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Berghorst To Contractors On Pay: Get A Lawyer

Heather Berghorst, Owner of Berghorst Enterprises and National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Secretary is rapidly taking a nose dive. As opposed to honoring the very same Contracts which she demanded Contractors follow, Berghorst is now informing Contractors that they need to get a lawyer to contact her lawyer if they want to know precisely when they will be paid. One of these Contractors reached out to us and made some extremely disturbing claims about tens of thousands of dollars owed and the aforementioned.

On 11 February 2014, Heather wrote to Contractors stating, “Please continue to turn in any work orders that you have open currently and payment will follow for all work orders that have been completed correctly per stated guidelines or work order instructions.  I cannot tell you right now an exact date when all outstanding invoices will be paid, but Brenda and I are in the process getting everything together as far as payment payoff schedules for anyone who has a balance with these clients.”

This is the terrifying reality of how deep down the rabbit hole the NAMFS Regime will go to keep its hierarchy protected. Look, let’s not bullshit around, Heather Berghorst is a HIGHLY PLACED Regime Member. People with the position of authority on any Board of Directors should, at minimum, have a financially sound business. In the case of Berghorst, the aforementioned email is unacceptable. Why? Well, Berghorst, NAMFS Regime Secretary, entered into a Contract to pay in accordance with a Contract. Contracts are the most basic of fiduciary instruments. We have documented, time and again, Berghorst changing the Terms of these Contracts by fiat; by email and Memorandum. I, personally, would not consider Berghorst to be financially sound. I mean if you terminate Contractors and cannot pay them on the spot; when you terminate Contractors at your leisure, that is something I personally look at with respect to financial solvency. Sounds like the Carol Boyd fiasco all over to me.

When I have a job due; when a Contractor states that the Work Order will be completed on a date/time specific, neither they nor I are allowed to simply fire off a Memorandum dictating to the Client that what we agreed to prior is null and void. That is called Default. This is precisely what is happening with respect to Contractor’s Contracts with Berghorst.

The folklore that these fly by night Order Mills would like everyone to believe is that Contractors are not allowed to file a Lien. While many Contractors are actually polite enough to spend months and months attempting to get a lie — sorry, an answer — to when they will be paid, they should simply file Liens. For those whom whine that they will not get anymore work, I state, “Hell, you’re not being paid for the work now!”

The transparency which I was hopeful for with respect to Heather Berghorst was short lived. I believe that what we are seeing are the initial consolidation moves to protect assets. With a good chunk of the Complaints I am fielding; with one which documents well over $100,000 in alleged outstanding claims going all the way back to 2010, originating upon Safeguard Properties assets, I would recommend that Contractors simply stop reaching out to me and obtain Counsel and sue.

The sad reality is that the Contractor whom stated Heather Berghorst wrote him and said if he needed a precise time of when he was going to be paid to have his lawyer contact her lawyer displays brass. Not only was he told he no longer had work, but he was told to get a lawyer. Jesus Christ! The NAMFS Regime juggernaut proves, once again, that I would never trust a single NAMFS Regime Member.

The NAMFS Regime’s True Colors are Shining Through now to quote Cyndi Lauper. Even in Communist Russia Vladimir Putin at least paid the bribes he agreed to for the Sochi Olympics. Ladies and gentlemen, make no mistake about it, getting paid by Berghorst Enterprises is becoming much like Iran Disarming. If Berghorst pays ten cents on the dollar of what she owes; if Berghorst does not begin to Back Bill at monumental levels, I will be truly surprised.

If any of you, in your infinite wisdom, truly believe things are going to change you are sadly mistaken. The reality is that in the same way people like Thomas Cono and the Grean Team are actively engaging Work Market to begin to consolidate your information, these nefarious Order Mills will continue chewing Contractors up and hiring new ones to take their place.

For those of you whom continue to send me requests for help the reality is that I told everyone MONTHS AGO what was coming down the pike. Many of you, just like the gentleman I spoke with and received emails from today, will probably have to file bankruptcy. Berghorst? Well, she is a NAMFS Regime Board of Directors Member and Secretary. Need I say anymore?!

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