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Buczek Enterpises Being Hit From Both Coasts Now

Casting the threats by National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Membership Committee Member Joe Hummel to the trash can where they belong, we are reporting upon yet another Contractor whom has been defrauded by Buczek Enterprises. To date, no one within the Buczek Clan has made a statement lending to a possible belief that they may be filing for bankruptcy protection.

Contractors, coast-to-coast, are now coming together in a Public Awareness Campaign against Buczek Enterprises and their Clients. We are additionally responding to multiple media inquiries with respect to the NAMFS Regime Member’s situation. It is a world class hog roast, Foreclosurepedia style.

Susan Gauthier, California, is now reporting,

Buczek enterprises owes us 9500.00 We covered Norther California for them. Can I get a door posting I will post to the properties? I will post in the area we serviced for them. Mr & Mr Buczek are you going to loose your home. Because I’m in danger of loosing mine. No money . late on all my bills and may loose our home. How could you and your staff keep sending us work knowing your not going to pay use? We worked so hard spent our money and for this.slap in the face! I will do everything in my power to get paid for our hard work.

Foreclosurepedia will not be threatened and intimidated by the National Association of Mortgage Field Services nor Joe Hummel in reporting upon the atrocities which are being committed against Contractors. The First Amendment guarantees me the right to free speech. I do not even have to quote anything when I publish; I do such to establish a firm and solid record for the US Congress and the Drive By Media when they eventually show up — late as usual.

For the record, I reached out to Eric Miller, NAMFS Regime Executive Director, for clarification as to whether Hummel’s “…warning…” about publication upon NAMFS Members actions is directed by the NAMFS Board of Directors. The intimation of litigation is calculated to force a Chilling Effect Upon Free Speech and will not be tolerated in a civil society.

If and when Miller responds, I will place it in the Comments Section for clarification with respect to the NAMFS Board of Directors granting the authority to Joe Hummel to intimate that NAMFS will commence litigation should Foreclosurepedia continue to document crimes against humanity which are going on at a break neck pace within the Mortgage Field Services Industry.

With that said, I do not believe that the NAMFS Board of Directors nor Eric Miller have sanctioned this. While publicly NAMFS, Miller and I may have our issues, we all are consummate professionals. This strikes me more of a kid whom drank too much of the Kool Aid. The ball lies in their court, though, and Foreclosurepedia stands ready with an unholy war chest to proceed to Court. The Process of Discovery will be one for the record books!

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