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The Buczek Enterprises Grassroots Movement Begins Operations

Mortgage Field Services Contractor gone grassroots activist Kim Connolly is taking his message to the streets — literally. Connolly and many other Contractors have been stiffed for hundreds of thousands of dollars by Buczek Enterprises, a National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regmie Member. As I type this, the sound of Midnight Oil’s Blue Sky Mine is rolling in the background — very meaningful … Hey, hey, hey, their will be food on your table tonight – Hey, hey, hey but if I work all day on the Blue Sky Mine their will be pay in your pocket tonight.

With Foreclosurepedia under threats of death; with threats of litigation in the air for exposing the Buczek Family, we stand in solidarity with Labor! WE ARE A FRIEND OF LABOR! We are also getting internal reports that brute force hackers have joined the Cause. While I emphasize that non violent and legal protests Get the Goods, I also state I am not my Brother’s Keeper. would continue to As a matter of fact, this just came in from the Eastern Front,

Hi Paul

Game plan Monday  3-24-14. We will be posting and hanging flyers over 10,000 will be posted. We will be hitting Lowes and Home Depots handing out flyers. Were gonna post on light pole, bars, libraries, union halls, grocery stores; even at city hall every where we are gonna take photos. 8 crews in all and they cant wait they were all effected by Buczek who is a member of NAMFS. 1 of our workers is really into politics she will be at the biggest mall in the Philly area and getting signatures on a petition that we will bring to our local, state and federal reps. I’m also looking into getting a bill board on Route I-95  with millions of cars a day  on that road. I think that will get even more notice. I’m also expecting threats from there legal teams which I will not back down from.

Thank you again for helping us and others that have been screwed by filthy rich companies.

More on this tonight, including the Flyer to be distributed and hopefully an interview!

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