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So, the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime is feeling the pinch. Cheap Suit Jay to the rescue, though. Membership renewals down and the desire for Birds of the Same Feather to Flock Together — gotta love the jet setting hacks — the NAMFS Regime had to lay some pressure on a previously legitimate Member Altisource. Now, we all are aware of Altisource’s parent Ocwen and their horrific atrocities perpetrated upon homeowners; hell, even the Mortgage Industry is questioning the wisdom in their greed. It would appear that Altisource is becoming lonely in their lack of spotlight lately and figured they would grab their 15 Minutes of Fame.

NAMFS Regime Slums With MRS and Jay vis-a-vis Altisource
NAMFS Regime Slums With MRS and Jay vis-a-vis Altisource

Altisource is well aware of the Jay Goscinski saga — Jay and his cheap suit. Jay sent out a letter a couple of weeks ago which truly showed his pedestrian qualities — saber rattling, picking on farmers, pretending to be someone other than the hack he really is — and I had mothballed waiting on confirmation from both Altisource and the NAMFS Regime’s pathetic PR Cycle.

You see, Goscinski is in a pickle now. Altisource‘s Legal Department is in receipt of a multitude of questionable (at best) practices Michigan Realty Services (MRS) has been involved with pertaining to Contractors. To complicate matters even further, Goscinski whom is a Broker is also performing Preservation Services which is a HUGE TABOO AND CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

Hey, Jay. Let’s keep it real. Now, it is a real tragedy that you lost your home; that this was the genesis to become Captain Save a Ho in the foreclosure industry. How about we talk about this,

We were hired from property preservation division/  Michigan realty solutions / Altisource. The head person was Jay Goscinski.  And when I wasn’t getting paid. I took all the contracts with the work that we did and what was owed to us, and put it on a spread sheet and sent it to Kevin Przywara, who is related to Mr. Goscinski.  They took 6 weeks and I still wasn’t getting anywhere. They just sent me a small check but they have never been caught up with what I know they owe me  and what they want to pay.  And the new paper work I printed off on 1/19/2014 they have taken off small jobs that was owned me, thinking I would not catch on, and never get paid for.

My home phone is 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx [redacted]

Let me know if I can help out in any way. xxxx from xxxx’s company

What say you Jay? Oh, I know those pesky report cards — Jesus Christ I love that one. Let some two bit hack hand me a report card! I suppose, though, that is what separates Craigslist Crackheads from Contractors; hell, that ranks right up with Lee Mertins scheme employed under the Tier System over at Asset Management Specialists (AMS) we are finishing up on. You want to talk about skimming the pool; you want to talk about extortion?! Hicks and his son over in Philly? Yeah, same old sad song being replayed again. The only problem is that Jay is in over his head; Mertins and Hicks; Christie and Johnson at least present some sport. Jay? Amateur hour; Jesus not even amateur hour with a lower case a. Jay is a special ed situation.

I asked and report cards start from fresh on Feb 1 and the report card pay schedule starts then as well. If you are 80 percent it is even less pay.  If you are 75 precent they charge u 15 percent on your invoice to file late.

so if your late now u get less money and less frequently.

I didn’t agree to this when i signed the initial contract to sub contract for MRS.

So my not signing the new report card paper means u do not agree to the new pay terms. By law they have to pay me every two weeks like our contract says.   Its amazes me they think we r idiots and can force this on us.


So now u will get wo with due dates in 24-48 hrs because it now benefits MRS if u are late because they can keep 15% of your pay if ur late.  So how can they steal 15% easier. They give u less time to do work hoping u fail and are late.

C’mon, Jay. Is this the best you have? Screw Jay, though. Altisource is the one we need to be concentrating on. You know, Altisource has been working overtime trying to figure out how to establish the next Ponzi Scheme and keep the shit off them. Just keeping it real and candid here. Let’s roll out their roster thus far: Berghorst Enterprises that sad and tragic House of Kards— I stand by my prediction of eventual bankruptcy to protect assets with them — SEAS LLC and we ALL REMEMBER Robert Kapeluch’s attempt to crucify Brandon Pribble and Altisource‘s inability to enforce jack shit; I’ll quit while I am ahead before I reveal too much.

Altisource is a Company whom appeared to be working towards forging a legitimate relationship with Contractors. Their recent display, though, of propping up Cheap Suit Jay is a clear telegraph to Contractors that Altisource along with Cheap Suit Jay need a good dose of boycott.

The MRS Fleecing Scheme
The MRS Fleecing Scheme

I would call it sad; however, Cheap Suit Jay isn’t completely to blame. Look, the above is easily challenged in any Court of Law by a Member of the Freshman Lawyer’s Guild. Uniform Commercial Code along with State Contract Laws are pretty clear on default. And a sidebar here Cheap Suit Jay, I am not Aaron Aviero. I am not concerned with your half blind tailor or the fact that you are in Tennessee; I am an easy man to find should you want to Interview. See, that is it at the end of the day. While many state that my Opinion is garbage, they come back each and every day much like Rush.

This is more about Altisource than Cheap Suit Jay, though. I am requesting a Full Court Press on Altisource. Their time has come to enter into the Spotlight. We need a Command and Control Chart built so that all Contractors are aware of whom is making what decisions so that they may be contacted directly by Contractors to voice their opposition to this new and nefarious marriage — a marriage in hell if you ask me.

At the end of the day, Altisource has shown their true colors in their support of Michigan Realty Solutions. With respect to Cheap Suit Jay’s hiring down in the Knoxville area, it is a very small world here. Never know whom you hire in my world. Contractors? Yeah, we have them covered too Jay. With that said, I would also ask that Contractors help me with a collection so that we can buy Jay a real suit. I mean it must be pretty embarrassing to be all pimped up with nowhere to go. Tragic, man. Hey Jay, the 70’s are calling for their suit back.  😉

FYI: I didn’t hyper link Cheap Suit Jay’s MRS because they are below even the

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