the bankruptcy Jay Goscinski filed trouble Altisource — 2:94-bk-46524? Oh, that’s right. Just perform Due Diligence on Contractors but give Order Mills a pass. I mean how about the fact that Goscinki isn’t even licensed to do work over in Ohio let alone ANY other state but Michigan? My bad, Counselor. Just another day in the hood, huh?!

So, today a Source speaking on condition of anonymity reached out to discuss what appears to be willful fraud and forgery across state lines using electronic means. Specifically, Jay Goscinksi’s Michigan Realty Solutions (MRS) was selected as a Vendor for Altisource. During the course of this Contract, America’s Choice Asset Services (ACAS) a company with a broken website and only a Facebook Page, was listed as the Client. I want to dwell here a moment and show you PRECISELY HOW FUCKED UP ALTISOURCE IS by way of the fact that they have no idea whom they hire — it would appear that being a criminal is the only requirement as an Altisource Order Mill.

America's Choice Asset Services Facebook Page
America’s Choice Asset Services Facebook Page
America's Choice Asset Services
America’s Choice Asset Services

So, ACAS is listed as the originating Client whom, in turn, hired Mold Quest International (MQI) to allegedly — I say allegedly as it would appear the Inspection never happened — perform the Mold Inspection and both submit a Report based upon Laboratory Findings from IMS Laboratory and submit overall findings. All of this would normally seem fairly straightforward; however, here is where the situation heads South,

On or about 23 June 2014, Bobbi Jo Craft, MRS, issued a Work Order via Property Preservation Wizard (PPW) which, in turn generated an email listing as follows: New MRS WO, WO#:BO47671, Address:3669 Kinnrow Ct NW Walker, MI 49534, Date Due:06/24/14, Client:Altisource, Work Type:BID Request.

Upon receipt of Work Order, the Contractor attempted to contact MRS to no avail. In order to comply with the assigned Work Order, the Contractor reached out to MQI to discuss the results and spoke to Matthew W. Koche, CMC Council of Certified Microbial Consultant, Board Awarded by the American Council for Accredited Certification. When Koche cross referenced Project # RMK-15196 with Project # 13173 underneath his signature, Koche stated to the Contractor that the Project Numbers were different and that it was an obvious forgery.

When the Contractor reported the inconsistencies back to MRS, he received this:  Canceled MRS WO, WO#:BO47671, Address:3669 Kinnrow Ct NW Walker, MI 49534, Date Due:06/24/14, Client:Altisource, Work Type:BID Request

In fact, when one looks at the tell tale signs of amateur hour, you will immediately notice the separation of spacing immediately,

Cover Page Of Mold Inspection Sent To Altisource
Footer of Mold Inspection Cover Page Sent To Altisource
Footer of Mold Inspection Signature Page Sent To Altisource
Footer of Mold Inspection Signature Page Sent To Altisource

Close examination of the Date section also shows in interesting anomaly. Note the two dots at the beginning and at the end of the Date section in horizontal aspect, parallel to the solid Date Line itself. The entire Mold Report Is Attached Below,

[pdf-embedder url=””]

On or about 20 March 2014, the Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS) made entry that the property located at 3669 Kinnrow Ct NW Walker, MI 49534 was assumed by the Lender. The property is listed by HUBZU which is the auctioning arm of Altisource and both are under the umbrella of Ocwen and cited as: Property ID:  2017130792927  MLS:  14043170.

In a nutshell, what we know is that the Report, as presented, probably fooled those at Altisource whom are assigned to perform Quality Control. What we know is that the Report, as presented, crossed state lines using electronic means and potentially crossed international borders using electronic means. What we know is that the Report, as presented, poses a Clear and Present Danger to Human Lives and could potentially result in the death of innocent civilians due to the fact that there is currently no confirmed documentation representing that a Mold Inspection was ever performed at:  3669 Kinnrow Ct NW Walker, MI 49534.

Robert Bridges, Altisource Associate General Counsel was contacted with respect to this material and refused to respond. Eric Miller, Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) was contacted due to his promise that should issues present with respect to Jay Goscinski he would be removed from NAMFS. Miller, also, refused to respond.

While there may, in fact, be a logical explanation as to why so many significant issues present including alterations, inconsistent statements and inability to find materials, I highly doubt it. While I would expect nothing less from Altisource in that I believe they would allow innocent men, women and children to die in order to deposit more funds in their Foreign Coffers, I am troubled by Miller’s refusal to investigate. It sends a very clear and distinct message that both Miller and the NAMFS wish to continue to cover up fraud on behalf of their Membership for the right price — whether that price be money or otherwise I do not know.

What I do know is that we are playing with human lives. Contractor fraud is one thing, but when we are allowing forms which are used in the sale of real estate to be potentially forged endangering human safety, this is a line that cannot be crossed. Should anyone I have discussed in this Article wish to reach out and explain to me how I have somehow botched my opinions, feel free to do so before a Broker, Potential Homeowner or Contractor becomes injured by possible mold exposure.


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