Contractor To Begin Posting Buczek Properties With Debt Notices

Buczek Enterprises, National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Member embroiled in debt atrocities against Contractors, is now facing an enormous groundswell of grassroots protest. Their Luxembourg Client is now going to have each and every one of their properties posted with Notices. Personally, I would have plastered the telephone poles in each neighborhood alerting residents to the fraud and deceit, but hey this is what makes America the resilient Nation she is!

Hi hope all is well. Well not really. We got 10,000 door hangers we will be posting on every home we ever did for you guys. We will be posting these at all union halls, grocery stores bars clubs subways. We also have some really nice posters to hang. It was a great idea from one of the employees i have they all want to chip in to help.

We need to get the word out to all of Philly and suburbs. Buczek Enterprises will soon be a household name. This door hanging event will help to meet new contractors for your company and mine. Next  Thursday your also invited to the protest at a bank. This bank hires company’s who rip people off. I’m living proof.

I will have the signs but dress accordingly this at a very busy intersection and might create possible traffic jams so we are expecting news coverage. Adam keep up the maintenance on Amanda if she plans on attending gotta look your best for the news station that’s right around corner. I’m even thinking about getting a hot dog stand.

Karma … I love social media keep tuned in id also check out

Foreclosurepedia will give you FULL PLAY BY PLAY Coverage of this Event! It would seem to me that perhaps Luxembourg might want to simply have these and the rest of the Contractors paid! Starting to sound more and more like a Picket Line to me! Might be the trend going forward with other Companies as well!


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3 Responses to "Contractor To Begin Posting Buczek Properties With Debt Notices"

  1. susan gauthier  March 21, 2014 at 14:43

    Buczek enterprises owes us 9500.00 We covered Norther California for them. Can i get a door posting I will post to the property’s. I will post in the area we serviced for them. Mr & Mr Buczek are you going to loose your home. Because I’m in danger of loosing mine. No money . late on all my bills and may loose our home. How could you and your staff keep sending us work knowing your not going to pay use? We worked so hard spent our money and for this.slap in the face! I will do everything in my power to get paid for our hard work .

  2. Vince  March 21, 2014 at 16:38

    Hey Buczek owes me over $5,000 and just like the rest of you, is not paying me! I am extremely behind on all of my bills I have a young son and a baby on the way and cannot afford anything right now because of them. I do work out of upstate New York and will gladly post these door hangers and posters on all the properties I have serviced and everywhere else they have completely put me in the hole and I don’t even know what to do to begin to try and get my money out of them. Does anyone have any advice or help they can share with me please it would be greatly appreciated.

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