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Altisource: Out Of The Pan And Into The Fire

Altisource is looking more and more like an endangered species these days. With Benjamin Lawsky hammering out yet another official letter to the foreign national Altisource and its Master, Ocwen, one would think that Due Diligence would be fairly high up on Altisource's mind. One might mistakenly believe that the LAST THING Altisource would want is to become embroiled in the potential liability associated with endangering human beings. Yeah, right. With the reinforced support from Eric Miller, Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime, Altisource and Miller both have a vested interest in keeping Cheap Suit Jay Goscinski afloat over at Michigan Realty Solutions.

#TEAM REGIME --- Miller, Bridges and Goscinski --- seem hell bent on pushing the boundaries of civil society. Defrauding Contractors must have become boring for the Mortgage Field Services Industry as the aforementioned and cited Article brings back memories of the Robo Signing days. More on point, though, I guarantee that people at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) are following along. If you are having problems with Jay Goscinski or Altisource, simply file a CFPB Complaint here. What I want both Contractors and Clients alike to understand is when the NAMFS Regime is allowed to support and defend this type of nefarious activity, we are signing a Bill of Particulars which will ensure that the regulations and oversight today are nothing compared to the requirements to verify each and every form for everything going forward! Hey, maybe I have it all wrong. Maybe, just maybe, Eric Miller, Robert Bridges and Jay Goscinski have an explanation with respect to the Mold Report --- or lack thereof --- at 3669 Kinnrow Ct NW Walker, MI 49534

It all remains to be seen as the NAMFS Fraud Fest 2014 is less than 30 days away now and still tens of thousands of dollars unfunded. I mean the Altisource Axis of Evil --- Berghorst - Buczek - Goscinski --- is now beginning to unravel all of which has been under the watchful eye of both Altisource's Legal Department and CFPB.

It would appear that Altisource --- no strike that #OpALTISORE --- feels emboldened by their recent Berghorst - Buczek - Goscinski Productions. Like a mangy mongrel prowling around in the night, Altisource has its hackles up. There is something to be understood about the neanderthal mentality which animals present with. In the same way, there seems to be some type of amygdala hijack; some type of parasympathetic response, which Altisource is experiencing. To send out, in written form, statements which could be construed as threats of violence against journalists and their children, is not a wise

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