A Quarter Of A Million And Climbing: Buczek Enterprises Has Gone Dark

Threats of Murder and Pleas for Food top today’s Buczek Enterprises Update. If the Comments Section of what the Drive By Social Media Pundits call an unknown blog are any touchstone, Buczek Enterprises, Legacy Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime, could be on the lam. Contractors are reporting hundreds of thousands of dollars are unpaid and Altisource, an Ocwen Service Provider and supplier of Mortgage Field Service Contracts to Buczek Enterprises, apparently finds this to be business as usual.

Why do I intimate that Altisource, one of the biggest if not THE BIGGEST Clients of Buczek Enterprises, is seemingly turning a blind eye? Well, let’s not bullshit around. Altisource either has the worst stroke of luck in selecting Prime Vendors in the history of the Mortgage Field Services Industry, or Altisource has no problems with Buczek Enterprises stiffing Contractors.

If the former statement is correct about Altisource, then liability will attach at the respondeat superior level. What I mean is that if Altisource had the opportunity to ensure that Buczek Enterprises had sound financial business practices; if Altisource took a pass on say quarterly audits to ensure that Buczek Enterprises was paying out Account Receivables (A/R) and CHOSE NOT TO, Altisource is on the hook for far more than simply Liens which will begin to be filed this coming week. If Altisource is even tacitly supportive of the default upon Contracts by Buczek Enterprises; if Altisource simply turns a blind eye and says, “It’s the Contractors problem because we paid,” they are in a world of shit! The rationale is that if Altisource had any knowledge whatsoever that there was a pattern or practice with either Buczek Enterprises or any of its other Vendors, Dodd – Frank comes into play.

My hunch is that Altisource has already commenced a financial audit of its own with respect to Buczek Enterprises — I would call it more than a hunch. The problem, though, is that unlike the rest of the regulated world, the Mortgage Field Services Industry is a black hole with absolutely no transparency. When Companies are found to be financially insolvent; when Companies in the rest of the financial sector are found to have unsound business practices, they are either shuttered or forced to comply with the Law of the Land — not in this Industry.

The plot thickened, though, when we began to transparently report upon Buczek Enterprises not paying their Contractors. Foreclosurepedia began to receive an enormity of chilling emails all originating from the Buffalo – Derby – Angola, New York Area. In addition to these emails, our Podcast hotline became inundated with messages bearing the same extreme right wing messages. The cacophony of these emails reached a fevered pitch when we refused to cave to pressure; the final sets of emails included death threats and threats to seize our property after we were murdered. This is a portion of the dozens of right wing, threatening and intimidating emails we received including accounts of the murder of high level government officials and global conspiracies,

As the Master Bailor; I am Ordering the Quitting of all Bailments given by the Particle Bailee/US Bailor; PATRICK DEVINE; as he has been Executed and Termination. this Assignment QUITTING Order is to be honored within the 3 Days as required by the Laws of Bailment for Hire; To terminate the Hiring employment, To put to death, To vacate premises, To be acquitted, To be exonerated and To be released or discharged the Hire back to Lawful Grantee and in Trusted Legal Bailor Title holder – Master Bailor: Mr. Patrick; of the family Devine.

What many people do not understand; what many folks whom are not hackers fail to know, is that every device a person utilizes originates an Internet Protocol (IP) Address. Had the originator of the emails and phone calls had a lick of common sense, they would have realized that nothing — not even Bitcoin or TOR — is anonymous (no pun intended). Ever more so displaying their amateur hour status, they originated all of the threatening emails and harassing phone calls from a residential based modem!

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I have seen a lot of crazy shit in my life. I have had a lot of shit talked to me in my life. I have come to the conclusion that people whom are willing to threaten to murder women and children are beyond salvage. The only reason I am publishing this is that the very same people whom have been willing to orchestrate this email — AND MAKE NO MISTAKE THAT I KNOW WHOM THEY ARE AS I DRILLED DOWN ON THE GEOIP ADDRESS WHICH YOU CAN TOO— may be willing to target Contractors whom are attempting to collect their money as well!

Altisource should take note of the fact that nothing in life is coincidence. Here is the mind blower: When you have people whom are willing to work with you; when you have the possibility of compromise, why on earth not address the threats of violence? How about the novel concept of simply Ordering the Payment of Contractors?! Even more on point, why reward those threats of violence with your continued support vis-a-vis continued work relationships? Is that what is happening here? I don’t know; a person would need to contact Altisource.

For the NAMFS Regime; for Eric Miller to threaten to sue me with 30+ Lawyers for simply telling Contractors to organize and REF– USE TO ADDRESS threats of Murder upon a Reporter and his family will forever stand as a testament. It gets better, though. We just received another 11 emails overnight, one of which shows the depths of which the crisis has gone. The reality is that while these idle threats are rather trivial when juxtaposed with the armament at our disposal, this Contractor’s plight exposes the reality of what Buczek Enterprises has created,

I find it incredibly ignorant of Amanda B. to post that they were taking food out of their children’s mouths to pay the contractors what is due to them– especially since they deceitfully asked us to work and used the money coming in to pay their employees and their bills where we were left begging for our money.  Because of them we have had to let go of 20 people – all with families – most were let go right before the holidays – completely unfair to them, but we couldnt have them continue to work knowing that our situation was getting increasingly worse.

Now Amanda claims she has taken food of her table to pay us– using her children to win sympathy and show how good they are? NOBODY should ever resort to using their children as weapons to justify their actions/inactions.  This happened 6 months ago, they were deceitful in the reporting to us.   We had 2 months reserves, they continued to send orders , ask us to take them, made promises, as of 4 months ago we reduced our table food to meager meals– literally hot dogs, mac and cheese, eggs, chop meat, — the cheapest we can do with 2 children and not having them starve. They have literally taken food from my kids mouths in order to continue to pay their employees and their mortgages etc. [emphasis by Contractor] In addition, because of weeks without payment, in December my oil ran out, we went through 2 weeks of freezing weather waiting for a check as they promised us we were next in line and “other contractors needed to be paid”- the check they sent was for $2000- my oil was $1200 of that– January my electric was shut off we went for a week without electric until they sent another payment of $2300- the electric bill was $900, our insurance premium had to be paid (required insurance per the contract with them- e&o and liability) in the amount of $540 and the vehicle insurance was due- $480. essentially eating that check away.

We received no payment for 3 weeks after that, but were asked to continue to operate. [Redacted] got on the phone with some boiler plate excuse, basically due to the computer issues payments have been delayed as they need to pull each invoice individually etc etc.  I sent back all the orders and told them we were not completing any more work until we were promised a weekly remittance.  They agreed and we received 2 back to back remittances covering 9 days worth of work.  We were able to pay the guys mostly of what was owed, purchase some real food, and catch up on some other bills we needed to catch up on like the vehicle payments.  2 fridays ago I didn’t get my weekly payment as agreed and I sent all the orders back , telling them they once again defaulted on their payment agreements and we could not continue working until they were caught up on payments because of the constant delays.  I was assured that Friday I was receiving a payment and accounting was working on it; by midnight no remittance. I was told by Brian Saturday he would touch base with accounting, which he did.  I was told Monday it was being worked on again. Monday came and went without a remittance.  Finally Tuesday I received a remittance form and Wednesday a deposit  – it was enough to cover the final payments to the guys we had to let go (not that they knew this, but the 3300 that was in our account Tuesday covered the last payments and left us with $200 in our account)

My oil ran out again yesterday, I have no heat again. I understand I wasn’t receiving a check Friday as they just sent one on Wednesday, however, there is no answer now @ either office. The emails are being rejected from our rep emails, there is zero response.  (I wasn’t even calling on remittance, I had a question on an rtv…that is the discerning part about this, they can’t answer to clarify an RTV sent).

No one answering the phones and emails are being rejected. Folks, the end is here. If you do not have a lawyer yet you may very well be in a world of shit. You need to obtain Counsel and begin to Lien Properties … YESTERDAY! It is self evident that any business owner will have seen the writing on the wall. The stalling tactics are merely buying time to protect Buczek Enterprises’ interests if you ask me. As I am sure that this Article will be met with another death threat; as I am sure that neither Altisource nor the NAMFS Regime give two shits, if there is ever an interruption in Publication you will be able to form your own opinions as to whom did it and whom allowed it to happen. Officials at both Altisource and Buczek Enterprises are well aware of the Situation.


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3 Responses to "A Quarter Of A Million And Climbing: Buczek Enterprises Has Gone Dark"

  1. Editor In Chief  March 22, 2014 at 12:01

    JUST IN: I received a check on wednesday bringing me to a little over 50k owed, this doesn’t include the pending disputes which total over 2k.

    In any case, we placed ourselves on hold a week ago today because we didn’t receive our weekly remittance, which we told them in February we would do after we didn’t receive a remittance for over 3 weeks. , they paid 3 weeks , missed that friday and sent one this past Wednesday , but now there is no answer over there- the region email has been deactivated and all the phones are being unanswered and no longer have any greetings other than passing to a General mailbox to leave a message.

    Hopefully you can help, I have no heat right now because the last check just paid the crews last paychecks and my oil ran out again – I have 2 kids and we are keeping warm with space heaters and a single fireplace right now …

  2. Editor In Chief  March 22, 2014 at 12:34

    LPS, MSI now named in Buczek Enterprises fiasco. Let the Liens begin!

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