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BREAKING NEWS: Contractor Owed Over SIX MILLION From Safeguard Properties On FannieMae Account

Safeguard Properties (SGP), a National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Member, is in arrears for well over SIX MILLION DOLLARS to a Contractor in the Midwest. We are in receipt of this information and will begin processing tens of thousands of pages of information for release to the General Public with specificity to the Fannie Mae accounts and the potential for Liens on tens of thousands of properties. The more nefarious portion of this is that SGP has continued to maintain a Ghost Account on the Contractor and continued to stream FNMA accounts through it. We will be publishing this Score Card this weekend! Was this screen shotting like we saw over at Asset Management Specialists (AMS)? We do not know yet, but suspect it. We do know that the process of debriefing will be hundreds of hours and will read out like a Law and Order Deposition.

The Podcasts on this are going to send people to prison. The enormity of this is mind boggling! If the FBI does not become involved; if this does not reinforce the Federal Racketeering case currently pending against Safeguard Properties, then I do not know what will!

We will keep you updated on this as this story progresses.

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