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ASAP Properties INC: Yet Another Order Mill Vanishing With Contractor Monies

ASAP Properties, INC. has a HUGE PROBLEM — well, it’s not a problem that is uncommon to many Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime. That problem is they had a bunch of Contractors do a shit load of work for CoreLogic, NFR and others and said fuck you on payments. If I had the money to hire staff, chances are that these types of Posts would come out about every fifteen minutes. I literally have hundreds of Complaints and after researching each, I publish on a first come first served basis. First, let me introduce the Players — the Players whom have taken down their website I might add in typical Carol Boyd, Bronze Level Contributor to the NAMFS Regime,

Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work. – Vince Lombardi

James S. Dixon, Jr.
Action to Save and Preserve Properties, Inc.
Owner/Partner<><<>><<><<>>> – Preservation<><<>><<><<>>> – Hazard Claims<><<>><<><<>>> – Vendor Management<><<>><<><<>>> – REO/Special Projects<><<>><<><<>>> – Midnight Shift Supervisor<><<>><<><<>>> – Quality Control Supervisor<><<>><<><<>>> – Grass Cut

Now, Jon Smith reached out to us after exhausting just about every option he had at his disposal. Turns out he found another person with the last name of Boyd. Probably no connection, but I am superstitious. Here, take a read to find out how the REAL NAMFS Regime Members hang people out to dry. I mean, why the fuck do any type of due diligence on the hacks CoreLogic hires, right?!

On Tue, Jan 21, 2014 10:38 AM EST Boyd, Dawn wrote:

>Good Morning Jon,
>Again your contract is with ASAP not, Corelogic. Based on the emails that I have received, someone from ASAP has been in contact with you to resolve your payment issues.
>Thank you,
>Dawn Boyd
>Field Services
>Vendor Specialist II
>Direct 817-699-2835
>1 Corelogic Way
>Westlake, TX 76262
>From: Jon Smith
>Sent: Friday, January 17, 2014 5:04 PM
>To: Boyd, Dawn
>Cc: Jimmie Dixon; therwehe
>Subject: Re: pay
>I have not spoken to or been emailed from any body since they offered $100 payments a week until paid.
>somebody is not telling the truth and its not me.
>they did deposit $206 in my bank Monday, for unpaid  NRF orders from April and may. they owe me $2300 for a trash out in Newport in late July and I have about 40 unpaid work orders to file liens against, starting Monday.  they are dragging it out way too long. I gave you and them plenty of time to work it out,  I can not believe they or you would risk a large contract over the little amount of money owed to me. truly hope it is worth it, seems like a big gamble to me.I have all messages saved, thanks again for your help. Jon

So, was there any offer to pay? Oh yeah, but not in accordance with Smith’s Contract. Here is how things work out in the Ponzi World,

>>—–Original Message—–
>>From: Jon Smith
>>Sent: Monday, January 27, 2014 1:05 PM
>>To: Terri Herwehe; Jimmie Dixon
>>Subject: unpaid orders
>>Thank you for the generous offer of paying $100-200 aweek until we are
>>settled. But I can not except this offer. I will be pursuing any and
>>all legal ways to recover what you addmitted to owing to me in fridays
>>email. I was hoping that we could settle this and go on our own
>>way.but I guess not. I will not be contacting any of your former
>>clients, but I will be contacting any potential clients for my
>>company. JON S Smith

It would appear that both Contractors and Employees have axes to grind with dear ‘ol Dixson. In true Midwestern fashion, we even have allegations of interoffice sex. We hadn’t heard about that since the REAMS LLC days during the Amos and Al show! Here, take a read for yourself,

After the comment you posted above I will more than happily HELP these poor contractors your company took advantage of! THE MOST DISGUSTING THING WAS THAT OUR OWNER SHANE AIKIN WAS SLEEPING WITH OUR HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER AND IT WAS HIS WIVES COUSIN>>>>SICK SICK SICK

Their [sic] is a 30 person lawsuit pending against your broke a** company for a reason!!!! I am also more than happily representing them with all the records that was accidentally packed in my personal belongings!!!

So, with the NAMFS Regime having their big Cheer Leading Love Fest down in Texas last week, we are seeing more and more how the Industry is shaping up to be. The shocker, on that note, is that I heard Robert Klein made a guest appearance and told Aspen Grove Solutions precisely where to get the fuck off at. The lilting Irish tone of the Foreign Nationals came out great on the recording! And yes, I have every intention of Publishing a DAMN GOOD Article on Klein.

Here is the reality on Robert Klein and Safeguard Properties: I may not like the fact that his Firm fucks people. I have a Client owed well over $6 Million and make no mistake that he is going to be paid. The reality, though, is that people like me; people whom are deep down the Rabbit Hole, must be able to identify the good with the bad. Klein at least has some spine; probably why his Firm reached the heights it did back in the day. I’d GLADLY sit down and break matzo with him.

Hell, who knows. Maybe one day he might reach out and allow a focused Podcast. I emphasize that there is a shitload wrong with SGP, but really that is Amir Jaffa’s problem today. Klein is a guy that I believe has some good info to lay out if it is properly formatted.

We’ll stay on top of this. We are hopeful to get Smith on the Podcast this week. In the meantime, we are also hopeful that folks might be interested in stepping up to the plate on two fronts. First, we are wanting to put in some staff and that requires Donations. We get donations and I WISH I could personally thank those whom have donated ESPECIALLY from New York, but I cannot name names as it would destroy careers. The other front we are hopeful to begin working on is identifying people whom would be interested in fielding Complaints and drafting Articles. Obviously, you go under the microscope. The reward, though, is that if you cut it on Foreclosurepedia, you will be able to cut it on virtually ANY hard hitting Investigative Media Outlet!

On a closing note, when Dixson pulled the plug what he didn’t realize is nothing is ever deleted nor do Servers really go away. So, here is a snapshot of how he lured the unsuspecting Contractors in.

Hello Potential Vendor,                                             APPLICATION LETTER

ASAP Properties and Construction Services is a leader in the property preservation industry.   Our headquarters is in Muncie, Indiana.  We currently service properties in multiple states and are growing every day by utilizing technological innovation, dedicated employees and quality vendors.  ASAP Properties is always looking for quality vendors who can perform all aspects of residential and construction property preservations services.  We are currently seeking vendors in IN, KY and MI.

We are looking forward to the possibility of you joining our team.  As you know, deadlines, photos and quality of work are the utmost important in this industry therefore we expect you will meet our expectations.


Our Independent Contractors must have the following list of traits to be successful.

  • Positive Work Ethic
  • Self- Starter
  • Early Riser
  • Highly Motivated
  • Good with your hands
  • Mechanically Inclined
  • Applies oneself to this business

Possessing these skills and applying them will have a tremendous impact on your success.

START UP MONEYYou will be required to purchase materials and supplies at your own expense.  It is estimated that it will cost $600.00 for locks, tarps, plywood, RV anti-freeze, gasoline, cleaning supplies, etc. to begin working for us, therefore it is imperative to have enough working capital to sustain you and your crew members until you are paid.


Preservation Work Orders:

It takes up to 10 weeks from the time a preservation work order is complete to be paid for the work if the work is accurate.  If work is consistent, meaning there is always work in your pipeline, potentially you could be paid weekly but no guarantee.

SOFTWARE SERVICE FEEYou are required to pay a service fee each month to use our software.  The charge will be deducted from your pay check and is based on a sliding scale depending on the number of completed work orders received each month.  Below is the fee schedule:

       0-50 work orders                            $10 per month

       51-100 work orders                            $15 per month

       101-150 work orders                            $20 per month

       151-200 work orders                            $25 per month



A background check will be conducted on all Independent Contractors.  Payment for the background check is made by the Independent Contractor and will be deducted from your first check.


Terri Herwehe

Vendor Relations Manager

ASAP Properties, Inc.

765.254.1532 extension 116


Item Price
Knob Lock and Deadbolt for each door $27.00
Knob Lock $21.00
Deadbolt $21.00
Padlock $18.00
Padlock and Hasp $20.00
Padlock and Hasp, Hole Cover $22.00
Slider Lock $9.00
Lockbox $20.00
Boarding $0.34 per UI
Windows $0.34 per UI
Doors $0.34 per UI
Security Door $68.00
Garage Overhead Boarding $0.34 per UI
Garage Overhead boarding with security door installed $180 (2 car), $155 (1 car)
Re-Glaze up to 100 UI $60.00,  over 100 UI bid @ $0.60 per UI
Debris Removal by Cubic Yards $22.50
Dry Winterization $50.00
Wet Winterization $50.00
Radiant Winterization $50.00
Thaw and Winterize $200.00
Toilet Cleaning, if winterization is not performed $20.00
Sales Clean
Sales Clean $30.00
Roof Tarp $270.00
Roof Tar Patch $200.00
Dehumidifier $150.00
Sump Pump $150.00
Pools/Hot Tubs
Drain In-Ground Pool $160.00
Drain Above Ground Pool $100.00
Cover In-Ground Pool $170.00
Cover Above Ground Pool $1.15 per sq ft
Secure Hot Tub $75.00
Trip Charge
Preservation $21.00
Grass Cuts (recurring) $10.00
Safeguard Work Orders $0.00
Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.




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