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Polarization Of Policy: Why Professionals Need To Step Up

Recently, there was a wildfire in the midst of a firestorm. The ignition was the combination of a Public Posting and an internal communication from Joe Hummel to myself, Aaron Aviero and Bret Douglas. For want of better words it was a classic Party Line issue wherein National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Members were pitted against non NAMFS Members with respect to outward appearances.

To best understand communications, one needs to familiarize themselves with a bit of legal jargon. Each of us operate under our Official and Individual Capacities. For example, when a person communicates as a business owner or with such and such position within an Organization, they are acting with that legal status. That is generally referred to as their Official Capacity. When they simply state something with only their name, then that is generally referred to as Individual Capacity.

The crux of the matter is that the Mortgage Field Services Industry is in uncharted waters. Well intentioned Members are rightfully offended when they read each and every day about how a small percentage of their fellow Members are are creating such a hotbed for corruption. I want to emphasize that it is a small percentage of the NAMFS Membership is guilty of the criminal actions I have reported upon.

Where the problem exists is when any group or segment of society protects those within their midst of atrocities against fellow human beings. Now, does the NAMFS overtly protect those guilty within its Membership? I have nothing in writing which states that. What I do have is a track record of NAMFS Members rewarding those whom have committed crimes with money — that money originates from Contracts Awarded.

So, let’s talk a little bit about Joe Hummel and Bret Douglas. Each run successful businesses which I have never had any Complaints brought to me about. Each are Members of the NAMFS and hold positions within the Committee hierarchy of NAMFS. Each appear to have a desire to rid NAMFS of those Members whom are responsible for tarnishing the once good name of the Trade Association. Whether misguided or not, Hummel and Douglas have felt that they could engage in a toe-to-toe Social Media war with Foreclosurepedia and win.

The reality is that the war is unnecessary. As I hold an unfair advantage it should have been upon my shoulders to disengage. My actions were colored based upon previous threats of litigation by Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director. This is neither here nor there; it is simply a static fact of life. When legal words are used Foreclosurepedia’s response is both swift and robust.

I have had the opportunity to speak with both Joe Hummel and Bret Douglas. We agree upon many items; we agree that something must be done. The largest problem with that is I am not an Industry Professional. I am also not a Member of NAMFS. I see my position as one whom simply gives my observations; my opinions, based upon information which I possess and others share with me. The reality is that change — TRUE CHANGE — will come from people like Hummel and Douglas and those peers they interact with.

I do not concur with Hummel and Douglas’ assessment that the Industry is a salvageable environment. The reality, though, is that I both respect and admire their tenacity. Look, they took on the Great Satan; they stared me down and didn’t blink. Hell, on that account alone I would cosign them if they brought forth a proposal. At least they have the balls to TRY!

Douglas, in all fairness, was merely carbon copied in a communication to Aviero and myself. Now, publicly he and Hummel share similar beliefs. That is a good thing. I actually not only support but ENCOURAGE spirited debate. Privately, many of the same Firms which attack me come to me for Intelligence. They understand the subtle nuances with respect to many whom are lambasted. Take Eric Miller, for example. If Miller called me tomorrow I would gladly have a steak and coffee with him — I don’t drink anymore as I was a very ugly person when I did. No treatment; no AA, I just looked at my son one day and stopped and with the support of my son’s mother I stopped. I suppose that is why I do not understand why sheer will power is not enough to institute the difficult changes necessary in this Industry.

Hummel and Douglas have the support of Foreclosurepedia going forward. While we may not always agree upon everything, I will ensure that our communications are two way.

I finally want to take the opportunity to state that neither Eric Miller nor the NAMFS Board were involved in anything to the best of my knowledge or belief. It is important to keep the record straight. While we all have our axes to grind; while my Opinions may be legal in any way I present them, the reality is that if I do not tell the Truth to the best of my belief and knowledge, I am a worthless sack of shit — many would say that anyway!  😉

In closing, I do not have the answers; I am merely Thoth recording upon that which I see. I extend the olive branch to Hummel and Douglas and they only. They will be the Face of NAMFS with respect to that which I hope will become the new norm for NAMFS. I reach across the aisle in a Spirit of Conciliation and humble myself before Hummel and Douglas and hope that we may move forward in spirited dialogue and eventual change. If you pay close attention to the wording in here by way of comparison to my other NAMFS Articles you will notice the respect I have given. I am hopeful that respect, while not across the board with all of NAMFS, will occur in the Foreclosurepedia –  New NAMFS discussions.

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