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Altisource: Out Of The Pan And Into The Fire

Altisource is looking more and more like an endangered species these days. With Benjamin Lawsky hammering out yet another official letter to the foreign national Altisource and its Master, Ocwen, one would think that Due Diligence would be fairly high up on Altisource‘s mind. One might mistakenly believe that the LAST THING Altisource would want is to become embroiled in the potential liability associated with endangering human beings. Yeah, right. With the reinforced support from Eric Miller, Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime, Altisource and Miller both have a vested interest in keeping Cheap Suit Jay Goscinski afloat over at Michigan Realty Solutions.

#TEAM REGIME — Miller, Bridges and Goscinski — seem hell bent on pushing the boundaries of civil society. Defrauding Contractors must have become boring for the Mortgage Field Services Industry as the aforementioned and cited Article brings back memories of the Robo Signing days. More on point, though, I guarantee that people at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) are following along. If you are having problems with Jay Goscinski or Altisource, simply file a CFPB Complaint here. What I want both Contractors and Clients alike to understand is when the NAMFS Regime is allowed to support and defend this type of nefarious activity, we are signing a Bill of Particulars which will ensure that the regulations and oversight today are nothing compared to the requirements to verify each and every form for everything going forward! Hey, maybe I have it all wrong. Maybe, just maybe, Eric Miller, Robert Bridges and Jay Goscinski have an explanation with respect to the Mold Report — or lack thereof — at 3669 Kinnrow Ct NW Walker, MI 49534

It all remains to be seen as the NAMFS Fraud Fest 2014 is less than 30 days away now and still tens of thousands of dollars unfunded. I mean the Altisource Axis of Evil — Berghorst – Buczek – Goscinski — is now beginning to unravel all of which has been under the watchful eye of both Altisource’s Legal Department and CFPB.

It would appear that Altisource — no strike that #OpALTISORE — feels emboldened by their recent Berghorst – Buczek – Goscinski Productions. Like a mangy mongrel prowling around in the night, Altisource has its hackles up. There is something to be understood about the neanderthal mentality which animals present with. In the same way, there seems to be some type of amygdala hijack; some type of parasympathetic response, which Altisource is experiencing. To send out, in written form, statements which could be construed as threats of violence against journalists and their children, is not a wise course of action. While this would normally be chocked up to the game, the problem which presents is that Altisource’s very own Prime Vendors have already threatened to murder in the past.

I understand that people are terrified of my opinions. The reality is that there are Rules of Engagement. For example, High Ranking Democrats do not call and/or write Rush Limbaugh, et al., with veiled language. Why? First, it is a PR tidal wave. Second, they loose that which they care the most about: Power.

I had several calls originating from Gainsville, Florida, the other morning when I stepped into my office for my 6th cup of coffee. Because much of my work deals with International Time Zones, I work strange hours. I am not afforded the luxury of Provigil like many of the others in the Mortgage Field Services Industry — coffee in the morning and Nyquil in the evening. I did not listen to the messages as I had pressing issues like CONTRACTORS NOT GETTING PAID! I had a whiteboard I was staring at with photos connected to each other not dissimilar to a chart on Law and Order.

My blog is opinion based. Unlike many other blogs pertaining to a plethora of other subject matter, I actually maintain files to substantiate my opinions. I have probably forgotten more about Due Diligence than Altisource will ever learn! Altisource would seem to be in favor of a more refined First Amendment arguing that this freedom should be treated not as a right but as a privilege; a special entitlement granted by the state on a conditional basis that can be revoked if it is ever perceived to be abused or maltreated. This Chilling Effect Upon Free Speech which Altisource is rolling out vis-a-vis its official email correspondence to me is the genesis of rebellion. Make no mistake whatsoever that the United States exists because men set down and I like to think stated, “If we do not all hang together, we damn sure will hang separately.”

As opposed to rolling out my opinions based without responses from others, I took GREAT PAINS in contacting Altisource — not their bullshit people, but the VERY PERSON whom would be impacted. My thanks? A veiled threat; an attack upon the safety and security of my family as I interpreted it. For someone whom swore to Uphold and Defend the Constitution as an Officer of the Court; for a trained orator whose elucidation of language is part and parcel their business, the off cuff response was unwise, at best. Harassing the Media 36 hours later to preach the merits of a Client whom has hired VENDOR AFTER VENDOR with bankruptcies and its Vendors have committed ATROCITY AFTER ATROCITY against innocent men and women is the epitome of insanity! More on point, though, while you were out and about wining (or is that whining?) and dining, Forelosurepedia was fielding the calls of the victims!

While Altisource wants to pimp their lawyers out on the Social Media Circuit and then scream that their collective pussies are bruised when they are quoted and under Fair Use Doctrine their images with Copyright Attributes Cited, it sends a message that it is business as usual underneath the Circus Tent. Smoke and Mirrors. Fuck Bill Shepro and fuck his proverbial pimp Bill Erbey. How dare they send their back alley goon to threaten me with, “Enough is enough.” What precisely are the collective Bills; the Talking Heads, going to do? Are you going to head over to Da Nico‘s or maybe Sparks Steakhouse and pass some envelopes around to have me whacked?! Forget about it!

I requested clarification of the threatening statement and Altisource, as usual, has been recalcitrant to reply, even days later. Not a big deal, really. We can all go to the mattresses; I spent several hitches In Theater. Perhaps there was simply a head full of bravery — alcohol and pills or maybe the great Peruvian Flake? I do not know that, either. Why? No reply from the Great Orator, the lawyer himself. What I do know is that #OpALTISORE will make #OpNAMFS look like a joke. Altisource‘s pedestrian and veiled threats substantiate a pattern and practice which has reared its ugly head far too many times. You people may bully Contractors around; you will not bully me.

As many will recall, Altisource defended to the end, its support for Heather Berghorst. It knew, or should have known, her seedy past what with bankruptcies and all. Berghorst sicked her lawyers on me and threatened Federal Racketeering Litigation. Yet another ambulance chasing lawyer proven to be wrong. The Buczeks, another Altisource Vendor, threatened murder. Now Altisource follows the very same Playbook that I have to ask whether or not they wrote to begin with.

You ask yourself when you stand in the unemployment line, because make no mistake whatsoever that when I am done with #OpALTISORE you will not be welcomed even as a Public Defender representing street whores, whether it was worth threatening my family. Did it get you off Counselor? Did you feel that moment of adrenaline coursing through your veins? Was it like you were alive for the first time in your life? Yes, well now that the satiation has subsided and the knot of fear has begun to bundle in your gut does it still seem worth it?  You see as a trained elocutionist; as one immersed in the arcane arts of rabble rousing vis-a-vis juries, do you still feel like the Big Man now?

I give you props for the bravado Counselor. Now look at you, though, all Back of the Bus and shit. Bring back memories of the Little Yellow Bus? All SPECIAL and shit? I mean, I don’t know. I wasn’t affluent; I didn’t have a silver spoon and all. No Big League Law Degree for me —just a simple dirt farmer whom grew up pumping water from a cistern and still had partial dirt floors.

In closing, if Altisource invested simply a QUARTER OF THE TIME they do in threatening Enough is Enough in their Due Diligence, maybe we would not be preparing to tally up human disasters. Maybe it is time for Altisource and the NAMFS Regime to take a good, long hard look in the mirror.

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